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Suncoast School for Innovative Studies
845 S School Ave
Sarasota, FL 34237
(941) 952-5277
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charter | PK-8
County: Sarasota


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1/31/2012parentI am a big fan of both the elementary and middle school, since both of my kids have enjoyed much success. My daughter, who has now graduated, scored very highly on a national placement exam and is now getting straight A's in an honors program in high school. Several of her former elementary school teachers and her middle school teachers are still at Suncoast. My son, who is also doing very well academically, has been able to participate in the scuba club. They have never had a significant problem with bullying. If you want all the bells and whistles, you can look elsewhere. If you want a school that offers a strong education and where the teachers care about your child as an individual, then this is the place. I was just speaking to a new parent yesterday who transferred his child from a local large middle school. He said that the transformation in his son has been nothing short of 'miraculous'.
1/30/2012teacherHonestly, this school doesnt offer as much as other school's. The middle school is much better than the elementary in teaching terms. Short and sweet if you want a better school pick something else.
9/27/2011parentActions speak louder than words. Unfortunately, the "zero-tolerance for bullying" policy at SSIS is just words.
3/10/2010parentI have kids in both elementary and middle school here and we love it. The middle school survey results are much more indicative of the school as a whole in my opinion. My daughter is extremely shy and a middle schooler, but she feels very supported by her teachers, the principal and her peers. I have spent numerous hours volunteering and see very little in the way of cliques or snobbery. Yes, there are groups of friends but they are pretty fluid and open.
3/9/2010parentthis school has alot of cliques,fights,and is a bit snobby read the surveys it will tell you all.
7/22/2009parentSsis is a great school with caring staff. Things are only getting better.
5/30/2009parentExcellent School, I have had two boys graduate from SSIS. They have excellent teachers and a lot of technology. I highly recommend this school.
5/19/2009parentThis school provides a nurturing and safe environment for learning. The staff goes out of its way to know each child and family. Parental involvement is expected and valued. The new principal (who is Not the interim principle in place when the November review was written) is doing a great job so far.
11/17/2008parentThis school has gone downhill since the latest principle has taken over. There is no longer a family feel at the school. The kids always seem to be in trouble with the new teachers. My children have gone to SSIS for the last 4 years and LOVED the school until this year. I have to say the 'PLAN' the school has seems to have jumped the track this year and not in a positive way for the children, teachers, or the families.
9/21/2008parentMy son has started his 3rd year at SSIS and he loves it! Although the school has gone through some changes,the staff has maintained their same believes- they are there for the kids! The more parent involvement there is the better! All kids in this day and age need as much parental time as ever! What a great way to show your kids you care by volunteering at their school? Take time to get into the school and help out! This staff loves these kids and they are very decicated towards offering them more music, art and science as funds and volunteers become available!
9/17/2008otherSept.08 I am a grandparent of a middle school student at SSIS. He has been there 5yrs. The school has gone through a lot of changes in that time, both good and bad, but what a great school through it all. Teachers and administration working together for the kids, always. This school has some of the greatest teachers I have known. He couldn't have gone to any other school and got better teachers. I know there were yimes he didn't have art, music, or even P.E. but he has always had reading ,writing and arithmatic which is his basic need. I do know the other things are important, I do know when he leaves there he will be able to read and write and that is very important. He loves the small family atmosphere and so do we. This has been a great school for him.
9/16/2008parentThe school has had three principals in one year. My child has had no computer, art, or music the first month of school. At this time I suggest no one send their child here.
11/2/2007parentMy children have been at SSIS for 5 years and love it. It is a family atmosphere. I know all of the staff and my children's friends. Academically they are thriving. The new arts program is stellar and with parents involvement and a dedicated staff this school is getting stronger every year. We were very lucky to be accepted into such a wonderful program.
11/1/2007parentWhat a wonderful school! The leadership is first rate, as is the truly innovative curriculum. The teachers are all excellent and I felt that the level of instruction exceeded the State standards. I give SSIS an A plus. Both of my kids developed a thirst for learning and have a great foundation now for going to college.
