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Bert's take on Durham Metro Area
Star Rating - 10/1/2015
I am not sure if Bert has actually been to the Triangle, but for starters, Durham, as Chapel Hill residents know and envy, is and has been for 5 yrs now a vibrant revitalized downtown that Chapel Hill mayor envies and is publically trying to emulate. Durham, is home to RTP (THe reasearch Triangle area), which is home to many international Pharma like Merck and Bomerieux, Glaxo... and others such as Credit Suisse. Companies and executives relocating here all know the best restaurants are all in Durham, and so says ANTHONY BOURDAIN HIMSELF, his favorite quoted being VIN ROUGE, also in Durham.

Durham downtown is home to GOOGLE, and to DPAC, and home of the AMERICAN DANCE FESTIVAL and FULL FRAME International Film Festival. Durham is also known for attracting what published economists call "the creative class" for it's entertainment, music festivals, art and foodies hotspot.
Durham is also progressive and is where many of the area's liberal academics chose to llve. It is wooded and also where you can find more diversity, global feel and independent thinking scientists and millenials. Cary as we all know here in the Triangle attracts Northern migrants and others relocating from India, and those that prefer a quiet, boring place to raise their children, quoting these many families' words. Cary is also not a walkable town and does not have a DOWNTOWN area.
Chapel Hill is full of students, and so is their downtown.
My husband and I have been here for over 12 years and have lived in all but 2 of all these metro area cities, Cary being one of them. We have properties in both Durham and Chapel Hill, and Raleigh is known for having GLendale Avenue, when on a Saturday, pubs and dance clubs are open until late hours.
That's the triangle cities in a nutshell. My husband is an Urban Planner in CHapel Hill and I have worked for DUKE, UNC, Non-profits, Icon Headquarters in RTP, and for the Chamber of Commerce.
Our choice for LIVING in this area: Duke Forest, DURHAM.

gricelle | Durham, NC
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