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Grandview High School - Aurora, CO

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Grandview High School20500 East Arapahoe Road
Aurora, CO 80016
(720) 886-65009-12ArapahoepublicCherry Creek 5 School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic72.29552009
Black, non-Hispanic8.933282009
Asian/Pacific Islander9.574072009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.4146252009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Dr. Harry Bull, Jr.2007

Students Getting Free LunchYear

1/20/2012studentGraduated in 2008 Grandview has: Great academics Teachers help at all costs Top Notch Athletics/Coaches Great Connections With Colleges Good Environment/Area
9/24/2011studentI just graduated from GHS last year, 2011, and I loved the time that I spent there. Yes, there are the students that drive the nice cars but they are not their's they belong to their parents and a lot of students in my class bought their cars or had to share with someone in their family if it did belong tho their parents. The teachers are very nice and if you talk to them they usually will go out of their way to help you succeed, which helped me with the transition to college. They take it apon themselves to prepare you for college, they don't have to do that for the students but they do if you form a bond with them. With the athletics I was on the volleyball team but was forced to stop due to injury but I made a connection with the basketball coach and became their manager for three years. Students have to try and get involved, join a club or sport. That is were I found my best friend and have made friends with some of my teachers, whom I still call for advice. Grandview is an AMAZING school and there is where my best memories are.
5/19/2011parentI have two children attending Grandview and couldn't be more pleased with their high school experience. The academics are top notch. I am amazed at the variety and amount of course offerings available to the students. There is something for everyone, on any academic level. I am always impressed with the administrative presence at all events, sports, academic or the arts. Adminstration truly cares about this school. The "responsible freedoms" mentality that the school promotes has made my children feel like they are valued and trusted in their own enviroment. As one administrator told me, " how do you expect these kids to go out in the world in four short years when you keep them under lock and key? "They need to be given freedoms and will suprise you by stepping up and being able to handle it while still under the guidance of parents, teachers and administrators." Socially, there is something for everybody and all groups and clubs are recognized, this is not a football only atmosphere. Some reviewers report a lack of diversity at the school but how are they to control the ethnicity of those moving into the area? I feel very fortunate that my children attend Grandview!
10/12/2010parentOffers diversity in classes, clubs, teachers are very caring, and motivate students
4/9/2010studentThis is the best school in Colorado. Period. Almost all of the teachers are amazing, qualified and will go out of their way to help out a student. There are class difficulties for all students; College Prep, Advanced Placement, Honors and normal classes. The sports programs are excellent, with over 75 appearances in state competitions in all sports. If sports is not your thing, there is the theatre/band program, which I have to say is nothing short of the best in Colorado. We have the 3rd best Chambers Choir in the WORLD. If you don't like any of these and are a social person, I guarantee you will find some people to hang out with. I moved to Aurora from a country on the other side of the world, and within the first week, I made some friends. The only con is how early school starts. 7:20 AM.
1/20/2010parentLike wise, after reviewing the reviews, I too think it is good school, however, I too feel it is not diverse enough to inlcude minority students. The district itself represents small amount of minorities in general, which is not the problem. I do feel the district is doing a good job on trying to reach out and address the issues that come with small percentage. Some teachers do a great job, others are very questionable. My son has attended going on 3 years, and because it is a neighborhood school, we maintain him. The principle is a great guy who listens, reaches out, and address issues. Overall, it is good, I would not say great.
10/22/2009parentGood school with some serious downsides. The curriculum is strong. The instruction is adequate. Students would benefit from a smaller student to teacher ratio. Likewise, academic enocouragement was not wehre I would have liked to see it. This was a continuation from middle school. It seemed students were rewarded for busy work vs comprehension on both levels. My son attended for one year. He enjoyed the friends he made, the academic schedule and the well equipped facility. He did not appreciate the lack of diversity and insensitivity toward other student's cultures and students of color in general. Equitable access to athletic programs and diversity were a huge dissappointment at Grandview.
