Houston, Texas 

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Schools in Houston, Texas: 1038 Found

Name Grades Type Rating
ABC 123 A Cat A MEPK - Tr01Private
Abiding Word Lutheran SchoolKG - 07Private
Academic Behavior Center East2 - 2Alternative Education
Academic Behavior Center West2 - 2Alternative Education
Academy of Accelerated LearningPK - 05Alternative Education4
Academy of Choice07 - 12Alternative Education5
Accelerated Int. Charter School07 - 08Regular
Accelerated Interdisciplinary Acad.PK - 06Regular8
Adam ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Admin. ServicesPK - 12Alternative Education
Advanced Virtual Academy09 - 12Alternative Education1
Adventure Preschool and Windwood Christian AcademyPK - 05Private
Aguirre Junior High 06 - 08Regular4
AL Nurse SchoolPK - 08Private
Albright Middle07 - 08Regular7
Alcott ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Aldine High School09 - 12Regular4
Aldine J J A E P09 - 09Alternative Education
Aldine Middle07 - 08Regular6
Aldine Ninth Grade School09 - 09Regular7
Alexander ElementaryPK - 04Regular6
Alexander-Smith Academy09 - 12Private
AL-HADI School of Accelerative LearningPK - KGPrivate
Alief Early College High School09 - 12Regular10
Alief ISD J J A E P04 - 12Alternative Education
Alief Learning Center (6-12)07 - 12Alternative Education3
Alief Learning Center (K-6)01 - 06Alternative Education
Alief Middle06 - 08Regular4
Alief Montessori Community SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Almeda ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Alternative Learning Center-East06 - 12Alternative Education
Ambassador Christian Daycare and SchoolPK - 03Private
American Academy09 - 09Private
Amigos POR Vida-Friends for Life Charter SchoolPK - 08Regular5
Anderson Academy01 - 03Regular8
Anderson ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Andre ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Andy Dekaney High School09 - 12Regular3
Annunciation Orthodox SchoolPK - 08Private
Anthony Middle06 - 08Regular
Apple Tree SchoolPK - 02Private
Appleseed Private SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Arabic Immersion Magnet School2 - 2Regular
Aragon Middle06 - 08Regular9
Arizona Fleming ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Arlyne and Alan Weber ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Armand Bayou ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Armand Bayou MontessoriPK - 05Private
Arnold Middle06 - 08Regular7
Arrow Academy - Champions AcademyKG - 05Regular
Arrow Academy - Forge Academy2 - 2Regular
Arrow Academy - Harvest Preparatory AcademyKG - 05Regular2
Arrow Academy - Las Americas Learning CenterKG - 07Regular2
Arrow Academy - McCormack Honors AcademyKG - 05Regular
Arrow Academy - Odyssey PreparatoryKG - 08Regular3
Ashford ElementaryPK - 02Regular6
Askew ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Assumption Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Atherton ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Atkinson ElementaryKG - 04Regular8
Attucks Middle06 - 08Regular2
AULT ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Austin High School09 - 12Regular3
Avondale HouseUG - UGPrivate
Baker-Ripley Charter SchoolKG - 05Regular4
Bammel ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Bammel Middle06 - 08Regular4
Bane ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Bang ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Barrick ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Bastian ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Bay Area Montessori HouseKG - KGPrivate
Baylor College of Medicine Academy At Ryan06 - 07Regular4
Bear Branch ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Bear Creek ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Bear Creek UMC SchoolPK - TrKGPrivate
Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter SchoolKG - 08Regular9
Beechnut Academy06 - 12Alternative Education2
Bell ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Bellfort Early Childhood CenterPK - KGRegular2
Ben Bowen Early ChildhoodPK - 01Regular7
Benavidez ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Benbrook ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Bendwood SchoolPK - KGSpecial Education
Beneke ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Benfer ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Benignus ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Berry ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Best ElementaryPK - 04Regular1
Beta Academy2 - 2Regular
Beth Yeshurun Day SchoolPK - 05Private
Bethel's Learning CenterKG - 06Regular3
Bethune Academy03 - 04Regular2
Beverly Hills Int.07 - 08Regular7
Birkes ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Black EC Pre-KPK - PKRegular
Black ElementaryKG - 04Regular4
Black ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Black Middle06 - 08Regular3
Blackshear ElementaryPK - 06Regular2
Bleyl Middle06 - 08Regular7
Blue Ridge ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Bonham ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Bonne Vie SchoolPK - TrKGPrivate
Bonner ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Boone ElementaryPK - 04Regular6
Braeburn ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Brazos School for Inquiry and Creativity GANOPK - 06Regular3
Brazos School for Inquiry and Creativity SouthwestPK - 08Alternative Education5
Briargrove ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Briarmeadow CharterPK - 08Regular9
Brill ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Briscoe ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
British School of HoustonPK - 12Private
Brookhollow Christian AcademyPK - 02Private
Brookline ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Brookwood ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Browning ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Bruce ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Budewig Int.05 - 06Regular5
Buffalo Creek ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Bunker Hill ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
Burbank ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Burbank Middle06 - 08Regular7
Burnet ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Burnett ElementaryPK - 04Regular5
