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Filthy extension of Honduras and Guatemala - 9/11/2021
Miami is rapidly devolving into a filthy, crime ridden, unattractive extension of Central America and South America. The population is a bunch of rude entitled dependent indigenous amerindians who contribute much less than they consume. If you hoped to enjoy a prospering vibrant city, you will be disappointed. The weather and beaches are beautiful, but being around the people completely ruins that. Read More

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Beautiful place, well into the late 20th Century ... clean, safe, fun, peaceful. Started seeing elements of crap, just a tiny bit, back around 1980. Now what changed since the turn of the century, I wonder ... yeah right. In the U.S.A. some things are forbidden to say publicly. Can't call it out, not permitted. Gotta dance around it like I'm trying to do in this post, which will probably get deleted or heavily edited. The window of opportunity in this country has shut to stop cultural decay. Many people know what changed in Miami over the past 20 -30 years, especially in the past decade or two, that has clearly turned Miami into a complete dump. Not allowed to say it or write it freely in America many things, of course, but what happened to Miami is the ugly truth nonetheless. Why write this now on this website? Another mass drive-by shooting, two within a day or so in Miami. All people need and deserve a place, a country; but every one of us also deserve to not have to Read More

Miami is a Banana Republic. Avoid this $hithole. - 9/13/2020
I was born and raised in Miami and have lived here on and off for 45 years. Miami is $hithole in every sense of the word. Corrupt government and city officials. Rude people. Tons of traffic. Real estate market is INSANE. A tiny 2-3 bedroom house in a marginally decent neighborhood will cost you upwards of $450K. There are some good schools peppered into a sea of crappy schools. Nobody speaks English. I speak Spanish so it's not a big deal for me. But if you don't speak Spanish, good luck getting a job or getting help in a store. When I tell you that nobody speaks English, I'm serious.

It's a pretty racist city too. Someone mentioned that the city is segregated, and I would say that the neighborhoods definitely are. There are rich areas which are all rich white and Cuban families. Then there's a bunch of "middle class" neighborhoods which are predominantly hispanic (Cuban, Colombian, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan). These neighborhoods, while relatively safe, are devoid of any Read More

Tropical Paradise with Top Urban Amenities - 8/29/2020
Great sexy, cosmopolitan, year-round warm weather waterfront city.

Moved here from San Diego and could not be happier with my choice...more exciting, sophisticated city with great restaurants, nightlife, shopping, walkable areas, best looking women in the country, convenient international hub airport for American Airlines and the world's largest cruise port nearby, nice weather, and no state income tax.

I live in Brickell, which happens to be the financial center of the city but also an upscale residential and commercial area that attracts highly successful and clean cut professionals. Modern and new construction and extremely walkable with all the conveniences and stores you need outside of a Target and Office Depot (though we do have Brickell City CentreMall and numerous other shops). Beautiful walk paths along Biscayne Bay and within close proximity to other cool neighborhoods such as Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, Little Havana, Wynwood, Read More

Pretty much what you'd expect - 8/11/2020
Miami is pretty much what you'd expect: party city, superficial and materialistic. Fake body parts are more common than real ones. Despite being a populous city, you'll find that the overall culture is pretty close-minded. I had a lot of coworkers who would say homophobic, racist, and sexist things very casually. People are overall rude and flaky.
Most people in Miami were born there. You get a lot of NY transplants and a mildly international population, but mostly from Latin America, Russia, some European countries. People who move to Miami are usually attracted by the party culture, so don't be surprised if the people you meet are mostly into that. However, if you dig deep you will find pockets of more mindful people. But in general people are pretty superficial.
It's pretty pricey, although not as expensive as NY or LA. I lived in a studio in Edgewater, a nice area, for $1,400. Salaries aren't commensurate to cost of Read More

Not For Me - 7/13/2020
For the sake of this review, I'm referring to Miami, not Miami Beach (they are two completely different worlds).

The good:

- The weather is always warm, it doesn't snow and very rarely gets below 60 degrees.
- The beaches are pretty good. Not the best Florida has to offer, but it's up there.
- The nightlife is one of the best in the country (if you're into that).
- If you like Latin food, you will have a good variety and selection of places to eat.