10/21/2009parentMy son attends Granview and I think it is an excellent school. I believe he is receiving a very solid education there that will help him have success in college. The music/band programs under the direction of Mr. Farmer are outstanding. The jazz bands in particular are, IMO, some of the best high school jazz bands in the state.
10/15/2009parentTeacher are so involed and want to do everything possible to help your child.
8/27/2009studentGrandview is an amazing school. Very few schools match up to the standards of Grandview. There were many complaints about not helping the 'average' student. This is a valid point only if the student doesn't go and talk to the teachers and staff. If approached the faculty is extreamly helpful and none will say no to help. Of course, some teachers are going to be better than others but no teacher will refuse to help you. Grandview is NOT for the socially backward, unless you are socially backward fitting in the the 'groups' is not a problem. Also the rich kid sterotype in not very accurate. It is true that a lot of the parents are rich but very few, i mean very few of the kids act rich.
5/7/2009parentExcellent social studies, foreign language, business, math and performing arts programs especially. Committed staff and involved parents.
4/30/2009studentI've been to many different schools in not only Colorado, but other states as well. I must say Grandview was by far my favorite. I don't attend there anymore, and i wish i was. The safety is very high, sometimes gets annoying when you would try to ditch. lol. The classes challenge you, and the teacher genuinely care. Now, im a junior today and i was a freshman when i attended GHS. Even though i absolutely hate school, Grandview has a lot of my favorite high school memories.
2/5/2009parentLike any high school, Grandview has its strengths and weaknesses. The overall environment is of safety and caring. There are some excellent teachers are some that are not so good. The school is top-heavy with administration and would do better to put some of those resources toward the students. The teachers also tend not to carry a full load of classes some only teach every other day and are not very available to students for outside help or make-up work. Again, if Grandview expected their teachers to teach a full load of classes and be on the premises during their planning periods, class sizes could be smaller and students would benefit from more interaction. Grandview has an on-line gradebook system that allows parents to keep on top of their students assignments, but not enough of the teacher use it with any regularity. The same is true of the Balckboard a resource that the school is paying for but is only used by a very small percentage of the teachers. The leadership doesn t seem to require enough accountability from the teachers and with a few exceptions, the teachers skate by with putting in minimal time. A lot of made of Grandview s athletic success, but it isn t always in a student s interest to attend a school with close to three thousand kids and a good football team. Unless you are a stellar athlete, you don t even have the opportunity to participate in athletics. The same is true of the theatre department it is the same dozen kids who are always being cast in the plays while the other hundred are expected to build the sets and act as support staff for the teachers appointed stars. Grandview needs to improve their ability to include and recognize all students instead of just the top 5% that helps them to look good on paper.
11/2/2008studentThis school offers great oppertunity. The teachers are amazing and there isn't major bullying. Most kids and groups keep to themselves. Dont get me wrong not everything is perfect here the biggest problem would have to be drug use. Kids talk about it alot. but teenagers will be teenagers. Also there is the all american rich pretty girls but they mostly keep to themselves. All around grandview is a great school.
10/14/2008otherI went to grandview all four years of high school and had the best opportunities and experiences that i'll ever have. The faculty is astounding, the classes are very helpful, the atmosphere is very warming, and the school spirit is incredible. This has got to be the best high school around. I kid you not. I'm not a big time 'school person' but i loved grandview.
8/29/2008studentIf a student wants to have a high level of success, Grandview provides the right tools for them to do so. It is really in the hands of the student, however that is what high school is all about! The tools are there and if the student uses them then Grandview is a great school.
5/12/2008studentI attend GHS and Im proud to say that this school is absolutely the best in the area. It contains its stuck up group but every school has that. For the most part, it consists of regular people of all races that interact with eachother. I'm a junior and I love it. The school excells in academics and athetics. We basically win everything. We are not stuck up and there are few that are 'rich white kids.' Don't be fooled by sterio-types. If your looking for a good school, you've come the the right place... GHS baby all the way
5/8/2008studenti love grandview! we are the best. and people dont like to except that. we are not all rich and stuck up. we work hard for what we want and what we have. our techers and principals and deans and everyone are awesome!! grandview is the best school.