Burnett-Bayland Rehabilitation Center06 - 12Alternative Education1
Burrus ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Bush ElementaryPK - 04Regular4
Bush ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Bussey ElementaryKG - 04Regular5
C E King High School09 - 12Regular4
C E King Middle06 - 08Regular3
C O R E Academy03 - 09Regular
Cage ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Calvert ElementaryKG - 04Regular4
Campbell Middle06 - 08Regular6
Caraway Int.05 - 06Regular2
Carmichael ElementaryKG - 04Regular6
Carnegie Vanguard High School09 - 12Regular10
Carolee Booker ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Carrillo ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Carroll AcademyKG - 04Regular4
Carter AcademyKG - 04Regular4
Carver High School for Applied Tech Engineering Arts09 - 12Regular7
Cathedral House Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Cedar Brook ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Center for Hearing and SpeechPK - TrKGPrivate
Central Christian AcademyKG - 12Private
Challenge Early College High School09 - 12Regular10
Chambers ElementaryPK - 04Regular3
Champions AcademyKG - 02Regular
Champions Christian AcademyPK - 07Private
Chancellor ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Chavez High School09 - 12Regular3
Christa McAuliffe Middle06 - 08Regular4
Christian School of Northwest HoustonPK - 05Private
Christian Tabernacle SchoolsPK - 04Private
Cimarron ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Clark Int.PK - 05Regular1
Clark PRIPK - 02Regular
Clay Road Baptist SchoolPK - 07Private
Clear Horizons Early College High School09 - 12Regular10
Clear Lake Christian SchoolKG - 12Private
Clear Lake City ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Clear Lake High School09 - 12Regular9
Clear Lake Int.06 - 08Regular8
Clifton Middle06 - 08Regular6
Cloverleaf ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
COBB 6th Grade Campus06 - 06Regular7
Codwell ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Collins ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Community Services-Sec.KG - 12Alternative Education1
Compass02 - 12Alternative Education4
Conley ElementaryKG - 04Regular4
Cook Junior ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Cook Middle06 - 08Regular8
Coop ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Copeland Elementary02 - 03Regular3
Copeland ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Cornelius ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Cornerstone Academy06 - 08Regular10
Cornerstone Christian AcademyPK - 06Private
Corpus Christi Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Covenant AcademyKG - 10Private
Cranbrook Learning ConnectionPK - KGPrivate
Creative CornerPK - KGPrivate
Creekwood Middle06 - 08Regular9
Crespo ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Cristo Rey Jesuit College Prep. School of Houston09 - 12Private
Crockett ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Crossroads09 - 12Alternative Education
Crossroads School01 - 09Private
Cullen Middle06 - 08Regular3
Cummings ElementaryPK - 04Regular2
Cunningham ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Cunningham Middle06 - 08Regular6
CY-Fair High School09 - 12Regular8
Cypress Christian School01 - 12Private
Cypress Creek High School09 - 12Regular6
Cypress Falls High School09 - 12Regular7
Cypress Ranch High School09 - 12Regular8
Cypress Ridge High School09 - 12Regular5
Cypress Springs High School09 - 12Regular5
Cypress Woods High School09 - 12Regular8
Cypress-Fairbanks J J A E P09 - 12Alternative Education
Dairy UL Arqam Islamic School SoutheastPK - 06Private
Dairy UL Arqam School NorthPK - 12Private
Danish ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
DAV Montessori SchoolPK - 02Private
Davila ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Davis High School09 - 12Regular2
Davis High School09 - 12Regular5
Davis Ninth Grade09 - 09Regular3
DE Chaumes ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
DE Santiago EC Pre-K CenterPK - PKRegular2
DE Zavala ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Deady Middle06 - 08Regular3
Dean Middle School06 - 08Regular6
Deanda ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Debakey High School for Health Prof.09 - 12Regular10
Deerwood ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Deloras E Thompson ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Depelchin-Elkins Campus07 - 12Alternative Education
Discipline Alternative Education Program01 - 12Alternative Education
Dobie High School09 - 12Regular5
Dodson ElementaryPK - 06Regular3
Doerre Int.06 - 08Regular10
Dogan ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Donna Lewis ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Dowling Middle06 - 08Regular4
Dr. Cheryl Corbett Salyards06 - 08Regular9
Dr. Shirley J Williamson ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Draw AcademyKG - 08Alternative Education4
Draw Academy Upper Elementary2 - 2Regular
Drew Academy07 - 08Regular6
Duchesne Academy of the Sacred HeartPK - 12Private
DUNN ElementaryKG - 04Regular5
Durham ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Durkee ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Early College Academy At Southridge09 - 12Regular8
Early Discovery Montessori SchoolPK - 01Private
Earnesteen Milstead Middle05 - 06Regular3
East Early College High School09 - 12Regular10
Eastwood Academy09 - 12Regular9
Eckert Int.05 - 06Regular3
Edgewood ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Edison Middle06 - 08Regular3
Edward Roberson Middle06 - 08Regular6
Edwin M Wells Middle06 - 08Regular4
Ehrhardt ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Eiland ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Eisenhower High School09 - 12Regular3
Eisenhower Ninth Grade School09 - 09Regular5
El DAEP03 - 05Alternative Education
Eliot ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Elm Grove ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Elmore ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Elrod ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Elsik High School09 - 12Regular4
Emerson ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Emery Weiner School06 - 12Private
Emmott ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Energized for Excellence Academy ECCPK - PKRegular2