The bad:

- It's not diverse. It's majority Hispanic (almost 80% of the population, 20% everybody else).
- It's very segregated. Whites live with and marry Whites, Blacks live with and marry Blacks, Hispanics live with and marry Hispanics. The tiny minority of people that are in interracial relationships face frequent stares from the public and pressure from their own community to 'date one of their people'.
- The people are rude, hostile and lack customer Read More

Here's the Good and the Bad - 12/30/2019
I've lived in Miami and off for 20 years. Love the weather. I'm ok with hot & humid. I lived up north and I'm over cold winters. Living in Miami depends on where you live. There are sections, bubbles really of concentrated ethnicities. Ex: Hialeah is predominantly Cuban, Little Haiti is mostly Haitian, Doral is mostly Venezuelan, Central Miami Beach has an area that's all Argentinean, Opa Locka & Liberty City are mostly African Americans and so on etc... It's a melting pot of many Caribbean, Central & South American, Northerners, Europeans, people from everywhere really.
From my perspective, here's the bad:
1. IT IS EXPENSIVE! Housing is ridiculous! You might find one bedroom in a shared house for $900 a month, but almost any apartment is over $1300 a month and that's in not so great areas.
2. You NEED a car! Some people I know Uber to work but that gets expensive.
3. Some areas are NOT safe and I would not go anywhere near them at night. Just talk to a Read More

Visit, vacation, don’t live here. - 10/20/2019
I was born in Miami and moved away when I was 27. I have spent time in the north east and now call the west coast home. I only ever occasionally go back to Miami because I still has family there. Otherwise I’d never go back. The first thing you’d notice when you arrive is the ungodly brutal heat that invaded every aspect of your life. Even at night when you think you’d get a break the soupy humidity creeps up your back and neck. A/C is your friend. Customer service whether I’d be retail or restaurant is usually just okay to painfully poor. Spanish for many is a first language and sometimes only language. As a Cuban/Argentinian I don’t mind. But I do mind when associates or waiters simply don’t speak any English. I don’t blame the employee, as the child of immigrants I know people may have just arrived and need work. I do blame the businesses for putting them at registers setting them up, often, for failure. If you’re not a Spanish speaker this may not be the city for you. Traffic can Read More

Great city NOT for people who are slackers. - 5/25/2019
I see a lot of people whining that Miami is expensive. Well it wouldnt be Miami if it was some cheap small town in Indiana or Wisconsin.

People come to Miami to be near the ocean and to live a beach lifestyle. I moved to Miami 4 years ago from a small town in another state. The first thing I noticed is that everyone is mostly from everywhere else so you dont have that annoying "what high school did you attend" cliquish" attitude. (No one cares where you are from) as opposed to other cities or towns that you have jocks and losers still hanging on to high school glory like Al Bundy.

When you move to Miami you are not judged by where you are from or your race, you are judged by how much effort you put into whatever it is that you do. I had gotten my MBA from out of state and when I moved here I started close to the bottom (as most do). It didnt take long to get promoted. Unlike other places I didnt get promoted because of "who I knew" or "who my parents were or Read More

Unless you earn 6 figures, go elsewhere - 12/27/2018
I am born and raised in Miami, my family all live in Miami. Miami is a great city if you earn 100k/year and up. Then you will be able to have a nice home in a nice neighborhood, have a nice car, enjoy the beaches, boating, restaurants, lounges, clubs, concerts, sports games and outdoor activities. Miami is full of beautiful women who will give you lots of attention as soon as they see you can afford to do all these things. Now, IF YOU DON'T HAVE $$$ MIAMI SUCKS!!
You probably need to work 40 hrs/week to just make rent/mortgage and pay bills. Rent/mortgages prices here are EXPENSIVE! You need to live in a neighborhood out west because the homes are cheaper there, while all the jobs are east. So you will be stuck in at least a 45 min commute every day to work and back. THE DRIVERS IN MIAMI ARE HORRIBLE. Don't believe me, come visit! Statistically though, they are, just look it up. July-September the heat is horrible, your car feels like an oven, and you will arrive anywhere Read More

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