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Sky Vista Middle School - Aurora, CO

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Sky Vista Middle School4500 S Himalaya Street
Aurora, CO 80015
(720) 886-47006-8ArapahoepublicCherry Creek 5 School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic63.55612009
Black, non-Hispanic14.50192009
Asian/Pacific Islander10.34052009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.756622009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Dr. Tony J. Poole2007

Students Getting Free LunchYear

4/28/2011parentUnfortunately I have seen this school go downhill. My oldest son went there 5 years ago and attended his 6th-8th grade. He had a great experience. However, when my middle son went there his 6th and half of his 7th, we started noticing unfair teachers who would talk about him with the other group of teachers giving him a bad name. Also the principal wouldn't do anything about a teacher who was lying to our son having him complete and assignment and then getting no credit. My son wanted to leave in the middle of the year because we were moving even though he had the option to finish out the year. Several of the teachers just don't seem happy and that reflects in their behavior towards students. Very Disappointing!
3/28/2011othersky vista is a terrible school! the older students are bad role models for the younger ones. They swear freqently. They never slove your problems. The teachers can care less if you fail. The sucuerity is terrible. They never motivate you to learn. There curriculum is awful. They think there should be no joy in a school day! If you go to this school you are just asking for punnishment! htey act like thaey are nice when they really are mean! Don't go to this school!
11/30/2009studenti went to thunder ridge and then went to sky vista. The kids here are horrible and disguisting.! They make fun of kids that they dont even know and are very mean. The 'popular' people would always call me mean names and would just be rude. My mother had a talk with the princepal but didnt even do anything.! Even the teachers are very mean. The make fun and pick on kids as well. The education is boring and noteven helpful. hunder ridge was a lot better. They took me in and liked me for who iwas not for who i had to be.!
10/11/2009parentGreat school!!!! Teachers are very friendly and very supportive. My son loves going to this school.
6/9/2009parentMy daughter went to Sky Vista in the sixth grade. Now she is hopefully (we might be moving) going to go there again for seventh grade! Sky Vista is a great place for 'young adults' [teens] to grow up at. The education is speechless and the atmosphere... man I can't even think of a word to describe it; because it is so marvelous! If I were to give anyone some advice for going to a middle school Sky Vista would be on the top of my list. I am not just saying all these good things about Sky Vista; because my daughter went there... I am saying this because I think every child should have possibilities and Sky Vista Middle School offers that literally 24/7!
5/22/2009studentIm a sixth grader at skyvista and I had nothing but pure fun and education time also the teachers are no joke you must study! Here at skyvista we are the highest ranked middle school in all of colorado because we are the one school that teaches parallell cirruculum. Here at skyvista there is nothing but FANTASTIC experiences!!!
1/8/2009studentI am apart of the first graduating class. I went there when It opened, and finished it out. This school was amazing! Teachers always made you go above and beyond. Now as a high school student I feel extremely prepared thanks to sky vista! Send your kid here they will have teachers that change their lives.
1/5/2009studentthis school is the best middle school in the aurora distarct the education is awesome and friendly teachers ans studans
10/23/2008studentSky Vista home of the nighthawk is a nice complex school that expects good and outstanding behavior. The staff makes shure the students actually sink in their learning. By the way im in sixth grade and the 7th and 8th graders are really nice to us new comers. As one of the newest middle schools in the District we are spik and span. I love this school i would highly recommend this school.
9/10/2008parentI've been in this school for 1 year and I love it here the teachers are so nice to the students. The food is really good it is better than Elem
9/2/2008studentI love this school! The teachers are so nice and funny and caring and helpful!The student body is wonderful to, every body cares about each other.
8/22/2008studentSky Vista has pros and cons to it. Con- They played favorites to much with the students who always raised their raised, had outstand personalities etc etc Pro-The teachers are asweome! They are the best, their friendly and deserve some recogoniction for all their hard work Con-Teachers always pick horrible subs. I remember sitting in class not learning anything because of subs Pro-4 Corner Stones I think sky vista is a well and organized middle school. Have your kid attend here.Theres many many memories that they will enjoy. They will have tons of fun, but know when work hard. I went all 3 years and am very proud i went there
4/24/2008parentMy son just started here and they are great. He previously attended Falcon Creek and I think that Sky Vista staff is much friendlier and more responsive. The teachers have been very attentive.
4/10/2008studentI have been at Sky Vista for the past 3 years and absolutly love it! I think that it is the best school. The teachers are all really friendly and are really young, so they are able to relate to the students more. They help in everything that they can. The principal also is awesome! He is so active in the school. He comes almost every sporting event, competion, etc. He is also very dedicated to what he does. The Parrallel Curriculum is also an awesome thing. When we are learning about something in Social Studies, we are also relating it to what we are doing in Science, Math, and Language Arts. If a student is behind or struggling, the teachers take the time out of their day to help that student so that they can better understand and get caught up. I love this school and recommed it to everyone!
9/15/2007parentThis school teaches kids the Parrallel Curiculum which believes in interconnecting classes. When they are talking about immigration in Social Studies they are reading and writing about immigration in Language arts. My son came here failing in school and now he is being recommended to take Honors classes in high school next year. It has high standards but it expects that all children be challenged and all kids are capable of working to an AP level. They do a lot of hands on activities including making power point presentations and this school is one of the most advanced in the district with technology and the kids and teachers are expected to use it on a daily basis. The last thing I love about this school is their blackboard program where you can log on and the teachers have posted all the classes for that week, with handouts and homework assignments.

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