Energized for Excellence Academy ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Energized for Excellence Academy Middle06 - 08Regular7
Energized for Stem Academy Central High School09 - 12Regular3
Energized for Stem Academy Central Middle06 - 08Regular3
Energized for Stem Academy West High School09 - 12Regular6
Energized for Stem Academy West Middle06 - 08Regular7
Energy Institute High School09 - 10Regular5
Epiphany Lutheran Church SchoolPK - 08Private
EPPS Island ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Ermel ElementaryKG - 04Regular5
Escamilla Int.05 - 06Regular4
Eternity Christian SchoolPK - 12Private
Evelyn Turlington ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Excel Academy11 - 11Alternative Education
Excel Academy (Jjaep)07 - 11Alternative Education
Excel Academy (Murworth)09 - 12Alternative Education
Falcon Pass ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Fallbrook College Preparatory AcademyKG - 10Regular6
Family Christian AcademyPK - 12Private
Farias Early Childhood CenterPK - PKRegular2
Farney ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Field ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Fiest ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
First Steps Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Five Star Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Fleming Middle06 - 08Regular3
Foerster ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Fondren ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Fondren Middle06 - 08Regular3
Fonville Middle06 - 08Regular3
Fonwood Early Childhood CenterPK - KGRegular2
Forest Brook Middle06 - 08Regular2
Fort Bend Montessori SchoolPK - 01Private
Foster ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Foster ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Francis ElementaryKG - 04Regular2
Francone ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Frank ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Franklin ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Frazier ElementaryPK - 04Regular8
Frazier ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Freeman ElementaryPK - 04Regular6
Frost ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Frostwood ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
FURR High School09 - 12Regular4
G H Whitcomb ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Gallegos ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Garcia ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Garcia-LEZA EC Pre-K CenterPK - PKRegular2
Garden Oaks MontessoriPK - 08Regular4
Garden Villas ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Garfield ElementaryPK - 04Regular5
Garrett Elementary01 - 05Regular3
Genoa ElementaryPK - 04Regular4
George I Sanchez High SchoolPK - 12Alternative Education1
Girls and Boys Prep. Academy ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Girls and Boys Prep. Academy High School09 - 12Regular2
Girls and Boys Prep. Academy Middle06 - 08Regular2
Gleason ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Global Learning VillageKG - 02Regular
Gloria DEI Early Childhood MinistriesPK - TrKGPrivate
Golfcrest ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Goodman ElementaryKG - 04Regular4
Goodson Middle06 - 08Regular9
Goudeau Accelerated Preparatory AcademyPK - 04Private
Grace SchoolPK - 08Private
Grady Middle06 - 08Regular6
Grant RD Daycare and KindergartenPK - KGPrivate
Grantham Academy07 - 08Regular6
Gray ElementaryKG - 04Regular4
Green Valley ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Greenspoint ElementaryKG - 04Regular
Greentree ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Greenwood Christian Preschoo SchoolPK - 01Private
Greenwood Forest ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Gregg ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Gregory-Lincoln Ed CenterPK - 08Regular3
Greystone HousePK - KGPrivate
Grissom ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Gross ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Gulfhaven Adventist Christian SchoolPK - 08Private
H M Carroll Elementary01 - 05Regular6
H S Ahead Academy06 - 08Alternative Education1
Hairgrove ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Hall Center for Education09 - 12Alternative Education1
Halpin Early Childhood CenterPK - KGRegular2
Hambrick Middle07 - 08Regular6
Hamilton ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Hamilton Middle06 - 08Regular10
Hamilton Middle06 - 08Regular7
Hancock ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Harbach-Ripley Charter SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Hargrave High School09 - 12Regular6
Harmony School of Advancement - High09 - 12Regular9
Harmony School of Discovery - HoustonKG - 12Regular8
Harmony School of ExcellenceKG - 08Regular9
Harmony School of Excellence - EndeavorKG - 08Regular5
Harmony School of Exploration- HoustonKG - 05Regular4
Harmony School of Fine Arts and TechnologyKG - 08Regular6
Harmony School of Ingenuity06 - 12Regular5
Harmony School of Innovation - Houston06 - 08Regular8
Harmony Science Academy09 - 12Regular8
Harmony Science Academy - HoustonKG - 08Regular4
Harmony Science Academy - Houston NWKG - 08Regular7
Harold D Guthrie Center for Excellence09 - 12Alternative Education
Harper Alternative School06 - 12Alternative Education
Harris AcademyKG - 04Regular3
Harris County J J A E P08 - 12Alternative Education
Harris County J J A E P10 - 11Alternative Education
Harris County Jjaep08 - 12Alternative Education
Harris County Jjaep10 - 11Alternative Education
Harris County Juvenile Detention Center05 - 12Alternative Education2
Harris J R ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Harris R P ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Hartman Middle06 - 08Regular6
Hartsfield ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Harvard ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Harvey S Brown ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Hassler ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Hastings High School09 - 12Regular6
HC Jjaep - Excel Academy09 - 09Alternative Education
HCC Life Skills Program12 - 12Special Education
Health and Human Service Academy10 - 12Private
Hearne ElementaryPK - 04Regular4
Heflin ElementaryPK - 04Regular5