4/24/2008studentGrandview High School does well in the academic area as well as the athletic area. I am a senior and these for years I have met stuck up people but hey, there will be those kids in every school. This school is a great school to go to before college. The teachers and staff is great. Even the security guards have a relationship with the students. The athletics are great, boys soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, and everyother sport excells highly every year. GHS is the BEST
4/15/2008studentTo the person who transferred from Smoky Hill, are you kidding me? I'm looking at the parking lot right now and I sure don't see many Hummers or Lexuses. Sure this school is in a nice neighborhood, but its the rich kids in the minority, not the kids of minority races.
4/15/2008studentTo the person who transferred from Smoky Hill, are you kidding me? I'm looking at the parking lot right now and I sure don't see many Hummers or Lexuses. Sure this school is in a nice neighborhood, but its the rich kids in the minority, not the kids of minority races.
4/1/2008studentEveryone thinks they are so cool and rich and they are very stuck up.
4/1/2008studentAs a graduating student of Grandview I have seen it all. This is an excellent school for the area and one of the best schools in the district. The staff is very nice and willing to help every student. I would not consider myself 'rich', or stuck up, but rather the average of all students in high school. If you read below you will see people bash Grandview, most likely because they are coming from a rival school in the area. I can guarantee no student drives a hummer there, its there wealthy moms and dads that let them borrow theirs for a day. Its not all about what you have or who your friends with. Grandview has a lot of diversity and just like in every high school you will have you separate 'groups' of people. Grandview is a great school, why else would it be rated so high?
3/22/2008parentMy daughter hated Grandview. She was a transfer from Smoky Hill and wanted to get better grades at Grandview. Grandview is a rich school, with a rich community of houses by it. When she drove her 2001 Toyota Camry,she was made fun of because she wasnt at the 'rich' standards of a Hummer, Toyota Hybrid, or a Lexus. She didnt like the 'stuck-up' athletes that bragged about how easy it was to win a championship even though they did nothing on the team. Alot of people she knew only went to Grandview just to win a championship because Grandviews good. They didn't care about academics, it was just all about winning. Thats why she doesnt like stuck-up people. Grandview's very biased towards mexicans & blacks. Supposedly because they arent 'rich' to the white people there.
11/26/2007parentBoth of my daughters graduated from Grandview. My eldest daughter was an excellent student and did quite well. My youngest daughter is dyslexic but the school and the faculty were very competent and helped her develop her stengths and become a very good student with excellent study habits. Both girls have gone on to college prepared are are doing well.
7/21/2007parentI found Grandview to be a disaster. While the environment was safe enough, the 'middle' student (in academics, athletics, etc.) was left behind, with little or no interaction from the staff. An academically motivated student will find their path anywhere; a less than stellar student should go to a highschool where the attention is equally divided. Very disappointed.
2/5/2007parentGrandview has been a wonderful school for my children that excelled in sports and for my academically advanced children. My one daughter that has learning difficulties has been left behind and the school does not go out of their way to enforce IEP's. They pride themselves on being academic and they fulfill that requirement but do nothing for the average or below average child to promote their education.
10/20/2006parentI love Grandview! My students are getting such a good education and are very athletic due to Grandview's amazing sport's teams! The principal really cares about student safety. I couldn't find a better school for my children.
3/31/2006parentGrandview High School offers a very exceptional learning environment in the Cherry Creek School District. It has rigorous academic standards and prepares each student for success in higher education.
2/22/2006parentMy son has been at Grandview for 3 years now and I think it is an excellent school. The opportunities they provide and guidance for future after school are invaluable.
2/13/2006studentThis is a very amazing school. My childs academics soared once they came to Grandview. They became more socail and more involved. My child found serveral activites that he loved at Grandview. I personal found the theatre program to be the best. Their athletics were also very good. The parent involement was also very high. I helped participate in several school events.
10/7/2005former studentNice school. Great students. Pretty good hot lunch too.
