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Franklin Benjamin School
5735 Rising Sun Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19120
(215) 728-5017
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public | K-8
County: Philadelphia


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms Roslyn Sample Greene2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/27/2011parentSay the name of this school to my son and his experience comes to mind. My son did Kindergarten here and I was very heart broken with the quality of care that he received. The teacher spoke down to the kids and compared them to her own child. My son did not learn much...he would've disliked school had I not make the decision to change schools.
4/7/2011parentI like this school.I have 4 children attending and they are always coming home with projects to do and thing like that. Its not in the greatest area but all in all i like it.The grounds i have not found to be dirty and if they are dirty then its probably those few unruly children that every school has making it that way.Teaching kids to use a trashcan is not the schools responsibility its the parents. I enjoy the teachers they give the kids the basic knowledge that they need so then we as parents can continue to build on it at home.You dont have to move from the neighborhood as the one parent says on here because if you are teaching your children the right way they can prosper anywhere
2/23/2011parentI pulled both of my children out of this school a few years ago. If you want your children to get receive a good education then please do the same! I watched a fight in the school yard go on for a couple of minutes before anyone came to break it up. It was about 30 kids fighting by the time someone came. They had to call for backup to break it up. First problem is... They should have never allowed for the school to go past 6th grade. The neighborhood is horrible. The school grounds are DIRTY.. along with the whole neighborhood. I really feel bad for all the teachers that need to work in that place under those conditions. They tried to improve the school, but as you can tell from the rating of a 2.. it hasn't happened. This school was listed as a bad school during the "no child left behind act" Nothing was ever done about it. I wish I could write more.. but I am sure even this review will be pulled after the school reads this. So if you are one of the lucky ones to read this... Don't send your children here... and if you can, MOVE out of this neighborhood immediately
1/12/2011parentI love this school! So many good things are happening. They did good on the PSSA. Way to go BFES
5/29/2010parentI believe the children are out of control beacause there is not enough relevant stimulation going on. I agree that the teachers have to know without a doubt who is running the show, then the children will know also. How can children in grades K-6 be unmangeable? They are just children that can be positively influenced in many different ways. So one solution is for all school staff and parents to decide if you are in it to win it or just complaining from afar. Do something about it!! Here is one tip, do your best to impart all types of knowledge and stategies for children to understand why good manners and self control is necessary. Adults have to be sincere, because if children observe something other than what you are telling them then you are saying to them they are stupid.
12/15/2009parentThis school has caring and helpful teachers, and staff. The small size of the school is great because the teachers can really get to know your child. They really do try hard to help your child get the best education. My daughters had teachers who motivated and inspired them to be all they could be. Reach for your highest goal. Keep on pushing to you reach it.
7/22/2005parentThis is an excellent school in a diverse community. There are many great programs for the students - Math Carnival, Back to School Night, Summer program. Teachers and administration are wonderful.

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