Yonkers, NY 

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Commuting in Yonkers, NY

Yonkers, NY is a bustling city located in Westchester County. It has many transportation options that make it easy to get around the city. The Metro North Railroad provides both north and southbound services to Grand Central Station, connecting Yonkers with New York City and other parts of the tri-state area. Additionally, there are multiple bus routes available throughout Yonkers, operated by the MTA Bus Company. These buses provide riders with reliable public transit connections all over the city and county. Other forms of transportation include Bee-Line Taxis and Ride Sharing Services like Uber or Lyft which makes it easy for people to get around quickly and conveniently. Additionally, many people living in Yonkers rely on cycling as a form of transportation due to its convenience and affordability. The city also has an abundance of car sharing services for those looking for a more private way to travel within the city limits. All these options make getting around Yonkers accessible and efficient for all who live there.

The typical American commute has been getting longer each year since 2010. The average one-way commute in Yonkers takes 34.3 minutes. That's longer than the US average of 26.4 minutes.

How people in Yonkers get to work:
- 53.6% drive their own car alone
- 9.7% carpool with others
- 2.9% work from home
- 27.5% take mass transit

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    Reviews for Yonkers    6 Reviews
    Very pleased with my location - 9/5/2021
    I've lived in this city for over 20 years in the Bryn Mawr section and I love it. We are the closest suburb to NYC. I can go and watch a broadway show and be back at... Read More

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    Great to raise kids but it is time to leave (San D - 8/30/2015
    My family and I have lived in northeast Yonkers for 18 years after leaving the grime and crime of Manhattan (my home). I bought a cute colonial on a quiet street 11... Read More

    Taxes, Taxes, Taxes - 6/28/2014
    Here in Westchester County, New York...local taxes; especially school taxes, are among the highest in the nation...which is why people usually move out at retirement. In... Read More

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