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Bleyl Middle School
10800 Mills Rd
Houston, TX 77070
(281) 897-4340
public | 6-8
County: Harris


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11/5/2011parentMy daughter has attended Bleyl since 6th grade and currently is an 8th grader. I am very pleased with the teachers and staff. No school is perfect, but I can't say one bad thing about this school. My daugher has excellent teachers that have pushed her and kept me informed when I needed to be. Overall good school.
9/15/2011parentMy son has been at Bleyl for three years and I worked in the lunch room for two, I have yet to find a woodshop, are you sure you are talking about Bleyl. As far as I know only the high schools in Cy-Fair school district have wood shops.
5/11/2011parentI do not want to sound like a broken record(for those of us that can remember records) but I have found the staff to be less mature and more sarcastic than the students they are there to role model.The children are treated like criminals at a detention center.I have found that the majority of the "teachers" are so burnt out that they should have long ago retired. I realize that it must be an extremely difficult job trying to instruct kids at this challenging stage of there lives ...but for crying out loud.THIS IS THE FIELD YOU CHOSE! I will say that if Blyle Middle school l is any indication of the dirrection society is headed in ,much prayer is needed. My children will NOT be attending next year.
1/27/2011parent I am very disappointed, the officer is very sarcastic and disrespectful, my son had an accident ( really he felt someone pushed him when he was with his head down) and lost two fingers in his wood shop class, the teacher is a negligent ,in the same day another kid lost half a finger, just two hours before.NOTHING HAPPENED TO HIM he came back and still working there. The vice principal pulled my kid to the his office and tried to induce him to say that maybe he made the mistake, they told us that the school did not have camera in the classroom ,fact that we evidence that was not true, they have ,but now they say that the camera was not on!!!!!. The rest is going to the court... Please don't put you kid there, my son is mutilated now and the school did not offer no support to us and they are trying to make everything to get rid themselves of the responsibility we cannot process public schools and teachers for the law of Texas. DISGUSTING!!!!!
1/11/2011otherI go to this school, and it's not HALF as bad as it sounds...there is the occasional fight every now and then, but other than that...everything is perfect here! I dn't think we need to change a thing!
7/28/2010parent4 years total at Bleyl with son and daughter. Very disappointed. Weak principals and school leadership. Sarcastic and poor teaching and coaching staff. Children came to this school from an excellent elementary school (Yeager). Encountered episodes of bullying that were poorly handled for my daughter in 6th grade. Several day's when the bus had to return to school for misbehaving students. Decided to pull our daughter out of Bleyl because of poor academic programs. We felt there was too much focus on crowd control and less focus on creating good a good learning atmosphere.
12/16/2009parentSecond year at the school. Last year I was disappointed in sarcastic and disrespectful teachers. But none of that this year. Greatest education staff and a safe school. My child has no bullying issues or stressful issues. Even the bus rides are fun and incident free. This makes Bleyl an amazing learning atmosphere.
12/9/2009studentI think the school is ok im new to this school but i think its awsome its alittle hard but a great school.
8/20/2009studenti think bleyel is a great shcool a little weired but nice
5/25/2009parentHave had a good year despite renovation. In fact, the atmosphere is so friendly that renovation has not posed a major problem to the campus. The principal is always visible and accessible and AP's and counselors care about kids and keeping the school safe. Good programs, extracurriculars, and strong academics.
4/7/2009parentLots of good programs. AP's and counselors really care about kids. Very good teachers. Have had a good year including renovation.
3/8/2009parentSome of the Ap's are not very kind. Great school and very nice teachers. Lots of things happening this year
1/24/2009studentthis aschool has alot of disipline problems but overall the teachers are great and the whole image is i guess average.....
11/11/2008parentI'm sure there a some good people in mix but I am appalled at the incidents of staff and teachers speaking sarcastic to parents and students. While I prefer a strict school by far, the tone used here is disrespectful. They want their rules to be esteemed while lacking any common courtesy for their parents and students.
10/15/2008parentBleyl was a very good school in the past, but it has slipped this year. Maybe it is the construction, maybe it is the leadership, but it is not the school it once was. There are great areas - band, choir, and some very good teachers, but the school is just average overall. Hopefully once construction is finished there will be a new attitude at the school.
7/6/2008parentBleyl is one of the older schools in CFISD but is getting a total renovation beginning this year. Despite its age, it has lots of school spirit, tradition, strong teachers, and great kids. Parents are highly visible and are very active volunteering all over the school. There is very little teacher turnover and that is due to the principal' who has worked hard to build a cohesive staff dedicated to student success. My child has had some of the best teachers he's ever had ever. The band is one of the best in the state, earning top honors this summer in area and regional contests. Great school = good kids + great teachers + involved parents! Thanks, Bleyl!
2/18/2008studentI like this school because the teachers are very good the school fine in fact its getting a renovation this summer! Yea there might be disciplinary problems but not the whole school just some of the kids.
12/3/2006parentHave heard this was a great school, but I have not found this to be so. Lots of discipline problems. Not very good programs with kids with learning/behavior problems. I don't want my kids going to this school anymore. We are moving to the Klein or Woodlands areas.
2/12/2006parentWould give overall rating closer to 4 except principal is leaving at end of year. Experience for 2 children there was mostly positive. Building is one of the oldest in district. Will be upgraded in next few years.
6/28/2005parentBleyl may not be much to look at from the outside, but once you get inside the building, you realize that you are in one of the finest junior high schools in the Houston area. The good news is that Bleyl is getting a major renovation within the next year or so. There is a high level of parent involvement and the teachers are great!
5/9/2005teacherThe teachers are great at this school. I feel the district limits the ability of the teachers by restricting their curriculum. I feel like my child received a good education here but that they could have received so much more if the teachers had more free reign.
3/31/2005studentThis school is accidemically challenged. They are having a lot of problems with dicipline.

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