Helen Major ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Helms ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Henderson J ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Henderson N ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Henry Middle06 - 08Regular3
Heritage ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Herod ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Herrera ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Hicks ElementaryPK - 04Regular6
Hidden Hollow ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
High Point East08 - 11Alternative Education
Highland Hts ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Highpoint07 - 12Alternative Education
Highpoint East08 - 11Alternative Education
Highpoint East Campus2 - 2Alternative Education
Highpoint North06 - 12Alternative Education
Highpoint North Campus2 - 2Alternative Education
Highpoint School East (Crosby)2 - 2Alternative Education
Highpoint School East (Daep)08 - 12Alternative Education
Hiliard ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Hill Int.05 - 06Regular3
Hines-CaldwellPK - 05Regular6
Hinojosa EC Pre-K CenterPK - PKRegular2
Hobby ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Hodges Bend Middle06 - 08Regular6
Hoffman Middle06 - 08Regular3
HOGG Middle06 - 08Regular3
Holbrook ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Holland Middle06 - 08Regular3
Hollibrook ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Holmquist ElementaryPK - 04Regular5
Holmsley ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Holub Middle07 - 08Regular7
Holy Ghost Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Holy Spirit Episcopal SchoolPK - 08Private
Holy Trinity Day SchoolPK - 03Private
Holy Trinity Episcopal School of Greater HoustonKG - 12Private
Hope Academy Charter School09 - 12Alternative Education1
Hopper Middle06 - 08Regular5
Horn ElementaryPK - 04Regular6
Horne ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Housman ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Houston Academy05 - 06Regular4
Houston Academy for International Studies09 - 12Regular9
Houston Can Academy - Hobby09 - 12Alternative Education2
Houston Can Academy - North09 - 12Alternative Education2
Houston Christian High School09 - 12Private
Houston Gateway AcademyPK - 08Regular7
Houston Gateway Academy - Coral CampusPK - 12Regular8
Houston Gateway Academy - Elite AcademyPK - 12Regular
Houston Gateway Academy Inc. Elite College Prep.PK - 08Regular2
Houston Heights Charter School09 - 12Alternative Education2
Houston Heights Learning Academy Inc.PK - 05Alternative Education9
Houston Math Science and Technology Center09 - 12Regular3
Houston Quran AcademyPK - 12Private
Hoyland ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Huffman Int. School04 - 05Regular6
Huffman Middle06 - 08Regular6
Hunters Creek ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
ILM AcademyPK - 06Private
IMAN Academy - SouthwestPK - 12Private
Incarnate Word Academy09 - 12Private
Inspired for Excellence Academy West05 - 08Alternative Education1
Intelligent Minds Development CenterPK - KGPrivate
Isaacs ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Ischool High At University Park09 - 12Regular10
Jacinto City ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Jackson Middle06 - 08Regular3
James B Havard ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Jamie's House Charter School09 - 12Alternative Education1
Janowski ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Japanese Educational InstituteKG - 12Private
Jean and Betty Schmalz ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Jefferson ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Jersey Village High School09 - 12Regular6
Jessup ElementaryPK - 04Regular3
Jewish Community School06 - 12Private
Jjaep Disciplinary School10 - 10Alternative Education
Joan Link ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
John F Ward ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
John Paul II Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Johnson ElementaryKG - 04Regular5
Johnston Middle06 - 08Regular7
Jones Futures Academy09 - 12Regular2
Jordan High School09 - 12Regular6
Joshua's Learning LandKG - 04Regular1
Kahla Middle06 - 08Regular7
Kaiser ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Kandy Stripe AcademyPK - 05Regular2
Kase Academy10 - 12Alternative Education
Kashmere Gardens ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Kashmere High School09 - 12Regular1
Keeble EC Pre-K CenterPK - PKRegular2
Keith ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Kelso ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Kennedy ElementaryPK - 04Regular5
Kennedy ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
KERR High School09 - 12Regular9
Ketelsen ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Key Middle06 - 08Regular4
Kids R Kids #32PK - KGPrivate
Killough Middle07 - 08Regular6
King Early Childhood CenterPK - PKRegular2
Kings Manor ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Kingwood High School09 - 12Regular9
Kingwood Middle06 - 08Regular8
Kingwood Park High School09 - 12Regular8
KIPP 3D Academy05 - 08Regular8
KIPP 3rd Ward SchoolPK - 05Regular2
KIPP Academy Middle05 - 08Regular8
KIPP Connect PRIPK - 02Regular
KIPP Dream Prep.PK - 04Regular4
KIPP Explore AcademyPK - 04Regular5
KIPP Generations Collegiate09 - 12Regular2
KIPP Gulfton Middle05 - 05Regular
KIPP Houston High School09 - 12Regular9
KIPP Intrepid Preparatory School05 - 08Regular6
KIPP Legacy Preparatory SchoolPK - 04Regular2
KIPP Liberation College Prep.06 - 08Regular3
KIPP North Forest Lower Girls School05 - 05Regular2
KIPP North Forest Lower School05 - 05Regular2
KIPP Northeast College Preparatory09 - 10Regular3
KIPP Polaris Academy for Boys06 - 08Regular5
KIPP Sharp College Prep.PK - 04Regular10
KIPP Sharpstown College Preparatory05 - 08Regular9
KIPP Shine Prep.PK - 04Regular8
KIPP Spirit College Prep.05 - 08Regular3
KIPP Sunnyside High School09 - 12Regular4
KIPP Voyage Academy for Girls06 - 08Regular6
KIPP Zenith AcademyPK - 04Regular2
Kirk ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
KLEB Int.06 - 08Regular9
Klein Annex06 - 12Alternative Education
Klein Education Placement Program07 - 12Alternative Education
Klein Forest High School09 - 12Regular4
Klein High School09 - 12Regular8
Klein Int.06 - 08Regular5
