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Great culture, weather, and food, at big costs. - 4/4/2021
Pros: Great culture, food, museums, theater, art, weather, and lots of different ethnic areas if you're willing to drive/sit in traffic to get there.

Cons: Insanely bad traffic, bad smog, comically high cost of living, dirty in many places, people who aren't as warm/friendly/down-to-earth as many other places (generally speaking -- obviously there are exceptions or we never lasted as long as we have), a giant city-wide homeless problem, and, in my opinion, pretty ugly overall.

I've been here for 24 years (came here straight out of college) and now my wife and I are doing our best to get out, as are most of our friends (many of whom already have left). The costs of the good parts are too high to make it a city I'd recommend anyone live long-term, unless you happen to like or fit in with the downsides I've mentioned. So many people describe it as soul-sucking and shallow, and it can absolutely feel that way. Read More

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Great Place To Stay - 3/14/2021
It's a great place to stay and never leave. Read More

An amusement park to visit, not a home. - 3/6/2021
I’ve lived in the County for 7 years. Long Beach 3.5 years and Sherman Oaks 3.5 years. Now I’m ready to go! (1) Covid sadly seemed to make homelessness and crime explode.(2) I make 75k at a well respected architectural firm designing homes and businesses for celebrities but I can’t even afford a house let alone decent apartment. Something is wrong with that picture. (3)There are too many people. (4)Traffic is horrible, I was hit by an illegal on my motorcycle who had no insurance or a penny to his name and the cops let him drive away in his unregistered car while I was taken away in an ambulance...unfair much? On top of that, it can take 2 hour to go 10 miles in the city......... I had a great time here in my 20s but the city feels more like an amusement park you visit rather than a place to settle down in. You can only live comfortably if you earn well into the 6 figure column. I’m not sure how there will be any skilled middle class people left in CA if it remains this hard to live Read More

Yeah.... no- - 3/3/2021
I've lived here for about 8 or 9, maybe 10 years and I want to move out badly ;)

Great beaches, and amusement parks. And beautiful sights. Decent weather.

Riots. Fires. Very hot in the summer. No snow. Lots of homeless people, under almost every freeway. No indoor dining due to the covid. The covid cases are very high in L.A. Cost of living is h i g h. Overpopulated. :') Really bad air quality.

I don't recommend living here tbh, it's very bad. It gets worse and worse. It was okay and better from when I first Read More

It's the city of Angeles, but read on. - 1/26/2021
L.A is a great place to live if you live for diverse food, nightlife, concerts, celebrities, shows, branded shops, and lots of "friends" who love the same things as you do. if you want to facebook about great restaurants, awesome concerts, which celebrities are doing what next door, you will be so happy . You will have endless things to facebook about 24/7, and if you don't, you will soon be forgotten.
People are super nice, depends on your definition of nice.
But if you want a place where you can nurture your soul (good friends, good conversations, honesty and kind hearts ), you will feel like a fish in a desert.
I have travelled (backpacked) 20 countries solo, I have never been to a place where I didn't like the people, I even liked Indians (women only), LA is the 1st place I find myself lonely. I have no problem meeting new people, I can start a conversation with just about anyone. I have got some compliments saying that I'm a great conversationalist, yet I Read More

I Love Los Angeles - 9/15/2020
I haven't been there before, i want to live there when i am older if i make a lot of Read More

This place is a pit! - 8/3/2020
I can't wait to get out of this place. The exodus out of California in general and Los Angeles in particular has been in motion for a little while now, and I'm going to be on that train soon and I can't wait! It's crazy here - insanely expensive (try 9% sales tax on everything but food to start with!), so crowded, lots of people with bad attitudes (even when you try to be nice to them!) and so dirty! Yeah, the weather is great, but that doesn't make up for all the other stuff you have to put up with. Oh, and ....... buying property?? Hahahah! Forget that if you make anything less than $100,000 a Read More

I love LA - 2/28/2020
My favorite city in the U.S. Fantastic cultural amenities. Fantastic food from around the world. Great shopping. Lots of interesting architecture and history. The best weather in the world. Endless Pacific Ocean at your feet. Great music city. Year around beautiful flowers and gardens. Multi-cultural. The absolute best city for year around outdoor activities. Fantastic hiking areas. I honestly can not imagine living anywhere else. Read More

Not a place to live - 1/13/2020
LA has the worst of all worlds. Few bright spots- very few. Every good human being moved out or will move out soon. No one should think of moving here to live for Read More

Los Angeles is a pit. - 12/12/2019
Los Angeles is a pit. The cost of living is insane. If you live here you are either poor or rich.  Read More

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