10/7/2005former studentNice School. Great students. Good hot lunch too.
9/29/2005parentGrandview has a great principal and staff. They are well educated and try to stay current with the latest trends. My favorite addition is Power School. You can track your childs progress for each class on line.
9/1/2005parentThis is one of the better high schools in the Cherry Creek District. The quality of academics is held to a high standard and taken very serious. Regardless of your childs interest this school has something to offer. In the experience I have had whether the level of interest is in athletics, academics, or performing arts there is something for every student.
8/23/2005studentHEY well i myselve still go to GHS and i have to say i LOVE that school this yr im a jr. so im so much more exprience....i do have to say it was a pretty hard school at first becouse i come from Prairie Middle School so i didnt have friends and i wanted to go back but Grandview tought me so many things and i met so many people i loved my Deans (and thats a surprise) Ms. Dodson is the best ever....i love Ms. Karlberge she was that best math teacher ever and well i really do recomond GHS WOLVES BABY ALL THE WAY..oh and we cant forget Wormal his so cool!!!
6/7/2005former studentAs a former student at Grandview, I had a great time. I must say I am very impressed. I didn't want to graduate because I had so much fun at this school. The teachers here, especially Mrs. Williams, are wonderful. They connect with the students so that there is not an academic relationship, but a friendship between the teachers and their students. I graduated from Grandview with a free ride into college because of Grandview's AP Program. I took several of these classes my Junior and Senior year and I loved them. Grandview gave me the challenge that I needed. The reason why I recomend Grandview to anyone who is motivated and ready to learn.
4/27/2005studentI feel that Grandview High School is a wise choice to send your kids to. Even though the CSAP score is a 29% it is still a very good school because that is only the average score. There are very bright kids and the front office is very helpful. The extracurricular activities are plentiful but the quality of them isn't that great. The principal is very friendly and he is very helpful and courteous.
4/27/2005studentThis is a very good school and I am pleased to go to it. The extra activities are really not that great or varied. There are many different people so nobody feels left out. It is kind of a new school, so I wouldn't expect it to match Cherry Creek High or other high schools. However, the teachers are very good and helpful. So is the principal.
3/30/2005studentThe quality of academic programs is awesome. They have a lot of honors classes and advanced placement classes which will help in their college years and may even give them some college credit. They have many extracurricular activities of all kinds including all sports and even juggling. The parent involvement is awesome as well.
2/11/2005former studentAcademic programs for the most part average. Parent money involvement is high but besides the regular PTO members you don't see many parents volunteering. Not the best place for someone who is an individual or creative. This school loves all the students to be cookie cutter or their labeled as troubled.
1/25/2005former studentWOW!!! What a school!!! Great in preparation for college I'm a graduate of G-Town and I'm black and I now have a 4.0 at CSU! I had only a 2.9 at Grandview but now as I am finising up my grad degree Grandview has me thinking that high school is tougher acidemically than college!
12/25/2004parentThis school is classified as an upper-class school; a school with nothing but preppy cocasions. But this isn't true. The student community is very diverse. Steryotypes state that blacks, asians, and other races are secluded and non-cared for. But I've a recieved a wonderful education and will be attending college next fall. I've been at Grandview all four years, I'm not popular and I never recieved trouble from upperclassmen. I've never been involved in any racial contraversy, there is none at this school. My English class is excellent. I have learned more then I expected and my teacher is truly dedicated. He told us how he takes home five hours of work every nite, because he really focuses on our work. He doesn't just grade our tests, he anylyzes them to tell us what we did wrong and help iprove instead of just moving on to the next. I recomend Grandview.
11/29/2004parentThis school, while wholesome in its acedemics, for the most part, is tragic. This is a wonderful school for children with great academic and artistic aspirations, as the art department is wonderful, but for children who have emotional troubles or trouble with friends, it probably isn't the right place.
