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Dade Christian School
6601 NW 167th St
Miami, FL 33015
(305) 822-7690
private | PK-12
County: Miami-Dade


  School Head OfficialYear
Dr. Virtue2007
8/26/2012parentDCS is not what it used to be. Every year that goes by they get less and less registrations. I know many faculty members that have left because they do not agree with what is going on with the school & it's administration issues. The time my son was there from 3k to 1st grade but due to the economy, we had to take him out because we could no longer afford it. As soon as he hit public school, he was lost. He was so behind that it took 3 months for him to catch up. That was a shock for us and him as well. When almost every child gets Honor Roll and they all were getting straight A's, we found that fishy. But when he entered public school, it was confirmed to us. The curriculum is curved from day one to make it look like all students are getting excellent grades. And additionally, Wednesdays homework is light. Why? Because half the staff & kids volunteer/attend Bible study and Awana in the evening. Coincidence? I think not. I have a friend that took her kids out and placed them at Mater Gardens and her son suffered so much he was almost failing. Also have 3 friends go to American Heritage. One had to hire a tutor for a month for her son to catch up with their curriculum.
4/26/2012parentMy daughter will graduate from Dade Christian this year. She's attended this school since 6 grade. I have to say that the school is far more concerned about the money that it is about the emotional and religious health of their students. Too much importance is put in what they wear but not very concerned about the issues and/or problems that the students are facing. We lost our youngest daughter to cancer when my eldest was in 11 grade. She never got any help from any of the counselers, priests or teachers from the school. Her grades started to drop, yet nobody noticed that she was having a hard time dealing with her sister's death. Even after we personally talked to the Assistant Principal and asked him to look out for her as she was having difficulties, they still did nothing to help her grieve. We made the sacrifice of paying for a private christian school, thinking we were getting a rounded education that focus on instilling the Christian values in your kids. This is not the case at Dade Christian. Academically they are average at best, their Christian values are poor to say the least. dade Christian has been a real disappointment for our family. I am glad it is almost over.
6/24/2011otherAll I can say is wow! This school and church has undergone a dramatic turnaround. There is new construction going on, the facilities are upkept and the people are genuine. The administration and officers of the church have really stepped up to the plate in a big way. This school is a beacon of light in the community, no wonder they have been around for 50 years!
10/15/2009parentThis school has been a wonderful blessing for my child and our family. She has learned to read at such a young age! She has really blossomed here. I am so grateful to all of her teachers, administrators and staff.. Thank you...
6/29/2009studentwell the school is just amazing worship bible study and the kids work hard because its fun but the food is a little low on ratings beyond the food the school is the best in the us in my opinion
2/4/2009studentI currently attend Dade Christian school as a sophomore. Honestly, it is not such a bad school. There are problems here and there, but that is inherent of any school because no school is perfect; it is just a matter of the heart and ones attitude. I know what it is like to come from a bad school. There are plenty of people from DCS that are very genuine and good. As far as education goes, it is not necessarily first-rate but it is solid and much better than surrounding schools (I am speaking from experience). The athletic program is strong; we have very good football, cross-country, track and field, and soccer programs. We also have extremely strong extracurricular activities (36 people in FBLA are competing in states this year). In summary, I'm thankful that I attend DCS, but I do wish that more people who attend felt the same way.
11/1/2008parentThere is no other place like Dade Christian Schools. I graduated from Dade and because of it's excellent education I recieved several academic scholarships. My eldest also graduated from Dade and blessed to earn also several academic scholarships. However, what I am most grateful for is the nuturing environment and the active student life. No other school in Miami compares. Dade Christian Schools provide an excellent student life. As a school they organize fieldtrips and activities that both enrich students and unite them! This all happens due to great leadership at the school.
10/26/2008parentDCS was a good school way back when but it has changed alot and getting worse through the years,. Its all about money now, no christian leadership, They make money from detentions, they are detension happy now, Lunch prices are so high. You have to pay for sports, certain classes. The superintendent is a racist and has no tolerance or compassion for kids. As far as academics go, they might of been good in the past but my child no longer goes there and when I put him in another school he was way behind, I had to get a tutor to get him caught up. The money is not being used for the school because it looks the same since the school openend and computers are ancient and every year the tuition gets higher. 300 students left last year and more are leaving this year, I wonder why.
