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Left CO for VA and much happier
Star Rating - 8/12/2019
In all honesty, people's complaints about Denver are legit. I actually left May 29th, 2019 after over 26 years of living there.
I miss certain things but overall, I'm much happier now that I'm gone.
I have a lot less stress and I can afford to actually live.
As mentioned by everyone else the pros are the weather (you can't beat it) and the mountains.
The cons are the people, (they used to be nice. I'm not sure what happened?) the traffic, the pollution, the crime, the cost of living, and the overall vibe.
I realized that when my neighbors began spending more time upgrading their security systems than actually just enjoying where they live that Denver had a problem.
A part of me will always love Colorado but I'm glad to be gone.
If you plan to move there take a good, hard and honest look before you take the leap.
For some people it might be the ideal place to live but for me, a person who knows what it used to be, I no longer wanted to be a part of it.
Shannon | Amherst, VA
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