10/21/2004parentI think Grandview High School is exceptional for a student that can handle the freedom of attending a school with over 3,000 kids that the administration can not control. My son did fine in middle schools where there was supervision. Then he attended GHS he got into skipping and drug use. The 9th grade was a disaster. The 10th grade wasn't much better. I was at GHS nearly every day. They call it a closed campus. It is not. My son and other kids walked past security every day. I begged for help from Cherry Creek Schools, to put my son in another school with more supervision where my son could be supervised and they told me they can't do anything until a child is in the 11th grade. They can't help at all.
9/16/2004former studentI was a student at grand view high school for the years 2003-2004 and I have to say that my educational life has improved far beyound my exspectations. The teachers were encouraging me more then my own family and thats hard to beat. Sending your student to this school will help them succed in a brighter future and living. Emotionaly, this school was comforting, and encouraging. The students, teachers, security, and deans all made this school what it is today. Most schools are just a building for learning. Grand View is a place you can learn, live, and feel safe. At Grand View, you're not just a student, your a person with a future that is waiting for you to embrace. Students who are not born learners and don't have easy understanding, the teachers are willing to learn about how you learn so they can teach so that you can succed.
8/28/2004parentGrandview High is one of Colorado's elite high schools. Many people stereotype it as a school full of ' extremly rich, stuck up, white people'. But many people don't look inside the school and see the other cultures that make up this school. The staff and faculty at Grandview are wonderful. Extra curicular actvities are marvelous. In addition, my oldest child recently completed the Grandview High School Advanced Placement program, in which he recived several scholarships for his academic achievemnt. Grandview is the school. It will give you the tools you need, and it has the staff that you can count on. I strongly recomend Grandview High School.
4/17/2004parentGreat school, academically challenging, good sports, mediocre music - vocal is better than instrumental. I have one daughter there now, and will have two this fall.
1/9/2004studentGrandview is an excellent high school that does an excellent job in preparing students for college courses. This school has an excellent sports dynasty and is strongly recomended.
12/2/2003parentExcellent school. I love the feedback I get from the teachers at the school keeping me current on how my child is doing. The teachers take great pride in their jobs. This is a very hard school academically, but well worth the effort. My son is learning a lot and is taking the harder courses.
9/14/2003parentGrandview is an extremely hard school. Finally, this year after getting it's name out there for academic excellence and excellent sports programs, it has gained the respect it deserves. The teachers care, the principal cares and the coaches care. They go above and beyond their job descriptions. I think Grandview has helped my children develope into mature, bright, compassionate adults.
8/26/2003parentI have two daughters at Grandview this year, and they love it. All the teachers have been hard working and we have been very impressed. We are both teachers so it is hard to impress us sometimes, but we are open enrolled in Grandview because it is shuch a good school!
8/25/2003parentGrandview is an academically challenging high school. The course choices are wonderful. There is something for everyone. This will be our 4th year at GHS. I have two students there. The kids take so much pride in their school. I'm sure a lot of schools do but it's exceptional at Grandview. As a parent you can't help but get caught up in it too. You couldn't ask for better teachers or principal. The kids truly like and respect Harry Bull, as do the parents. I just can't say enough about this school!
8/25/2003parentThis new school year (2003-2004) I have 4 children attending Grandview. I'm happy to say that there is a place for all of them both academically and with extracurricular activites. Grandview has been criticized for their heavy involvement with fine arts and I find it sad that anyone in our society today would take the energy to complain about this! The kids involved in the fine arts department are high acheivers and also very compassionate people, something our country could use a little more of! My hat is off to Grandview for allowing both sports on the field and talent on the stage to shine equally. The amount of parental involvement in Boosters and Patrons is a testimony to what a school can provide a child today. Keep up the good work Grandview!!
8/11/2003parentGrandview High School is a hard, difficult, challenging high school. It is mostly upper middle class with students who take pride in their school. To recieve an A, you must have a 92% or higher. Academics is of the highest concern but sports an other activities is encouraged and enjoyed by those who participate. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed the last 3 years there.Maintaining over a 4.0 grade point average and participating in field hockey, lacrosse and vollyball there. She has worked very hard for this and takes pride in herself for doing so.

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