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Lamar Louise Curry Middle School
15750 SW 47th St
Miami, FL 33185
(305) 222-2775
public | 6-8
County: Miami-Dade


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8/17/2012otherIm a student here. Currently entering 8Th grade. I've been reading the reviews and their are many lies but many truths. The office staff does have an attitude but overall they get the things done. There are a few fights but you cant blame the school for that. I do the think the school is strict. They do have many after school activities and PTSA for the parents. The teachers are great and teach very well. I use to be in classes were kids weren't at the same level as me and here they have 3 academic levels so if your not regular and not gifted there's still something for you advanced. I truthfully love this school. Parents if your having doubts about the school, don't because this is a perfect school.
6/24/2012otherThe school is GOOD. Not great. There's a lot of drugs and fights after school. I'm a very good student and I don't participate in those events but even I get offered to smoke. Make sure to talk to your child about drugs and major troubles because they WILL be dealing with it. I'm a 7th grader now and I've dealt with a lot of cyber bullying from some kids. There can be very HORRIBLE kids at that school. Warn your child about ignoring them. On the side of staff's ... the cafeteria staff is ok. If you don't have any money in your account then you can't eat. You can't sit where you want. You can't stand up to say hi to a friend. Nothing. The administration gets you in trouble for whatever is on their mind and it gets very annoying. Some parents in this review say its an EXCELLENT school but that's because they're not a student and don't really know exactly what goes on. So now you know from a students view how Lamar Louise Curry MS really is.
5/5/2012parentMy son is finishing the IB MIddle Years program at Curry and I could not be happier. In the three years he has been here, he has absolutely flourished. The school has given him the support and encouragement to grow emotionally and academically. He is surrounded by a great group of kids and I am always pleasantly surprised at the group's cohesiveness and congeniality. At a time when bullying and violence are on every teen parent's mind, I could not be more grateful to the incredible teachers, involved parents and wonderful kids at this school. My son is a confident, kind, happy, and well-adjusted teenager with a brilliant future, thanks, in great part to this fantastic school. Thank you, Lamar Louise Curry, for supporting the values we cherish and uphold at home. I will always be grateful.
4/15/2011parentreally are you that shallow that all you think about is a field trip??? what free field trip. This school is on of the best Middle schools Miami dade has to offer. the administration is always plesant and dissolves issues quickly. they help the students and keep a strict policy. for bullying and uniforms. they tutor there students before and on saturdays for students who didnt get great grades on the fcats. Most of the teachers teach the kids with respect. They will always be a odd teacher at every school. At least this school tries, they dont just push the kids through. Every school in Miami can improve on something but at least at this school it isnt a major issue. My girls are graduating this year too and they went on a field trip and have there prom in a few weeks. yes they probally coutd have done a fund raiser to raise money for the trips etc... but in the end it is just gonna cost us anyway... I have one more child going into curry next year, and with the boundry change for that stupid K-8 they want to build we are at risk to go to hammocks middle, now that is a bad school....
4/14/2011parentVery sad to say that Lamar is just going down the hill with this new administration. The new Principle is nothing compare with Ms. Montano that was always caring and making the right choice for her students.
3/31/2011teacherTo the person who blogged before.... Not wanting to pay for a field trip and expecting for the school to pay is ridiculous! Pay for it yourself! i have never heard such a thing in my life. Why should they pay for your kid??
3/3/2011parentMy son has been to this school for 3 years and is graduating. HE NEVER EVER got picked for a free field trip. Dont go to this school if your son/daughter likes field trips and you dont want to pay.
2/7/2011otherbleh... go to doral academy. i trranfered there, teachers are good, students get bullied, and the staff just doesn't care.
10/8/2010parentBoth of my sons have gone to this school and my youngest is still here. I have never had any problems with this school and the system is working because both of them are and have learned so much. I do agree with another parent that the office staff has some attitude going on. I also see that the school is strict but I feel that the kids need the strict rules--its worked so far so dont change it. I do agree with another parent about the after school activities--there needs to be more involvement. Keep up the good work Curry!!!
8/23/2010parentI have had a very good experience with my son in this school, I think teachers and the rest of school staff are doing a great job! Congratulations!
8/22/2010otherOverall, it's a great school, the teachers are great, and it's fun going there. My only complaint is that they are a little too strict, I understand that enforcing rules makes the school better, but sometimes they go overboard. They could at least let you sit wherever you want in the cafeteria, sometimes kids have to sit by themselves because the security won't let you sit wherever you want, and if you're in line with a friend ad you're waiting for them to get their food, the security people will scream at you to go sit down. I don't see the point in this because you are not slowing the line down or standing in the way of other people.
1/23/2010studentIt's an OK school, not worth making a big deal over. It deserves more of a C or B instead of an A. The office staff are rude and have a 'I-hate-being-here' attitude. The teachers are okay, I would have to say that Mrs. Cardenas is possibly the nicest teacher. For you parents out there, I do not recommend signing up your kids for their IB program unless you are POSITIVE they can take it. My best memory of that place was when I switched schools in the end of the second grading period, haha. The French teacher is nice, being in her class was a blast. Not only did she make class fun, she doesn't overload you with homework or classwork, she lets us watch movies sometimes, and the atmosphere in that class is just so cheerful and happy. Sometimes it has a stressful curriculum, but mostly its okay. Sincerely-Z
12/4/2009parentMy daughter is in the 8th grade in the IB program and we couldn't be any happier. We always recieve all the information that we need to know in regards to everything that goes on in the school. I specially like the fact that they inforce the children with their uniforms, because I the children go to school to prepare themselves for tomorrow not to go show off or model. I have never had a problem getting in contact with the teachers, counselors and administrative staff, I have never had an issue. My son just entered the in the 6th grade in the IB Gifted and I couldn't be any happier with the school and its curriculum. I feel that the curriculum really prepares them for when they go to HS.