7/13/2008parentMy girls have attended DCS over the past 10 years since 3k. It has been by far the best sacrafice I could have ever made. The curriculum is excellent, the safe enviroment and family atmosphere, the teacher's & staff really love and are concern about the well being of your children and most importantly, they teach the love of Christ!!! Unfortunately, the sacrafice has become a burden and I can no longer afford to send my girl's to Dade Christian School but I am confident they will adjust well in their new schools with the strong solid foundation they were blessed to have received at DCS. The only constant thing in life is change and if you don't embrace it, you'll never know what else God has in store for you! We look forward to the new school year. Peace & Grace
4/14/2008parentI have two children that have been at DCS since 4K, the oldest is now in 7th grade. I feel they have received a great education so far. The teachers and administration truly care about the students as a whole< not just academically but also spiritually> Discipline is excellent, strong moral and Christian values in the curriculum. A very nurturing environment. Excellent security, athletics and many more positive things coming.
4/12/2008parentDade christian is anything but a christian school. They say one thing and do another. My daughter started there 3k was placed in one class, then ask to switch to another class with a new teacher starting with four students. First, lets start with the fact dean Mrs. Ramos lied and said I never came to open which I did. The new teacher was horrible most the time she would smile in your face and scream at the children. Second, the school is over come with nothing but spanish people every . you could bearly pass in the hall way because the everywhere. Culturaly diverse I aboustley not!!!!! Adminstration is lacking in several areas. Lots of favoritism especially if you are hispanic. My suggestion to every parent looking to enroll their child in this school. Look deep before you leap, you maybe surprise what u find.
2/27/2008teacherSchool is awesome - my kids were reading at age 4 - it was incredible and this school doesnt compare to the neighboring schools
2/27/2008parentGood school - very challenging - lots of searching discovered the school was the best in the area - very expensive but my kids scored extremly high on SAT
11/30/2007parentI was both a parent of a child attending and former alumni of this school. This school has completely spiraled downward in the past few yrs. After attending school here myself, I was highly disappointed. Good luck!
9/15/2007studentI am unhappy with my school. Overall the teachers and students are nice and provide good things, but in every one of my classes the teacher's are just too nice and the kids are waaaay too talkative. They don't ever control the kids. They just say 'Be quiet' but of course kids don't listen to that. Also, it's waaaaay overcrowded. People are called late because they can never get through to their lockers and I think that is so unfair. Overall, this school is not my second home.
8/18/2007parentI think that DCS is one of the best, if not far more better than most schools in Dade County. The school has implemented a high security system and now establishing an educational fund program to facilitate an education for the low income families. It is faith based and very caring. The future plans are to encourage sports and family values to the students.
8/4/2007studentThis school was the worst school i have ever heard of, seen, talked of. the high school is HORRIBLE, the teachers cared less and it was small. the high school part is small and we had no space. DONT GO TO DADE CHRISTIAN. ITS THE WORST EDUCATION EVER!
7/28/2007parentDCS academically is good for the average child. I am a very Christian person & have been greatly offended by the school's officials. As such, I have pulled my Elementary age kids from the school. Good luck!
7/14/2007parentDade Christian does not exhibit the ability to deal with situations at hand from a spiritual aspect, being that school is built on a Christian foundation.. The education system is okay, however, when looking at the administrative staff and the leaders, I believe some things need to be changed. This year some staff members(deans, pastors, & teachers) resigned or left and I really wonder why.
7/6/2007former studentAs a former alumni I must say that DCS is partly responsible for my success as an adult. I had the awesome opportunity to attend a place where people care about not only your academic abilities but your very soul. Being apart of the minority group was fustrating, however it gave me the ability to communicate and work with individuals of all backgrounds and nationalities. I am proud to say that I currently have my only child also attending school there in the hopes that the environment will be rewarding and have a lasting effect on her life.
2/21/2007parentMy child is in first grade & he s been there since 3 years old. I am really impressed with the teachers, staff, parents & the curriculum. The majority of the parents are very involved in the school in someway. If you need help with teaching & challenging your child then Dade Christian School is the place to be.
7/6/2006parentI feel that Dade Christian is a great school. My son started there in 8th grade and his grades have improved. His SAT scores every year have improved as well. I was comparing his public school SAT and he has come a long way. They are very strict and teach students morals and dignity. Their sports programs are very dedicated to assisting students to excel. They have a great baseball program and track and field program as well.
