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is this the symbol of our state? - 1/30/2020
The city is very mixed. I will start off by saying it has some excellent historical and educational sites to look at. It is a contractual obligation that you look at the state capitol and at least one of the many museums while you're here. I love looking at the grey squirrels outside the state capitol. That's probably the nicest part of the main city along with the northern and furthest south suburban neighbourhoods. Go to the city centre more than 5km away from the state capitol and it's just full of homeless drug addicts, shantytowns, trash littered everywhere, and pollution. Even the rivers are used as bath water by the homeless. This place is really mixed. Some areas are decent while others are absolute dog poop by Read More

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Bit of a downer... - 7/13/2019
I'm 21 years old and I've lived in Sac my whole life. I have always enjoyed the K-12 schools in Sacramento (albeit in the nicer parts of the city). The recreation and sports department of the city is one of its best qualities. I'm a distance runner and Sacramento offers some of the best road races in the state. California International Marathon is an especially outstanding event. Old Sac in the downtown area is also a neat place to visit.
However, Sacramento State is a different story. The school is nice enough, but parking has to be some of the worst in the country and everyone commutes to and from school, fabricating a very mind-your-own-business environment. Not to mention classes are impossible to get.
Sac weather is hotter than the Sun and I typically flee to the Sierras for the summer. The central location isn't bad. The city is about 2 hours from everywhere, it seems (SF, Tahoe, Redding, etc.).
My biggest gripe with the city is probably the traffic. Even at Read More

Sacramento, best place to live in California. - 3/26/2019
I've lived in Sacramento since 1989. I used to live in the S.F. Bay Area. Never regretted making the move. We have glorious seasons. Summer can be hot, but we've discovered air conditioning...LOL..... It's never humid! Great family communities surround our fair city. I love living here, and it's getting better every day. Good people. Less pretentious than the snobs of L.A. and Read More

The Real Scoop - 10/9/2016
I am a native-born who lived in Sacramento from the mid-1960’ s to 2005, left for 10 years and came back for family reasons. Here is my assessment of the city:

-Unaffordable real estate for the average wage-earner ($350,000+ for a old house in need of repair that you could buy in the mid-west for $120,000). In an area with decent schools, a 70’s half-plex will run you $300K. Decent newer home in the burbs or one of the older established areas will cost you much more. Most non-professional jobs do not compensate for this.
-Commuter traffic that takes me one hour to travel home at night 15 miles on I-5. I’ve seen country roads in the burbs flooded with cars trying to avoid the freeways. A mayor nixed the idea of a crosstown freeway in the 80s. All the land rights have been since bought up.
-There are proportionately very poor drivers, some quite aggressive who take chances with other peoples lives because of their impatience and lack of Read More

Earthquakes - 4/20/2016
My husband and I may be locating to Sacramento he is getting transferred from work. However, I visited Barstow in 92 for two weeks, when I encountered an earthquake which was pretty big. Since then I have been terrified of them, and I personally do not want to move to California because of that. I was also reading that Sacramento is prone to have earthquakes. I like to know if anybody lived or lives there and how long, and if they encountered any earthquakes. Thanks Petra  Read More

Lots of Lovely Trees...But the Crime.... - 3/19/2016
My family and I moved to Sacramento CA. (the Arden/Arcade area) about 11 years ago because my brother lived here. It was the worst decision of our lives. It was an especially bad decision since our daughter was only 10 years old and we had previously lived in nice areas.
I got a quick horrifying glimpse of what life was going to be like here when I went to enroll my little daughter into elementary school at Del Paso Manor. On the teacher/parent night - I ran into the parents of some of the kids and the parents all looked as if they were meth tweakers! I thought maybe I just had a bad steak and tried to shrug it off. A few weeks later, my little daughter asked if she could play with a boy (her same age) from down the block and so as usual I went down there to see where he lived and to talk with his parents. The parents were friendly enough...but they were tattooed from head to toe and had just gotten out of jail.
I discovered that many people here were on drugs or sold Read More

Median Sales Price - 2/21/2016
According to the Sacramento Association of Realtors, the median sales price in Sacramento County, for a single-family home (one house on a lot), as of 12/31/2015 was Read More

studios - 6/17/2015
Sacramento cheap apartment for low income Read More

Property Investor - 4/26/2015
Looking for REO properties in the Sacramento Read More

The straight dope on Sacramento, neighborhoods, ev - 4/2/2015
I am 51 years old and I have lived in the Sacramento area since 1973, or since I was 9 years old.
I actually love Sacramento. I really like the weather, although we get some rain during the winter, there are many sunny days each year. Sometimes during the winter from Nov to Feb we get fog, which can keep the sun away for weeks at a time which can depress me on occasion.
Most of all the weather in Sacramento is about as good as it gets, but since I like the heat, I am used to the summers here. It gets over 100 degrees usually 10 to 25 days each summer, however, one of the saving graces about Sacramento heat is it usually will get broken up after a few days by a delta breeze which like a giant air conditioner can drop the summer heat 10-25 degrees in a single day. One day it is 104, the next 89. Relief.
The cons of Sacramento for me are the cost of living. Since I don't make much money, I am constantly trying to find some room to rent, which means I have to move Read More

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1861 Garden Hwy
Bed 2 | Bath 3

4116 C St
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3474 Sweet Pea Way
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3573 Scorpio Dr
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1915 5th St
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5359 Knotty Pine Way
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96 Coloma Way
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