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I should Never Have Moved Here! - 11/19/2019
The Village is governed by a corporation NOT a normal Mayor etc form of government. Manager(CEO) Leslie Nalley and her lackeys (Board of Directors) are destroying this once fine retirement area. She and the board members have apparently decided that they will fundamentally transform (destroy) our way of life. Lesslie Nalley is now one of the Highest Paid Mayors in the state even though the Population of Hot Springs Village is barely 14,000 people. She has a Salary that is HIGHER than the Governor of Arkansas. Her and the Board has passed legislation making it impossible for her to be fired requiring a quorum of 6 of 7 board members for termination. The BOD has doubled or POA (HOA) premiums in the last couple of years and with the type of deficit spending we are facing potential bankruptcy or HUGE increases in POA expenses. They passed the increases after being rejected several times by implementing a new Two Tiered system for dues. Leslie Nalley has fired board members who had a Read More

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Beautiful, but limited things to do - 9/24/2017
Lots of activities in The Village, like golf, boating, events, etc. Not a whole lot to do otherwise. HOWEVER, there are more things to do, 15+ miles south, in Hot Springs. If you don't mind driving "to town" for Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Bed Bath & Beyond, TJ Maxx, and a whole slew of fabulous restaurants, not to forget the race track and the baths..then you will love it. The Village is not a "walk to a lot of events" kind of place..more like "drive all over."
Also, at one time it was more geared to 65+, nowadays there are a lot more younger families with school age kids. Many people want to get away from kids, after raising their own..just be sure you research who your "neighbors" will be. How fun is it to hear your neighbors kids screeching all summer long???
Lots of "married couples," if you are single you may get dismayed, just looks for fun groups geared for the singles, and you'll have fun! careful..there aren't many good ones. Unless you are looking for Read More

Hot Springs Village, AR is NOT the same as Hot Spr - 4/25/2016
After reading the information that is supposed to be about Hot Springs Village, it is clear that the writer has confused the "Village" and the city of Hot Springs,(which is about 35 minutes south of Hot Springs Village). Hot Springs Village is the largest gated community in America with 9 golf courses and 11 lakes, tennis courts, natatorium, fitness center and over 22 churches in the community. The city of Hot Springs, on the other hand, is very "touristy" as stated. HSV is NOT touristy because only people that own/rent homes or own lots are permitted free access to the gated community. Hot Springs is great for shopping, sightseeing, with free concerts in the spring and summer, and the usual tourist attractions. The Village has its own beauty with 22 miles of hiking trails, farmers market in the Spring and Summer, and the list goes on and on. Many people come to the Village and see no need to travel too far beyond the gates. Others enjoy the opportunity to go to the BIG city Read More

We are very happy for people who have chosen to retire to FL, AZ, TX and other states. However, after more than a decade of research and after our last visit to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas....This is the place we plan to soon build and spend the rest of our lives. Why? HSV and it's golf courses, lakes, amenities, roads, upkeep and spectacular views from about everywhere in this 26,000 acre gated community are gorgeous. The very, very low property tax is in balance with a modest income tax which excludes social security and some retired pension money. The only complaint I've seen in a review is a man very upset with the new property manager. Quit frankly, in my opinion, the properties are incredibly well maintained and the current property manager/board have an excellent vision for contemporary enhancements which will bring in more residents and income. This naysayer had gotten used to enjoying the social welfare of the non-residents paying the same association fee (very low) as the Read More

Tyranny @ its' worst - 12/24/2014
Manager Twiggs and four of his Board of Directors members are displaying" we'll get our way, one way or the other". They have now decided that a quorum of votes form the POA members is now 25% plus one.

They are trying to implement 1 72% increase in our property dues. It failed on the first vote, as they did not reach a quorum, which is normally 50% plus one. They reduced it to 25% plus one. Should it fail, they will drop it to 12.5% plus one.

We moved from Illinois to HSV for the quietness and beauty. Manager Twiggs has publicly stated that he wants HSV to be a "RESORT Town and a TOURIST attraction, with many new hotels and restaurants."

Should we have wanted this, we would have moved to Branson, No.

There are many other problems in the village, especially with crime. Two murders in the past 15 months and a very bad meth drug distribution houses.

Want a trouble free area to retire-DON'T COME TO HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, Read More

We looked around for a retirement community ... an - 2/2/2013
Our travels around the U.S. were always with a view towards where we would retire. A visit to Hot Springs Village happened only because of our quest to visit all states. At the end of our very first visit, we encountered something that had not happened to us on any other trip...we could seriously see ourselves living in Hot Springs Village. Coming from the Northeast, a decision to buy a retirement home in Arkansas took friends and family by surprise. But with it's natural beauty, easy access to a major city, and full gamut of social and sporting activities, Hot Springs Village has it all. While Sperling's cost of living index shows it to be higher than the national average, coming from the Northeast, the Village provides incredible value. The community itself is comprised of wonderful, welcoming nothing we ever encountered when visiting other possible retirmement communities. Beautiful lakes and walking trails. And as golfers, a real value coupled with the Read More

HSV Great Place to Live - 2/1/2013
HSV is like living in paradise. The people are what make this place so special. Even if you don't want to golf on any of the 9 golf courses, or fish on one of the 11 lakes you will enjoy being here. Other activities are 8 rubico tennis courts and 3 hard courts at the tennis center, pickle ball, lawn bowling, scenic trails, a wonderful fitness center with indoor pool, a bridge house which has bridge games for all levels, a performing arts center and much more. All of this and HSV is a gates community so crime is very low. There are 2 school districts right outside the gates as well as grocery stores, etc. After looking at several areas to retire to we couldn't have picked a better place this is heaven on Read More

Living the Dream - 1/31/2013
What is there not to like, 8 beautiful golf courses I can play all year round, mountains, woods, wildlife, privacy,four seasons,good climate, low taxes, good health care,no stress and best of all nice people. It is a place where anyone can afford to live.

Back in the 1980's I vacationed in the Village with my family on holidays.I always thought this would be a great place to retire. So, two years ago that is what I did and haven't looked back since. Having worked in the corporate world all my life and being around big cities, it has been a welcome relief to live in a more quiet, slower paced atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, there is as much here to do as anyone could want, if you are bored it is your own fault. The best part, if you need city you can have it in any size from Hot Springs, to Little Rock to Dallas just 5 hours away. Life is Read More

Hidden gem of a retirement place - 9/19/2012
We pay $3,200 a year for unlimited green fees for two people to play eight quality courses and a trail fee for new carts applies at $650. All of the courses are within 15 minutes from our home, so we don't spend much in gas for transportation. Every other type of recreation is available from fishing our lakes to tennis. The village is gated and is well managed. We enjoy mild weather every month of the year with minimal cold days. Homes are priced from $150,000 to over $1,000,000. Beautiful community with beautiful people. Check it out at and come on down to see Read More

Hot Springs Village - The Best Kept Secret - 3/14/2010
I moved here 6 years ago with my 2 children. I thought we would only stay a year or two, but six years later we are still here and love it! The people are wonderful, the community is supportive, the beauty is spectacular! My children learned how to golf, can play tennis whenever they want, and the hiking/walking trails are fantastic. The community is always growing and improving all the areas of the Village. The 9 professionally designed golf courses, the 11 recreational lakes, 2 marinas, 3 beaches and 21+ miles of hiking trails, and wonderfully fresh air to breath. It is also within 30 minutes from Hot Springs, 1 hour from Little Rock, 4 hours from Branson, MO and 5.5 hours from Dallas. It's a wonderful place to Read More

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