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I Love Los Angeles - 9/15/2020
I haven't been there before, i want to live there when i am older if i make a lot of Read More

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This place is a pit! - 8/3/2020
I can't wait to get out of this place. The exodus out of California in general and Los Angeles in particular has been in motion for a little while now, and I'm going to be on that train soon and I can't wait! It's crazy here - insanely expensive (try 9% sales tax on everything but food to start with!), so crowded, lots of people with bad attitudes (even when you try to be nice to them!) and so dirty! Yeah, the weather is great, but that doesn't make up for all the other stuff you have to put up with. Oh, and ....... buying property?? Hahahah! Forget that if you make anything less than $100,000 a Read More

I love LA - 2/28/2020
My favorite city in the U.S. Fantastic cultural amenities. Fantastic food from around the world. Great shopping. Lots of interesting architecture and history. The best weather in the world. Endless Pacific Ocean at your feet. Great music city. Year around beautiful flowers and gardens. Multi-cultural. The absolute best city for year around outdoor activities. Fantastic hiking areas. I honestly can not imagine living anywhere else. Read More

Not a place to live - 1/13/2020
LA has the worst of all worlds. Few bright spots- very few. Every good human being moved out or will move out soon. No one should think of moving here to live for Read More

Los Angeles is a pit. - 12/12/2019
Los Angeles is a pit. The cost of living is insane. If you live here you are either poor or rich.  Read More

Not a place to raise a family - 11/26/2019
Not a place to raise a family. Drugs, theft, violence, etc. The police here are not like depicted on TV and movies, though. My experience with the LAPD has ALWAYS been positive. The officers I've had to deal with here were always professional, courteous, honest and empathetic. Read More

City for young people? Maybe with daddies money - 8/23/2019
LA is a place where you go after you’ve established some sort of solid foundation whether it be obtaining a useful degree or moving jobs. As someone who moved there at 20, I found it very difficult to make a lot of money( I work in marketing not “acting” or modeling). People move to LA with the hopes of being discovered yet fail to realize that most celebrities that live there were discovered elsewhere and settled in LA. Rent is absurd, groceries are expensive, and the gas is through the roof.. especially having to constantly fill up from the stop and go of the 405/101.

It is BEAUTIFUL if you can find the right spots that are not filled with tourists. The forest, Malibu, Santa Monica mountains... it truly is s gorgeous place to live if you can afford it and avoid 85% of the people that now live there. Read More

Great for young adults, terrible for families - 7/15/2019
LA is a great city for young people, but definitely not a great place to raise a family. In my area (Larchmont Village), a 2-bedroom apartment without basic appliances like a washer and dryer and a dishwasher, will cost you around $3,000 per month. You gotta do fluff n fold or head to the laundromat. Buying a house is out of the question. Even the ugliest, most run-down houses get purchased for over a million dollars. If I had a million dollars in my pocket I still wouldn't buy one.

Traffic here is a nightmare and the Metro transit system is somewhat helpful, but it smells like pee and there are countless homeless people in the subway stations. The homelessness around the entire city is really bad, but definitely worse in some areas compared to others. Lots of tents on the streets. The entire city is covered in graffiti and our gutters are littered with piles of trash. Definitely a filthy place to live (because of the number of people we have crammed into this city). Read More

Great Los Angeles... of course CA - 5/13/2019
You have got to go to Los Angeles if you can. its big full of popular youtubers if you go you will have a great Read More

Los Angeles CA - 4/2/2019
I live In Los Angeles, CA Read More

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