11/25/2009studentIts a great school it may seem a bit strict but the schools curriculum is just fantastic, so many clubs, electives, it may sound boring but its not there are many choices for this school.If your child goes to this school your child will have better chance on going to a great collage than any other public school, well that is only my opinion, If you dont believe me than look at the rate on the school, amazing! -student
8/17/2009parentI think this is a Great school however, the website is horrible it provides no information to help with incoming 6th graders. Other middle schools that are not A schools provide information for parents and new students. This school does not even allow parents to be able to email administrators nor teachers, it does not even give you their email address. Why is this school so behind on this matter. I thought you were one of the best in Miami Dade.
8/3/2009studentAll the parents think its a great schools, because they dont actually go there. The teachers dont teach you anything. They just make you read. And when you dont understand they get mad. All of them are the same. I am an 8th grader in that school and ive been in it for all these 3 years. The counseling is crappy, all they do is threatend you. They dont care about your problems and they overreact for stupid things. The classrooms are small, and children cant even choose where to sit in there lunch/break hour. They are assigned to a seat. For lunch! the only time they ge to relax and talk to your friends. They are so strict that they walk around in lunch and do random checkups to see if your shirts tucked in. And if its not, then you get suspended. Parents may like the strict in the school, but imagine if you were a child in this school.
7/10/2009studentThe school is O.K i guess its like any other new school.
7/9/2009studenti hate the school to death.i think its to strikt and the teachers are mean, but if you get a good teacher you will learn something
5/27/2009parentGreat school with very dedicated principals, counselors, and ofcourse teachers. IB program is great, I just which the school system would have more money to bring back soccer and maybe be able to offer more sports.
5/12/2009studentLamar Louise Curry is the best school I have attended so far.
4/20/2009parentI have to say that I love the school but the website does not provide any inoformation whatsoever. It does not inform future 6th graders what to expect or of an open house date so they can see the school. It does not even allow you to email a teacher directly from the site.
10/1/2008parentMy child just started 6th grade at this school. Unfortunately my child is on the third change of classes and we are only 6 weeks into the new school year. He is dissapointed because just when he is acustomed and comfortable with his classes and schedule he gets transferred to another class. You would think that by now they would be settled down.
9/24/2008studentI love this school! I just entered this year in sixth grade, and all the teachers are s nice and i have made a lot of new friends!
9/5/2008studentI love this school. It is awesome.
8/25/2008parentThis is the second year my daughter goes to this school, and I am very happy. It is like a private school, great teachers, great security. I hope that the new Principalis as involve as the previous one. I use to see her every morning with the kids, she was definitely hands on. I just hope this one is the same, the kids still haven't officially met her or seen her, just by picture.
8/22/2008studentAwesome school, teacher were awesome and very well prepared. I had 2 wonderful years there, I really going to missed it,
6/2/2008studentamazing school with wonderful teachers, overall very good. i had a wonderful 3 years at curry and im going to miss it terribly
2/28/2008parentMy son studied here (3 years) and overall, great school, great principal, great teachers. He has really good memories of Curry. The environment is like if your son is in a private school. I rate it with a huge 10!!! Mrs. Guzman
7/19/2007parentI do not have any negatives from this school on the contrary very good in overall, my only suggestion; I hope after school extracurricular will be carried out soon on this school.
7/18/2007parentGreat school, but too many kids per class, the classes need to be reduced.
9/21/2006parentI would like to take a moment to thank all the teachers and staff with Lamar Curry middle, for making open house such a pleasant event. I am truly proud to have my daughter attending your school. I hope that she is able to pick up on the spirit that all of you hold. Thanks again and keep up the good work.......PS ..Mr.Obrer better known as Mr.O, is a total keeper. I am a friend of the family and honestly the students are lucky to have someone who cares so much! I can't say it enough you guys are fantabulous!
9/24/2005administratorThis is a wonderful school, high standards.
9/4/2005studentThis school is great! It has good teachers, staffs, and students!
8/19/2005parentI have not yet had an opportunity to visit the school, but I have talked with my 6th grader at length. I've also reviewed the school handbook and kept a close eye on the website. She appears to be very happy with the school, teachers and her first opportunity to participate in elective courses. I have submitted my application to join the PTA and look forward to meeting Curry staff as well as other concerned and involved parents.
7/5/2005parentSo far..this seems to be a great school. They are strict with uniform policy.
5/1/2005parentThe academic level of the school is very good. It has a baccaulerate program and many of its students are in either gifted or advanced classes. The Math and Science teachers are very skilled and challenge the students in a variety of modes. For example, each nine weeks, the students have to develop a hands-on science project. The school is very safe and the student population has not experienced any drugs or gangs in the two years it has been opened. The art and music programs are good and the Principal is very involved with the students, teachers and parents. As a new school, however, it has a limited number of extracurricular activities, but more are being added each year. The principal also does not support field trips too much, but advocates in-school activities year round that involve parents and students.
4/22/2005parentGood school by what I can see. Teachers have been responsive to me concerns and request.
12/8/2004parentMy daughter began Curry this year, and I have been thrilled with the enthusiasm and warmth of the principal and counselors. I could not ask for more responsiveness or organization.
6/2/2004parentThis is the first year this school is in operation. I want to caongratulate the Principal, Ms. montano and all of her staff and faculty for an effort that has surpassed all our expectations. My son is very happy and has learned a lot this year. In addition, he has felt a sense of security and attention that he was lacking in his previous school.

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