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Breck School
123 Ottawa Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55422
(763) 381-8202
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private | PK-12
County: Hennepin


9/15/2012otherThis is not a school you would want to go to above the age of ten. After lower school, there is no point in going to Breck anymore. Four years ago, Breck lost a wonderful headmaster, and has completely redone the administrative system for the worse. Please, if you are debating whether to go to Breck, Blake, or any other independent school, pick another choice. Breck is not worth what your student will go through.
6/7/2012otherThis school is good in the education aspect, because they let you miss one class you don't like. For example, I do not like history, so I can take three years of history instead of four, or someone could miss a year of a language. The people are nice, unless you are on their bad side and can attack you verbally, or behind your back.
3/4/2012parentWe have had our child here for several years. While the cost is something to look twice at, we wouldn't have done it any other way. There's something to be said about how much these children are learning at such a young age...so many different lang. being taught at the P-K level, how many events there are to get family involved, sports, a beautiful, safe place for the children to learn... We're excited for the years to come for all our children..
11/19/2011otherBreck's an amazing school. The teachers are excellent, the curriculum is challenging, and the people are amazing. You don't need to go there since preschool to find a place to fit, and so what if there are rich, snobby, overachievers? There are probably some at every school, and since when is it bad to cry over a B? Most kids have high aspirations (Ivy League), and though it's a highly competitive enviorment, your friends will stick with you. The small class size is perfect for some people, but if this isn't for you, I wouldn't suggest Breck. Overall, my experience has been, and will be, amazing. I would highly recommend this school.
10/26/2011parentBreck School is a phenomenal school. Their whole child approach differentiates them from the rest of the private schools in the area. It is a magical place. Teachers, faculty and staff are amazing as well as the parents and children who attend.
6/20/2011otherI am sorry, but social wise many of the kids at breck are either very two-faced or backstabbers. That is what makes it a hard school to adapt to, But i do agree with many of the other parents that the faculty and others do care alot, but many of the students can be crude and from that I would say send your kid to another school like Wayzata because I am a student there and I work to pay some of my tuition there and it is not worth my money. Alot can go wrong because many of the students do party so if you want to keep your kids safe send them somewhere else.
2/8/2011otherI have been a student at Breck school all of my life. The social life, education, visual arts, and athletics have all been great experiences for me. There are many life long relationships that have been established for me and a very promising future with all of the schools preparations for college. If you want your son or daughter to grow into a successful, happy, and knowledgeable person then I highly suggest this school.
11/14/2010otherBreck is an outstanding school. The way in which it handles pre-schoolers, kindergartners and first graders is highly impressive. After her first week our grandchild was upset on the first Saturday that she was not going to school! Kindergartners take a language (Spanish or Chinese) by excellent teachers, go to a music room, can take music lessons with the instruments provided for them, have a separate gym class, go to the library, get a book with their name on the front name plate to welcome them to Breck School (that book remains in the library) plus books to take out, and a "biddie" -- a 4th year student who takes them to lunch and acts as a big brother or big sister. Breck cares about what the children eat and drink as well. Healthy is the norm and the goal. We have sent two children to excellent private schools on the east coast and were happy with the schools but I must say that Breck is, hands down, the best private school I have ever encountered. They know what they're doing. And they really do care about their students. A lot. And that makes all the difference.
5/1/2010studentBreck is not a happy place. On the surface it may appear to be a metropolis filled with joyous students socializing with their classmates and faculty, but if you scratch just a bit deeper, you'll find the cold hard center. Unlike most other students, I never put a lot of pressure on myself. But on more than one occasion, I saw girls crying because they got a B on a test... really? And this is the exact prototype of what they want a Breck, a snobby, rich, overachiever. Although I did make some truly wonderful life-long friends, I would say that the majority of the student body takes themselves and they're silly inconsequential lives far too seriously. The girls are cliquey and two-faced and the boys are rude to all the girls. If you haven't been there since preschool, it will be unlikely for you to find a place to fit.
