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Norland Middle School
1235 NW 192nd Ter
Miami, FL 33169
(305) 653-1210
public | 6-8
County: Miami-Dade


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/20/2011otherthis school is inapropriate always has food fights and fights the staff doesnt do anything its unsanitary i dont call this a school its so horable i dont know what to call it.
3/3/2011otheri am a student here and i am a part if norland middle schools drama magent maybe if some of your chlidern were making thearts this wouldnt happen my school is a B school ther has not yet been a fight but i will stand for this dicrimation against my school this is very disrespectful but the teachers are great and communcate with us very well thank you *th grade student class of 2011 and a proud drama student of Mrs. Tanisha Cidel
5/11/2010parentNorland middle is a great school the magnet is so awsome it is traeted like highschool. the reason it is not 5 stars the food and the enviroment is not that good but it is all right . they get highschool credits whoile in middle school. that program is about the best middle school in the whole dadecounty. if you didn't already try it you need to t is faaaaaantastic
4/28/2010parentI agree.....very poor teachers lack of teacher student communication. Too much violence in this school and way too much bullying....way too much, school should be closed!!!
3/30/2010parentThis school is a horrible school!!.. I had to transfer all 3 of my children out of this school because they would come home complaining about the teachers doing completly nothing about the constant bullying and threats. I defenintly would not recomend this school to anyone! If I were you I would get my hcild out of this school now! their is cursing every where you go, no respect, and the staff doesn't help the students... They should really shut this school down!
1/11/2010studentnorland middle school is a great school its nice the bathrooms are nice and the behavior at the school is ok. the privileges the students receive is alright i mean the uniforms are fine just that some students including i think that we should be able to add some things like a little bit of color and style things like that but over all its ok..
7/30/2009studenti think norland middle is a great school. they have excellent teahers great facukty and staff too. norland middle is full of activities to keep us occupied.. and we love are teachers
6/1/2009studentI am currently attend NMS i am in the seventh grade attend here for sixth and plan on being right here for 8th it is a great school i have learned to love everybody not just because i know most of he people but it ha a great educational plan their strict on education which they should be i love! Norland and nothing will influence me to stop.
2/26/2009studentI attend Norland Middle School , currently i am in the 7th grade been here since the 6ty plans on being her for 8th. This is a great school everybody is so friendly. Th teachers and faculty are very nice. Norland has an excellent education plan . They also are very strict on the mandatory uniform policy.
12/25/2008studentThis is my first yr. At norland middle.This is like a home away from home to me.Some kids thing that the school dont care about them but to me this is a very very good school.The staff try there best to teach us in the coolest way they could but some kids take advantage of that and make the teacher mad.The security guards are always trying there best to stay alert and keep us safe.It works let me tell you that.This yr there was a bomb threat and it was from a stranger.We settled that in less than 2 hours.We stayed on track through the rest of the day.So mostly I love this school no-matter what bad rumors goes around!
10/4/2008studentI currently attend norland middle school. I am in the 7th grade and ive been there since the sixth. I plan to attend next year as well. I know this school in and out. I also know all of the faculty and staff. Norland does it best to make sure every student feels like its our home away from home. I mean, because of the location, we aren't physically protected. A majority of the school are african-american kids and because of this, people automatically label us as slow, disabled....Etc. As a result of this we feel careless to learn. We feel like who cares about us? The teachers only come to get a paycheck. But overall,the school is well rounded and its magnet is very well disciplined. The bathrooms may not be clean but it is more than a great enviornment to learn. And our administration is also good.
5/10/2008studentAt the school the student behavior and academic levels are low. Although this is true currently in a magnet and gifted I find the school OK though I find some problems with believing I am completely safe due to huge happenings such as food fights and many bad influences around school.
12/30/2007studentthis is my last year at norland middle. i have attended this school since the year 2004, since the sixth grade. this school is a great school. Even though we might sometimes have flaws but what can i say every child has their days. I mean 1400 students there is never going to be a day where every student is satisfied. The schools advantages is thy dont begin until promptly 9:00am and it has one of the best magnet students. dont judge the school by what you heard things change give it a chance. you will never know untill you try. yeah and people say its the students, you can stop all that right there thats a negative;lets say you dont beleive me all you got to do is tell your child to choose his freinds. i give this school a 8/7 of10!
6/19/2007studenti went to norland from the sixth to the eighth grade, and i can honestly say that its an 'OK' the only problems at that school is that there is a lot of rumors that go about the students and most of the time, the teachers and faculty dont do anything about until something big happens.
3/22/2007studentI believe norland is a very good school. I go to norland middle and the teachers are great and also the staff.. Its very clean and well runned..
6/16/2006parentLow parent involvement in the school.
4/20/2006parentgreat middle school. teachers are very well equip to prepare the students for high school.
7/27/2005teacherGenerally a good school, they are trying thier best to improve school grades and ratings. The teachers are involved and helpful. The school is a bit overcrowded and old but they have added 2 new annexs. I would like to see more electives. Overall I would say the school is average to above average.
11/27/2004former studenti Liked this school a lot. The classes are easy learn in and its fun. I think most kids prefer to learn at school they enjoy and thats how I felt about norland. i dont care what nobody has to say about it's past, it is'nt that way anymore, and that school the realist one i've been to.
11/18/2004parentThe administration at this school has been inadequate the last three years. Administration is lazy and 'Juvenile' in methods of operation. Students are on their own! No one seems to take their job seriously these days.
9/18/2003otheri am a student and i attend this school. this is school is real good when it is time to get down to business we are right there. as far as the principal goes she is great. we are a mandatory uniform school

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