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South Carolina very difficult place to live
Star Rating - 7/25/2015
South Carolina is a very racist state, small minded, domestic abuse #1 in the country (google it) drugs abundant, ignorance even more abundant, very stupid state. Thank God for Nikkii Haley, hopefully she can help change things. I believe I am supposed to be here for a time, I am making the best of it. If you plan to move here, please do not trust anyone. Because it is a poor state, there is a lot of crime. Crime that does not get delt with or reported because they are afraid it will keep people from coming on vacation here. That would affect the financial stability of Myrtle beach and the surrounding beach towns. Horry County police force is horrible. I was robbed 3 times, physically attacked and then stalked for over 3 years by this same person, the cops did nothing for 3 years. It took constant work on my part, I finally found a woman detective who helped me and put a stop to it all. I have heard similar cases from many people in Horry County. They arrest people who commit the petty crimes because they are scared of the consequences of arresting people who really need to be arrested. If you look on for Horry County the only people that get arrested are people who shoplift and drive without a license. Very sad place to live. If you know that coming in you will be ok. If you move here please get your conceal carry, carry a weapon, dont trust anyone. Dont come here single looking for the right person. If You want to find someone to just party with its perfect for you. Myrtle beach and all the surrounding beach towns are party towns no one stays committed. All this is real and factual. If you dont believe me, move here you will find out pretty quick Im right. Anyone who wants to hate on me for this comment, that is fine I dont care. Im not looking for feedback direction or sympathy. I wish someone would have told me what is here. Thank you
Marie | Pawleys Island, SC
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What an ignorant person this is. Please go back up north, not sure why y'all move here when all you do is complain.
Mike | Normandy, TN | Report Abuse

Almost everything this person says here is false. Obviously, she has an axe to grind about something. I am from Myrtle Beach, worked on the county police and was very proactive in arresting violent criminals, I have three college degrees and I am married to a Hispanic woman. As you can see this directly contradicts everything this woman has stated. I suspect sour grapes on her part and sincerely feel sad for her mental state. South Carolina and Myrtle Beach are fantastic areas to live in, please don't let a bitter person influence you, I suggest come and visit and see for yourself.
Carl | Pembroke Pines, FL | Report Abuse
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