3/24/2010studentBreck is one of the best private schools one can send their kids to. The curriculum is tough, but close teacher support gives each student the opportunity to do well. Also, in Upper School, the freedom of creating your own schedule really lets each student find a place where they can do exceedingly well and let their talents shine. Whether they are interested in science or history research, math, visual arts, performing arts, or athletics, every student can get the best education they could possibly get without being overburdened. Aside from the academic standpoint, Breck is generally made up of smart, genuine people. At most, there are only a handful of snobby students in each grade. As a Breck student, I have never faced any sort of discrimination or felt uncomfortable here. Breck is definitely one of the best private schools in Minneapolis.
8/6/2009studentOne of the best schools you can count on, no matter what your circumstances are, Breck will stand closely by your side, and it will help you through the processes of painful education.
5/24/2009parentBreck is a wonderful school. I had heard that there was another school (Blake) that was the premier academic institution. Coming from the East Coast I was looking for something with a little more strcture and discovered that Blake (although a wonderful school) was more organic and offered far less structure and quickly learned that Breck was actually the harder school to get into (with more pressure on diversity requirements due to the Episcopal influence). I am thankful we made the tough choice that we did between the two schools and highly recommend consideration for our child.
4/21/2009parentBreck School can offer your child one of the best education in the mid-west region. They do have daily basis connection between parents - teachers, student - teachers with their one to one laptop policy. Their Academics are the best in MN I would say. Also, they do have strong alumni which helps your kids as they growing up.
2/25/2009parentMy child went to Blake School, but transfered to Breck, and I feel we made the wrong choice. Not only was Breck way less challanging for her, but the social and adminstrative structure was far less superior that those of Blake. If you and your family are trying to make a choice between the two, I recommend Blake. Althought Blake is more difficult to be accepted to, it is well worth the effort and money.
12/11/2008studenti go to this school... im a freshman there and i have to say it is amzing!!!!! the teachers all all extremely supportive of everything i do, the class sizes are small (my history class only has 10 kids) and lunch is above par... lol but i definently suggest bringing ur kids here!!!
10/26/2008studentBreck is great. The small student body (about 420 in the high school, grades 9-12) make for small class sizes and lots of individual attention from teachers, whether you're doing well or terribly in class. Breck's policy on sports gives everyone a chance to play, and there are many extracurriculars other than sports. Although expensive, there are many opportunities for financial aid, as my family receives. In all of the division (lower, middle, and upper), the curriculum is written for the students individual experience; in upper school, there are many opportunities for individual research, similar to college. Attending Breck has been the best possible educational experience I could have received to prepare me for higher education. If you can handle some arrogance (from students) and a VERY demanding academic schedule, then your ready for Breck.
1/15/2008studentGoing to breck is amazing! Youll be supported 100% All Pros, no Cons Go Mustangs
2/3/2007parentBreck is Amazing academically. The only bad thing about it are some of the students are snobbish and rude, but that's only because many wealthy parents put their children there. If your child can bear a little snobbiness and arrogence, put them in! Because the eduation they will get is great and I think it evens out in the end.
1/19/2007parentAcademic programs: Excellent. Extracurricular activities: Excellent. Level of parent involvement: Excellent. Breck emphasizes on research more than anything else. Students should do many projects on their own. This way they learn how to use the resources (library, internet, etc) available to complete their projects. All students, grades 5 and up, are given a laptop computer. Teachers are great, they communicate with parents on daily basis. I strongly recommend this school to people who really care about their kids.
3/13/2006former studentI am a Breck Alumn. You get all the attention you could possibly want from faculty (especially when you dont want it, ie bad grades) and you have so many freedoms. Not only that, but colleges all over the country recognize this school as one of the elite.
2/14/2006studentThe acedemic perspective of this school is really amazing. My son has experienced great success in breck, and it has helped him through acedemic and peer troubles. Art and music are offered to the students, and so are many sports. Parents are sent a letter if their child falls behind, making the parents aware of everything that goes on with their child's life.

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