Klein SEMSPK - 03Alternative Education
Klenk ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Klentzman Int.05 - 06Regular3
Koinonia Community Learning AcademyKG - 05Regular1
Kolter ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Krahn ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Krimmel Intermed.06 - 08Regular8
Kuehnle ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Kujawa EC Pre-K CenterPK - PKRegular2
Kujawa ElementaryKG - 04Regular6
L E Monahan Elementary01 - 05Regular4
La Amistad Love and Learning AcademyPK - 05Regular9
La Amistad Love and Learning AcademyPK - PKRegular
Labay Middle06 - 08Regular8
Lakeshore ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Lakewood Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Lamar High School09 - 12Regular7
Lamkin ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Landis ElementaryPK - 04Regular5
Landrum Middle05 - 09Regular3
Lane SchoolPK - 12Special Education6
Langham Creek High School09 - 12Regular6
Lanier Middle06 - 08Regular10
Lantrip ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Las Americas04 - 08Alternative Education1
Laura Welch Bush ElementaryKG - 04Regular8
Laurenzo Early Childhood CenterPK - KGRegular2
Law ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Law Enfcmt-Crim Just High School09 - 12Regular8
Lee ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Lee High School09 - 12Regular2
Lewis Elementary01 - 05Regular2
Lewis Middle07 - 08Regular4
Liberty High School12 - 12Alternative Education3
Lieder ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Liestman ElementaryPK - 04Regular7
Little Scholars01 - 09Private
Little Yorkers Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Living Word Christian AcademyPK - 08Private
Lockhart ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Long Academy06 - 11Regular4
Longfellow ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Looscan ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Love ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Lovett ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Loving Care Learning CenterPK - KGPrivate
Lowery ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Lutheran South AcademyPK - 12Private
Lyons ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Macarthur Area Int.05 - 06Regular
Macarthur High School09 - 12Regular4
Macarthur Ninth Grade School09 - 09Regular6
Macgregor ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Mading ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Madison High School09 - 12Regular2
Mahanay ElementaryPK - 04Regular7
Marcella Int.05 - 06Regular6
Marshall ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Marshall Middle06 - 08Regular4
Martin ElementaryPK - 04Regular4
Martinez C ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Martinez R ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Mary Austin Holley ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
MATA Int.05 - 06Regular4
Matzke ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Maurice L Wolfe ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Mayde Creek ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Mayde Creek High School09 - 12Regular7
Mayde Creek Junior High 06 - 08Regular7
McDougle ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
McGowen ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
McNamara ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
McReynolds Middle06 - 08Regular3
Meador ElementaryPK - 04Regular10
Meadow Wood ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Medical Center Charter School SouthwestPK - 06Regular5
Melillo Middle05 - 06Regular7
Memorial Creme DE La CremePK - KGPrivate
Memorial Drive ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Memorial ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Memorial Hall School07 - 12Private
Memorial High School09 - 12Regular8
Memorial Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Memorial Middle06 - 08Regular10
Mendel ElementaryKG - 04Regular5
Metcalf ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Meyer ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Meyerpark ElementaryPK - 06Regular4
Michael R Null Middle06 - 08Regular6
Mickey Leland College Prep. Acad. for Young Men06 - 12Regular9
Middle College High School At HCC Fraga09 - 12Alternative Education
Middle College High School At HCC Gulfton09 - 12Alternative Education
Milby High School09 - 12Regular2
Miller Int.05 - 06Regular8
Millsap ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Milne ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Milton Cooper ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Mission Bend Christian AcademyPK - 05Private
Mission Bend ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Mission Glen ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Mission West ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Mistral Center for Early ChildhoodPK - KGRegular2
Mitchell ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Mittelstadt ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Montessor Child Development CenterKG - KGPrivate
Montessori Child DevelopmentTrKG - TrKGPrivate
Montessori Learning CottagePK - 01Private
Montessori Learning InstitutePK - 05Private
Montessori MomentsPK - 03Private
Montessori Morning Glory SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Montessori School of DowntownPK - 03Private
Montgomery ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Moore ElementaryPK - 04Regular7
Moore ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Moreno ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Morris Middle05 - 06Regular5
Mount Carmel Academy09 - 12Regular7
Mueller ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
NCI Charter School Without WallsPK - PKRegular2
NEFF ECCPK - 01Regular2
NEFF Elementary02 - 05Regular2
New Elementary2 - 2Regular
New Heights Christian AcademyKG - 12Private
New High School09 - 09Regular
New Neighbor CampusKG - 05Regular
New SchoolPK - 05Regular
Nimitz High School09 - 12Regular4
Nimitz Ninth Grade School09 - 09Regular6
Nitsch ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Normandy Crossing ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
North Forest High School09 - 12Regular2
North Houston Early College High School09 - 12Regular9
