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Star Rating - 1/14/2018
I have lived here since 2009. Sarasota is the most undesirable place I have ever lived. I have lived all over the United States. Why?

1-The rudest people I have ever met.
2-The most aggressive inconsiderate drivers.
3-The poorest restaurants in the US.
4-No traffic law enforcement.
5-Accidents daily.
6-Retailers and repairman constantly trying to take you.

Would never have moved here if I knew then what I know now.
Michael | Ogden, UT | Send Message
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Hmmm.......I'll give my impression - after 4 years of living here and 12 years of visiting: 1. Depends. My neighbors are nice and so are the various volunteer groups I work with - county and city services have been nice also. 2. I'd agree with poor drivers - only a subset (probably young locals) are crazy drivers. But older people are not known as the best drivers either. 3. While things are getting better, this is somewhat of a truism. Lots of eateries and most people (who are not foodies) find them quite good. But we don't (Vegetarians). - still, lots of good produce and farm markets and trader joes, whole foods, sweet tomatoes, etc. - Note - we find this true in most place (Philly burbs, Newport RI, etc.) where we have lived. Eating out is always a crap shoot. 4. We received no tickets in the last 25 years but 3 when we moved down here in the first month. So the enforcement, IMHO, is too strong. 5. No doubt the dead bodies pile up. This is true in any area containing such a high volume of high speed traffic - but Florida adds booze, old folks, drugs and lack of proper public transit to the mix. 6. To this I would agree - however, you can find a lot of honest hard working blue collar trades people. Most stuff, however , are franchises and try to sign you up for contracts, etc - however, any populated area is much the same. You must use word of mouth or knowledge of costs involved. I am a DIYer so get away easy. Sometimes I pay higher prices (A/C maintenance, for example), but I know exactly what I am paying and why. Sure, I could DIY and save a few bucks, but I make the decision to leave it to someone else.
Craig | Sarasota, FL | Send Message
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