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River Oaks Elementary School
2008 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX 77019
(713) 942-1460
public | PK-5
County: Harris


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/3/2011parentMy daughter attended REO 2 years ago >> Iwas happy to see how involved the PTO was and all other parents hepling and partisipating in all activitities
11/2/2010otherI am an alumni of this school, and I can say that it is the BEST elementary school that I've ever known of! The teachers and parents are really involved and they want you to succeed.
4/11/2010parentIncredible new principal hired in 2009; fantastic teaching staff and wonderful children. We live in the neighborhood and many of our neighbors are sending their children here and are all very happy.
10/30/2009parentRiver Oaks Elementary simply has the best teachers and staff. All the students are treated like the individuals that they are and they thrive in the environment of encouragement, mutual respect and high self expectation!
10/30/2009parentROE is a wonderful school with great teachers, staff, students and parents all working together to provide an excellent environment for learning.
10/29/2009parentterrific IB Program, teachers, & staff
10/29/2009parentAmazing staff + supportive parents = a school filled with happy learners:)
10/29/2009parentROE has an excellent Vanguard and IB program. The teachers are very caring, knowledgeable and best of the best.
10/27/2009parentWe entered ROE in 1st grade, having moved from another state. We were not even considering public schools until we heard about ROE. Although our son was accepted to the private school to which we applied, we opted to go with ROE. We are so happy with our decision. We have been very impressed with the curriculum as well as the level of staff commitment to the children. I'd have to say that the level of parental involvement at ROE is what helps to keep the standards so high.
2/10/2009parentThere isn't a better school for elementary/primary years in the city of Houston. The only other elementary school that can compare to it is St. John's. The academic and international baccalaureate program at ROE are simply phenomenal. If you are lucky enough to get a spot here, thank your lucky stars.
9/3/2008parentI have been at ROE for two years now. Everything, believe it or not, has been wonderful. My child has been challenged and he has felt loved. He has had to measure to a higher standard, of course, but I would expect that and am glad for it. He took the challenge to learn and grow, and with lots of help from caring teachers and staff, he did. I couldn't be more grateful for what this organization has done for my children.
5/4/2008parentPlagued by the same insane emphasis on testing as every other public school, so the kids end up feeling constantly judged and measured, rather than challenged and treasured. The teachers have been fine, especially the science teacher is a favorite; but the principal doesn't appear to possess the tact, manners or true sense of respect that are necessary to serve as a role model. I feel sorry for the teachers because it is hard to work for someone who is heavy on criticism and fails to see the forest for the trees.
10/11/2007parent This school once employed the best teachers in Houston. The school has lost all of it's creativity and now promotes 'thinking outside the box within our parameters' teaching. If you look beyond test scores there is not much to impress. Vanguard level teaching and thinking is almost nonexistent.
6/22/2007former studentThis is the absoulute best school you could ask for. I just ended my 6 years there, and I couldnt have asked for anything more! The teachers are totally listening to your concerns, and anyone can tell that they care about you and your learning expierience. The school is SUPER pretty, and has a diverse amount of students. I love River oaks!
10/24/2006parentROE is the best elementary, public or private, in Central HISD. The huge problem is the principal. The IB program, in general, is a great tool; however, IB dictates too much of the curriculum and it doesn't support the individual needs of the teachers. Teachers know what their classes need more than a shake-and-bake IB curriculum. The principal supports IB over teachers input.
5/11/2006parentI've had 2 children at this school since 1999. I have had positive experiences with both children. Our younger daughter has experienced some problems in the classroom, but both the teachers and administrators have been willing to work with us to address her difficulties.
5/8/2006parentAwesome school with great teachers and wonderful involved parents. You couldn't ask for a better elementary school
1/20/2006parentThis school is rated high with regards to Vanguard status, test scores, and their IB program, and after school program. However, this school has an unusually large amount of flaws. The school policies are vague and often times confusing and contradicting. It is a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. You could get three different answers on something depending on who you ask, be it the teacher, the Prinicpal, or office staff. The communication is the worse I have ever seen. I don't think this school lives up to the hype. I would not recommend shuffling your child across town. They are treated like they are in boot camp having to walk in the halls with their hands on their heads or behind their backs. The Principal will always side with the teacher even if they break code of ethics.
