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Star Rating - 4/20/2016
My husband and I may be locating to Sacramento he is getting transferred from work. However, I visited Barstow in 92 for two weeks, when I encountered an earthquake which was pretty big. Since then I have been terrified of them, and I personally do not want to move to California because of that. I was also reading that Sacramento is prone to have earthquakes. I like to know if anybody lived or lives there and how long, and if they encountered any earthquakes. Thanks Petra
Petra | Palm Bay, FL
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I have lived here for 3 horrible years, and in Santa Cruz, they got a lot of more shaking on the coast. This is a not a pleasant place to live, I hear sirens frequently throughout the typical day, lots of meth, I;ve never seen anything like it----ppeople standing speechless with heads tilted back in the throws of some meth-induced brain damage, its very sad....the police here are very aggressive, pulling out guns at the least sign of unruliness...we can't wait too leave, only 2.5 more weeks
Susanne | Sacramento, CA | Report Abuse

I have lived in California all my life. Although, earthquakes are very scary, they come once every blue moon and the likelihood of getting hurt is slim to none. There are things you can do to help like check if the home you move into is close to a fault and purchase earthquake insurance. But California is the best place to live. Would not want to be anywhere else.
Jas | Vallejo, CA | Report Abuse

There are many reasons to not move to Sacramento, but earthquakes are absolutely not one of them. I was born and raised in Sac and spent the first 30 years of my life there. I never felt an earthquake -- there have been a few, but I have never felt them. Add to that the fact that everything still has to be built to withstand an earthquake, even though Sac rarely gets one you can feel, and you are pretty safe. If you are going to worry about something in moving to Sacramento, you should worry about heat stroke in the summer, seasonal allergies or asthma irritation from the poor air quality, poor job opportunities, terrible schools, and a growing crackhead homeless population.
Brett | Citrus Heights, CA | Report Abuse

Hello. I have lived in Sacramento my whole life. We had an earth quake about three years ago that went like this... "Honey, did you just bump into the couch?" "No, I was no where near the couch" "Oh, I guess we just had an earthquake then." Yea... Before that, I remember one when I was a kid that was about the same intensity. Maybe 20 years ago.
Lisa | Sacramento, CA | Report Abuse

I live in the suburbs to Sacramento for the past 18 years I came from the bay area of California Silicon Valley living in the suburbs is been wonderful I am about 30 miles east of Sacramento the suburbs is a great place to raise your family lots for children to do and the schools in fulsome city great very high also fulsome was rated the number one place to raise your family in California if you’re looking to move to Sacramento I suggest moving towards the suburbs parts of Sacramento are very nice if you stay away from the south area or the north area stay more to the east no earthquakes it does get hot But at night it cools down tremendously because of the delta breeze your center state you’re close to Tahoe or close to San Francisco close to the ocean and you’re close to the mountains I love this area
Norma | Penryn, CA | Report Abuse

I never understood the fear of earthquakes. The large ones happen very seldom, and most do very little damage. Compare that with where you live in Florida. Every year, there is a guarantee of hurricanes, and most of them cause millions in damage. But yet, people keep rebuilding. Unbelievable. I am a California (Bay Area) native and have experienced many earthquakes. They are exhilarating and can be scary during...but they are over quickly and cause very little damage for most people. I never give them a second thought.
Philo | Folsom, CA | Report Abuse
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