Eureka Springs, Arkansas 

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Reviews for Eureka Springs  based on 9 Reviews

Get to know Eureka Springs with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs - livin here - 8/12/2015
Visited as tourists since 1980. Bought a victorian here in 2015. Thought this was awesome. Turned out awesome on the negative scale. House that old certainly needs work (built in 1880). My dad told me always to hire a professional. He was right.

Victorians need a lot of paint normally. 5-10 years a redo is necessary. And, if you change the color, you get to go in front of the city and plead your case. Their charter is to retain as much as possible the actual "look" of your house. Tourist interest you know. Oh, my, I have major work to get done to the house...what ever do I do?

There are many folk that do such work in the town. Problem is, they must be licensed by the city. And, for any work outside a home on the historical route, they must obtain permits to perform same. I have had crews do work for me only to have them demo, then split, only to find they were not licensed or pulled permits...then the inspector will show up and determine what ever fine is Read More

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same sex couples - 10/1/2012
My girlfriend and I are planning to relocate to the area. Is the area accepting of same-sex couples? Thanks! - Read More
Kali | ,  | Reply | 2 Replies

living in Eureka Springs - 9/15/2011
Can anyone tell me what it is really like living there? Thank Read More
IDaveZ | ,  | Reply | 2 Replies

living in ES? - 9/15/2011
Can anyone tell me the reality of living there? Artist/musician would like to Read More

The Most Charming City - 6/30/2011
We travel a lot and find few places that are as Charming as Eureka Springs,
Arkansas. It sets in the Ozark Mountains,with Beautiful restored Victorian homes. The Shops are filled mostly with local Art.
And then to top it off you have the Rivers, Lakes, Caves & Nature everywhere.  Read More

I Love Eureka Springs - 6/27/2009
I have been 3 times now over a span of 10 years. Little has changed about the place. It has a certain aura about it. I always feel welcomed and "at home". Tourism and "real world" meld well together. We were married there last year at Angels Amoung Us B&B and stayed a week on the White River at CanUCanoe. Visited Turpentine Creek Rescue. And of course the unique shops and resurants that line the town. It is a beautiful, well kept and clean city. Each spring (well) has been landscaped, as well as the shops and homes. Its just a great place. You do forget the outsidwe world when you are Read More

town - 4/14/2009
great Victorian Read More

what a neat place - 3/27/2009
It is both small town and cosmopitan at the same time. A great place for culture as it is an artist community. We have a vibrant night life as many musicians live here as well. It is a diverse community that accepts everyone and at the same time has a smalltown sense of community making it a great place to raise a family. We have many festivals, parades, and parties annually. The schools may not be the most fabulous structures but the teachers are exceptional and teach because they love teaching and there is a lot of parental involvement. The class sizes are small as the school is small and it is a special place all around. Check it out.  Read More

climate - 10/3/2008
i don't have a review of eureka springs. i would like to know about the climate in that area. can anyone help me. Read More

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