11/4/2005parentROE has both 'neighborhood' and Vanguard (gifted and talented) classrooms. Most students come from highly educated and/or middle to upper middle class families. One of the outstanding features is the high level of involvement by individual parents. In addition, the PTO is well-organized, sponsors an extensive after school program with enrichment classes, and raises serious funding for technology upgrades, teacher training, and the library. Considerable remodeling and building are underway. No school is perfect, but ROE strives for excellence, and has high standards for student achievement and behavior.
8/21/2005parentThere are some great programs at the school. Some great teachers, however the principal continues to retain some of the poor teachers dismaying alot of parents. My comments are not based upon 1 or 2 parents, but many many parents. Too much emphasis on the Odysey of the Mind program. Adds no value to the majority of the population. There is just a small sprinkle of African American and hispanic kids. The strong teachers are strong. The principal has spent too much time on the construction project and needs to do better job evaluating her staff.
6/22/2005parentThe academic programs at River Oaks Elementary is excellent. The IB program recently implemented has created a climate of global awareness and cross-curriculum connectedness that is inspiring to the students. Free violin lessons are an amazing perk, saving me $5400. Parents are encouraged to be involved at whatever level of commitment they are able to make.
5/10/2005parentMy son is about to graduate from ROE, which he has attended since elementary school. His favorite activity outside of classes was Odyssey of the Mind. The school has an excellent OM program. Academically it is challenging. I especially like Ms. Price (3rd), Ms. Nelson (5th) and Ms. Paris (1st). The rest of the staff is great too. The building is a great old structure and they are about to expand the library and some other areas. Parent involvement is superb, I have really enjoyed getting to know these people. I have never regretted choosing River Oaks.
5/3/2005parentThis is a fantastic school. The most important feature is the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, but this and other innovative aspects of the school are the result of very extensive parent involvement and close cooperation among teachers, administrators, parents and students. Because this is a Vanguard school with high demand, the students and their families come from all over the city. The children are exposed to a very wide cross-section of Houston's population (as measured by income or ethnicity), but that cross section is united by a very strong commitment to education. The organized after-school programs are very extensive, as are the extracurricular activities like Odyssey of the Mind.
4/26/2005parentGreat School with tremendous parent involvement. Afterschool program is excellent.
1/10/2005parentROE is a great school we are finishing our 5th grade year this year. Overall I think my daughter is well prepared for middle school. As with any school some teachers are good and some are bad. We have seen alot of turnover in 5 years. Overall I would choose this school again. I think the afterschool program is expensive for what it is and the homework instruction they provided is poor. I helps to stay involved with the childs class/teacher.
6/4/2004parentNot a strong parent body. Very good PTO, however. They raise a lot of money to make possible what the district should be providing but dosen't. Although leadership seems lacking and there is no one to go to when problems exist in the classroom. Very quick to send unhappy parents away instead of making teachers/staff accountable for what they do and don't do in the classroom.
5/10/2004parentWhile ROE is a terrific school, it is slowly migrating to its former lilly white anglo student body. The value in diversity has been lost on its vanguard coordinator and the administration. The end result will be students leaving ROE will have problems getting aclimated and assimilating into middle and high school with a more diverse population. Society as a whole is the big loser. The school needs to remove several teachers whom have outward expressed in their actions racial bias. Unfortunately, the principle has failed to remove remnants from past administrations whom are still occupied with not wanting in particular African-American kids in their classes.
1/7/2004studentThis school is wonderful .It has the best teachers.
10/10/2003parentI think this is a wonderful magnet school they give children from all over the chance to succeed academically by using the Vanguard program! Top notch teachers, students and parents!
7/12/2003parent this school should do more for the rapidly growing Asian population. parent pamphlets and notices should be printed in Hindi, Gujarati and Vietnamese. Additionally the Asian students almost always get left behind in this school as the english programs are more geared for the hispanic kids. this is not fair, and the PTA should also do more to attract more Asian parents

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