5/23/2006parentIn getting a tour of the school, I was truly impressed. They seem to have everything possible to challange your child's mind. The staff was warm and friendly and everybody seemed to know each other. Like a family type feeling. It was a warm atmosphere that I enjoyed observing and watching as I try to figure where I will start my 3 year old in PK3.
11/7/2005parentMy children have been attending since 3k and are now in 7th and 5th grade. The school is academically challenging and has a wholesome environment that makes parent and child feel special to be part of such a great school.
9/18/2005former studentIn all my years of being a student at Dade Christian I do not understand why they handle situations so poorly. I think Dade Christian is over rated.
9/6/2005parentSo far so good (just started 3K). Very professional, well organized, caring & loving staff. My child loves going there,and the enrichment classes are a big hit with her.
8/31/2005parentMy daughter is been going to DCS since 4K and it has been a great experience. Each child is encouraged to do their personal best and the teachers are highly skilled and work hard to bring out the best in each child. Academically is an excellent school and the christian foundation, you can't ask for anything better. Definitively, it was the best decision ever. Thanks DCS!!!!
8/12/2005parentI am a parent. Good school. Wonderful teachers. Nice balance.
7/13/2005former studentI owe my foundation and love of academia to Dade Christian Schools.
6/9/2005former studentVery good school. Small class sizes. Good acedemics, and extacurriculars.
4/29/2005parentThis school is great! my daughter started as a 3 yr old in their 3k class. Class size is 2to15. My daughter learned so much more than I thought she would. She took spanish, music, computers, & library. Parents are involved constantly either in parent activities or field trips. My 3 yr old learned at the level of 1st graders in the public school. This school is amazing but ofcourse the reason for that is the great teachers and staff that teach our children. Thanks dade christian school!
2/16/2005parentVery poor leadership. You would be hard pressed to find two worsest deans of students. They lack integrity, fairness, honesty and a desire to help the students. Because of this I question the schools ability to reconize the type of quality leadership that a school should have. The school still has retained some the quality teachers, but it has lost a number of them. Most of the new hires are new teachers. Meaning they have very little teaching experience.
12/22/2004parentOne of the premier private, Christian schools in Florida. Has been a leader in Christian schools for over 40 years. Earned an excellence in private education award from the governor's office. In 2004, graduated a Presidential Scholar, which is arguably the highest academic honor in the nation. Offers many programs for students of all ages, and provides a strong foundation spiritually.
12/3/2004parentBoth my children have been at Dade Christian for the past two years, one in elementary and the other in middle school. Elementary is very challenging especially in science and math which I am impressed with. Middle school was not very challenging in science the first year, but is looking better in the second year. Middle school offers prealgebra in the first year and algebra in the second year and honors english both years. Social studies in both elementary and secondary is good, the kids were able to participate in a mock presidential election on campus. The DCS Crusaders take a lot of pride in their sports teams. I am impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication shown by the coaches which is inspiring to the kids. The kids seem to like the lunches most of the times. The school's christian foundation provides a very healthy enviornment for each child.
5/25/2004parentMy son has been attending DCS since he was in 4-K. He's in the 5th grade now, so that is 7 years. The school has done an excellent job of giving him the basic skills he needs. Their program is very systematic and I am pleased with the way the curriculum advances from year to year. Each year my son has taken the SAT's, he has scored in the 9th stanine. The other programs there are also exceptional. My son has participated in elementary soccer, football, softball and band. The main reason I send my son to this school is because he gets grounded in Christian doctrine and is taught good morals and ethical conduct.
5/17/2004parentDade Christian is a good school, but they are more of private school than a school with a strong evangilistic outreach.
1/7/2004parentDade Christian is an excellent school. I love the small classroom environment. The academic level of this school is outstanding. My son is only in 4-K and he is already learning to read and write in cursive. Dade Christian is very family oriented and the children are growing up with traditional morals and values. This school is teaching what seems to be lost on alot of the kids today.
9/15/2003parentI believe Dade Christian is the best school in Miami. The principal is one of the most caring people I have met. The schools curriculum and environment cannot be beat.
8/22/2003parentExcellent superior school.

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