2/1/2007parentSSIS was the answer for my two middle schoolers. I cannot say enough about the commitment of the teachers, principal, his assistant, and all who care so much about the success of the school and the students. Every time I'm around, I see children who are very comfortable with their environment. I see teachers who are also at ease, giving each child respect. Thanks to so many dedicated people, my children are making it thru the tough middle school years. They don't have access to Music and Spanish, but I also realize they are not experiencing a lot of negative influences that come with the larger schools. It is void of an emphasis on the latest fashion. God Bless SSIS.
10/4/2006parentMy child has been at this school for 3 years and loves it. This year they are not offering music or Spanish which is very disappointing but do have some extracurricular activities and more of a variety in Phys Ed. I would like to see a library established at the school and a more organized volunteer program for parents. It would be nice if they could find a more suitable home in the same area. We have been extremely happy with the education our child is receiving and love the small private school atmosphere.
7/27/2006parentWe are reasonably pleased with the quality of education and the level of attention he has been receiving. I would like to see the school move to a new location, though.
5/17/2006parentSuncoast School for Innovative Studies is the best school. Both of my kids have gone or are going to this school. My oldest graduated 3 years ago. He is currently in High School and a member of the National Honor Roll. I believe his experience at SSIS helped prepare him for High School by raising his self esteem and made it easier for him to meld in with a large School. My youngest son is currently in the school and he is excelling. The administration of the school makes it easy to communicate with the teachers and make sure your student is always on task. I would highly recommend this school over any other in Sarasota.
5/17/2006parentMy daughter is a student at SSIS and I couldn't be more happy with the school. At such a delicate age it is not easy to find an enviroment where a child not only feels love and support, but has gained self assurance and grown immensly. Suncoast has given us the feeling of a small private school without the politics and the cost. As a parent I have had the opportunity to be very involved in my childs education because of the communication that comes from the staff at suncoast. This small learning community and family has very much benefitted my child.
5/11/2006former studentThis school has a lot of potential. It seems though that the teachers are a little bias, and choose favorites.
5/11/2006parentThis school has alot of potential although certain teachers seem to choose favorites.
5/5/2006parentWe started at this school last year. First of all I'd like to say that it seems alot has changed. Last year it was the school of our dreams. This Year we have had a problem with the teachers letting certain students slide with things others wouldn't. Our child experienced a lot of episodes with bullys, and because there seemed to be favoritism toward them, nothing was being done about it. We ended up pulling our student out because we feared their saftey. If you have a child who is already on the road to success then this is the school for you, they wont have any problems excelling. But if your enrolling your child because they have had difficulties in other schools, they will only continue here, and maybe even made worse. For our other student, they have had the best experience only because they were an excellent student before.
4/29/2006parentThis is my child's first year at a real school. She is only in the pre-k program right now and seems to be really happy with her teachers and the kids in her class. She brings home drawings and little craft projects almost every day that she has made at school. Before she started this school, she was taken care of by a neigbor in her home and was not around a classroom of children her age. She has improved on her ability to share and socialize with her fellow peers. She is always happy and ready to go to school each day and see her teachers and be with the other kids. Everyone there is so nice and helpful there. The director of the school and his asst know each child by name and greet each child and parent as they walk into the school.
4/13/2006parentThe level of parental involvement is great. The small size of the school is a two-edged sword. The small group has benefits, but the resources of the school are very limited. There are no sports, there is no music, there is no science lab, and there is an incentive to allow disruptive children to stay for the revenue they generate, even when it makes teaching and learning extremely difficult.
4/4/2005parentI think suncoast school for innovative studies is the best k - 8 school there us. My 3 children love to go to school there. The teachers and staff are so welcoming to the students and parents. They make us feel like we are at home, like one big family. I would not send my children any where else. We are home. My children come home telling us everything they learned. I couldn't ask for a better education for my child. All their needs are met. The staff goes above and beond there job. The school is a very safe place i never worry about my children when they are at school.

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