North Pointe ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
North Shore ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
North Shore Middle07 - 08Regular7
North Shore Senior High09 - 12Regular6
Northbrook High School09 - 12Regular3
Northbrook Middle06 - 10Regular2
Northgate ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Northline ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Northwood Montessori SchoolPK - 01Private
Nottingham ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Oak Forest ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Oates ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
ODOM ElementaryKG - 04Regular7
O'Donnell Middle07 - 08Regular6
Oleson ElementaryKG - 04Regular6
OLLE Middle07 - 08Regular4
Orange Grove ElementaryKG - 04Regular4
Ortiz Middle06 - 08Regular4
Osborne ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Our Lady of Guadalupe SchoolPK - 08Private
Our Lady of Mount Carmel SchoolPK - 08Private
Our Redeemer Lutheran North School06 - 11Private
Our Savior Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Outley ElementaryPK - 04Regular7
Owens ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Owens Int.05 - 06Regular4
Park Place ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Parker ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Parker Int.05 - 06Regular3
Pat Reynolds ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Patterson ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Peaceful Beginnings Montessori AcademyPK - KGPrivate
Peck ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Pediatric Education and Creative Arts ProgramKG - 12Private
Perfor and Vis Arts High School09 - 12Regular10
Pershing Middle06 - 08Regular7
Petersen ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Petrosky ElementaryPK - 04Regular6
Phoenix School At Southwest SchoolsKG - 12Alternative Education6
Pilgrim AcademyPK - 08Regular6
Pilgrim Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Pine Shadows ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Pines Presbyterian PreschoolPK - TrKGPrivate
Piney Point ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Pinnacle Middle and Ninth Grade Center07 - 08Private
Pleasantville ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Plummer Middle07 - 08Regular5
POE ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Ponderosa ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Pope ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Port Houston ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Post ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Postma ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Precious Jewels Alpha Learning CenterPK - 03Private
Pre-K Elementary2 - 2Alternative Education
Presbyterian SchoolPK - 08Private
Primrose School At Crossroads ParkPK - KGPrivate
Primrose School of Eldridge ParkwayKG - KGPrivate
Project Chrysalis Middle06 - 08Regular10
Pro-Vision High School09 - 12Alternative Education2
Pro-Vision Middle05 - 08Alternative Education2
PUGH ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Purple Sage ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Pyburn ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Queen of Peace SchoolPK - 08Private
Quest Early College High School09 - 12Regular9
R D S P DPK - PKSpecial Education
R L Finney Christian Academy06 - 12Private
Rainard SchoolKG - 12Private
Ralph Eickenroht ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Raul Yzaguirre School for Success06 - 08Regular5
Raul Yzaguirre School for Success09 - 12Regular4
Raul Yzaguirre School for SuccessKG - 05Regular6
Ray Daily ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Raymond AcademyKG - 04Regular7
Reach Charter09 - 12Alternative Education1
Reagan High School09 - 12Regular5
Reagan K-8 Educational CenterPK - 08Regular2
Rebuild HISD Campus2 - 2Regular
Red ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
REDD SchoolPK - 08Private
Redeemer's Christian AcademyPK - KGPrivate
Reece AcademyPK - KGRegular3
Reed Academy05 - 06Regular3
Reed ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
REES ElementaryPK - 04Regular7
Rennell ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Resurrection Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Revere Middle06 - 08Regular6
Reynolds ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Rice School La Escuela RiceKG - 08Regular7
Richard Milburn Academy - Suburban Houston09 - 12Alternative Education2
Richard Milburn Academy Houston (Suburban)09 - 12Alternative Education
Rick Schneider Middle05 - 06Regular4
Ridgecrest ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Ridgegate ElementaryPK - 08Regular3
Ridgemont ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Ripley House Charter SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Ripley House Middle Campus06 - 08Regular2
River Oaks Academy01 - 12Private
River Oaks Baptist SchoolPK - 08Private
River Oaks ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Riverwood Middle06 - 08Regular10
Robert M Beren AcademyPK - 12Private
Roberts ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Roberts Road ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Robindell Private SchoolPK - 01Private
Robinson ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Robison ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Roderick R Paige ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Rodriguez ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Roosevelt ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Rosas School TraditionalPK - 02Private
Ross ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Royalwood Elementary01 - 05Regular4
Rucker ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Rummel Creek ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Sam Houston ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Sammons ElementaryKG - 04Regular7
Sampson ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Sanchez ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Scarborough ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Scarborough High School09 - 12Regular3
School At St. George PlacePK - 05Regular7
School for Accelerated LRN08 - 12Alternative Education
School for Accelerated LRN10 - 10Alternative Education
Science Center2 - 2Alternative Education
Scroggins ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Second Baptist SchoolPK - 12Private
Second Chance Technology Edge09 - 12Private
Seguin ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Sephardic GANPK - 08Private
Ser-Ninos Charter ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Ser-Ninos Charter Elementary IIPK - 05Regular5
Ser-Ninos Charter Middle06 - 08Regular6
Shadow Forest ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Shadow Oaks ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Shadowbriar Elementary03 - 05Regular4
Shady Acres Christian School01 - 12Private
Shadydale ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Sharpstown High School09 - 12Regular3
Sharpstown International School06 - 12Regular2
Shearn ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Sheldon Early Childhood AcademyPK - KGRegular3
Sheldon Elementary01 - 05Regular4
Sheldon Jjaep11 - 11Alternative Education
Sherman ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Sherwood ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Sherwood Forest Montessori SchoolPK - 06Private
Shotwell Middle07 - 08Regular6
Sinclair ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Smaller Scholars MontessoriPK - 06Private
Smaller Scholars Montessori AcademyPK - KGPrivate
Smith AcademyKG - 04Regular2
Smith ElementaryPK - 04Regular4
Smith ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Smith Middle06 - 08Regular9
Sneed ElementaryPK - 04Regular4
Soar CenterPK - 12Special Education9
South Belt ElementaryKG - 04Regular6
South Early College High School09 - 12Regular9
Southmayd ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Southwest Community Christian AcademyPK - 05Private
Southwest High School09 - 12Alternative Education5
Southwest Middle School06 - 08Alternative Education2
Southwest Schools Bissonnet Elementary CampusPK - 05Alternative Education5
Southwest Schools Mangum Elementary CampusPK - 05Regular2
Space Center Int.06 - 08Regular9
Spence ElementaryKG - 04Regular3
Spillane Middle06 - 08Regular10
Spring Branch Academy of Choice08 - 12Alternative Education
Spring Branch Ed CenterPK - 12Regular
Spring Branch ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Spring Branch Middle06 - 08Regular7
Spring Forest Middle06 - 08Regular6
Spring Oaks Middle06 - 08Regular3
Spring Shadow ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Spring Woods High School09 - 12Regular4
Spring Woods Middle06 - 09Regular5
Spring Woods Weekday MinistriesPK - KGPrivate
St. Agnes Academy School09 - 12Private
St. Ambrose SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Anne Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Augustine Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Catherines MontessoriPK - 09Private
St. Cecilia Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Christopher Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Clare of Assisi Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Francis DE Sales SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Francis Episcopal Day SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Francis of Assisi SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Jerome Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Johns Lower SchoolKG - 05Private
St. Luke's Day SchoolPK - KGPrivate
St. Mark Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Mark's Episcopal SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Mary of the Purification Montessori SchoolPK - 05Private
St. Paul's SchoolPK - KGPrivate
St. Peter the Apostle SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Pius X High School09 - 12Private
St. Rose of Lima Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Stephen's Episcopal SchoolPK - 12Private
St. Thomas Episcopal SchoolPK - 12Private
St. Thomas High School09 - 12Private
St. Thomas More Parish SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal SchoolPK - 05Private
St. Vincent DE Paul SchoolPK - 08Private
Stehlik Int.05 - 06Regular5
Stelle Claughton Middle06 - 08Regular4
Stephanie Cravens Early ChildhoodPK - KGRegular3
Stephens ElementaryKG - 04Regular8
Stepping Stones Charter Elementary2 - 2Regular
Stepping Stones Charter ElementaryKG - 08Regular8
Sterling High School09 - 12Regular2
Stevens ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Stevenson Middle06 - 08Regular6
Stovall AcademyKG - 04Regular2
Stovall Middle07 - 08Regular6
Strack Int.06 - 08Regular8
Strake Jesuit College Prep. School09 - 12Private
Stratford High School09 - 12Regular8
Stuchbery ElementaryPK - 04Regular7
Sugar Grove Academy06 - 08Regular1
Summer Creek High School09 - 12Regular5
Summerwood ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Sutton ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Swenke ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
T H Rogers SchoolPK - 12Regular10
Taylor High School09 - 12Regular5
Terrace ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Texas Christian SchoolKG - 12Private
Texas Connections Academy At Houston03 - 12Regular5
Texas Serenity Academy2 - 2Alternative Education
Texas Serenity AcademyKG - 08Alternative Education2
The Arbor SchoolUG - UGPrivate
The AWTY International SchoolPK - 12Private
The Banff SchoolPK - 12Private
The Bear Boulevard SchoolPK - KGRegular3
The Branch SchoolPK - 08Private
The Briarwood School01 - 12Private
The Children First Academy - HoustonPK - 07Regular
The Fay SchoolPK - 05Private
The Gateway Academy07 - 12Private
The Grace England Early Childhood Pre-K CenterPK - PKRegular3
The Harris SchoolPK - 08Private
The Imani SchoolPK - 08Private
The Joy SchoolKG - 08Private
The Kinkaid SchoolPK - 12Private
The Lion Lane SchoolPK - PKRegular2
The 'Middle School' At the Academy of Choice06 - 08Regular
The Monarch SchoolUG - UGPrivate
The Oaks Adventist Christian SchoolPK - 12Private
The Panda Path SchoolPK - PKRegular2
The Parish SchoolPK - 05Private
The Regis School of the Sacred HeartPK - 08Private
The Rhodes SchoolPK - 02Regular3
The Rhodes School - NorthshorePK - 06Regular
The RUSK SchoolPK - 08Regular5
The School for Young ChildrenUG - UGPrivate
The Shlenker SchoolPK - 05Private
The Tenney School06 - 12Private
The Tiger Trail SchoolPK - PKRegular2
The Varnett School - EastPK - 05Regular10
The Varnett School - NortheastPK - 05Regular3
The Village SchoolPK - 12Private
The Wildcat Way SchoolPK - PKRegular6
Theiss ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Therapeutic Education ProgramPK - 12Alternative Education
Thomas Middle06 - 08Regular3
Thompson ElementaryKG - 04Regular5
Thompson ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Thompson Int.07 - 08Regular6
Thornwood ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
TICE ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Tijerina ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Tinsley Elementary01 - 05Regular4
Tipps ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Tomball J J A E P Campus10 - 10Alternative Education
Tomball Parkway Middle07 - 08Regular
Torah Day SchoolPK - 08Private
Trafton Academy04 - 08Private
Travis ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Treasure Forest ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Trinity Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Truitt Middle06 - 08Regular7
Tsu Charter Lab SchoolPK - 02Regular2
Twain ElementaryPK - 05Regular9
Two Dimensions Preparatory AcademyPK - 05Regular4
Two Dimensions VickeryPK - 04Regular6
Ulrich Int.06 - 08Regular7
Univ. of Houston Charter School-TechKG - 05Regular7
University Park Academy09 - 12Private
UOS Goldberg Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
UT - University Charter School At Memorial Hermann08 - 12Alternative Education
Valley Oaks ElementaryPK - 05Regular7
Valley West ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Varnett Charter SchoolPK - 05Regular6
Victory Early College High School09 - 12Regular10
Victory Prep.09 - 12Regular1
Victory Prep.KG - 08Regular1
Victory Preparatory Academy09 - 12Regular4
Village At South ParkPK - 04Alternative Education
Vines EC Pre-K CenterPK - PKRegular2
Vistas High School09 - 12Alternative Education
Wainwright ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Walipp-Tsu Preparatory Academy06 - 08Regular4
Walnut Bend ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Waltrip High School09 - 12Regular4
Warner ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Washington B T High School09 - 12Regular3
Watkins Middle School06 - 08Regular5
Welch Middle06 - 08Regular3
Wesley AcademyPK - 08Private
Wesley ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
West Briar Middle06 - 08Regular7
West Montessori School of CopperfieldPK - KGPrivate
West University ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Westbury Christian SchoolPK - 12Private
Westbury High School09 - 12Regular3
Westchester Academy for International Studies06 - 12Regular9
Western Academy03 - 08Private
Westfield High School09 - 12Regular4
Westlake Child Development CenterPK - KGPrivate
Westside Command Detention Center05 - 12Alternative Education
Westside High School09 - 12Regular7
Westside Montessori SchoolPK - 06Private
Westview SchoolPK - 08Private
Westwood ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Wharton K-8 Dual Language AcademyPK - 08Regular10
Wheatley High School09 - 12Regular1
Wheeler Avenue Christian AcademyPK - 01Private
Whidby ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
White E ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
White M Elementary2 - 2Regular
Whittier ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Wilchester ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Willbern ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Williams Middle06 - 08Regular3
Willow Creek ElementaryPK - 05Regular10
Willowridge High School09 - 12Regular3
Wilson ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Wilson Int.05 - 06Regular4
Wilson MontessoriPK - 08Regular5
Windfern High School11 - 12Alternative Education6
Windsor Village ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Woodard Elementary2 - 2Regular
Woodcreek Middle06 - 08Regular7
Woodland Acres ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Woodland Acres Middle06 - 08Regular7
Woodland Hills ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Woodson SchoolPK - 08Regular2
Woodview ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Worsham ElementaryKG - 04Regular6
Worthing High School09 - 12Regular1
Wunderlich Int.06 - 08Regular7
Xavier Educational Academy06 - 12Private
Yates High School09 - 12Regular3
Yeager ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Yellow School-MDPCPK - KGPrivate
Yes Prep. - 5th Ward06 - 09Regular2
Yes Prep. - Brays Oaks06 - 11Regular7
Yes Prep. - East End06 - 12Regular7
Yes Prep. - Gulfton06 - 12Regular8
Yes Prep. - North Central06 - 12Regular9
Yes Prep. - Northside06 - 09Regular2
Yes Prep. - Southeast06 - 12Regular9
Yes Prep. - Southwest06 - 12Regular9
Yes Prep. - West06 - 11Regular9
Yes Prep. - White Oak06 - 07Regular2
Yes Prep. North Forest06 - 12Regular3
Yorkshire AcademyPK - 05Private
Youens ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Young ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Young LearnersPK - PKRegular
Young Scholars Academy for ExcellencePK - 08Regular3
Young Women's College Prep. Academy06 - 12Regular9
Youngblood Int.05 - 06Regular6
Zoe Learning AcademyPK - 06Regular4
Zoe Learning Academy Koinonia CampusPK - 06Regular
Name Grades Type Rating

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BIG MISTAKE! - 10/25/2018
Moving to Houston was the biggest mistake I ever made in my entire life. I cannot emphasize enough how living in that place has drained me mentally. I thought trying... Read More

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Diverse and friendly town! - 10/24/2018
Houston is an incredibly diverse city and is HUGE. The things I love about Houston are the people and the food. Disregard these negative reviews about people--I've lived... Read More

What Houston is all about - 10/21/2018
I've lived here since 1987, having lived in New York City, Miami Beach, Atlanta and Charlotte with memories of short stays i n Nashua and Rochester ,NY. On the good... Read More
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320 E 25th St
Bed 3 | Bath 3.0

16115 Vista Del Mar Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0

5439 Jackwood St
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0

6607 Grand Haven Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 3.0

12022 Green Butte Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0

6134 Aspen Pass Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0

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