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Before 30 - great ! After that - leave - 1/12/2020
I am a 5th generation Californian . Raised 3 kids here . My combined income about $250k. Reason why I am telling you this is to explain just how prohibitively expensive California has become . San Diego is honestly THE BEST PLACE to be under 30 and just live paycheck to paycheck (making $75k or working 3 jobs ) and doing fun out door things . Great weather . The beach is great . Mission Bay is great . Good cheap food of all ethnicities (Indian , Vietnamese, Mexican , you name it we have it !). But , you will not acquire net worth . You will spend it on rent , going out , and fun . Great do it !!!! Then leave . The politics and taxes of this state are terrible ! It is great to be young and in crowds . It is another to raise kids , both parents work to afford a house , day car, the right school district because San Diego sucks for that except some are good (like Poway for example ) . Got my kids educated in that school district . One is at UCLA law , one is graphics at SDSU , one just Read More

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Give your hard earned income to the entitled - 1/11/2020
Lived here on and off since joining the Navy in 1984. Was once the hidden jewel for weather and cost of living and overall quality of life. Weather stayed, Cost of living moved and quaility of life was robbed by the State govt. and overpopulation. Hearing words like "Best non judgementalplace " is a catch word for steal and take from you and give to those who will not work or do not want to work. ANd do not speak up about it or your will be vilified. The State or local govt. will just plain steal it. more and more Taxes, Meth, fentynal and over the border drug trade, accepted crime, outrageous real estate increases, and out of control liberalism has turned this once awesome S.W. enclave into another one of the worst places to live in California!
I retired from the Mil. here and will retire form a fed. govt job here in 2 years and will promptly leave this BROKEN state and sadly, Broken City. Example. Two stolen cars, one home burglary, children assaulted by a homeless all while  Read More

DON'T COME HERE. IT'S BAD - 11/26/2019
I lived in this city for 12 years. I watched it go from a nice place to a severely economically oppressive, corrupt, dangerous city. The City Government is extremely corrupt. The mayor is powerless and the City employees run the show. Their show includes union business meetings on the clock under the guise of "staff meetings" to complain about wages and benefits that are consistent with local market conditions, hour long coffee breaks away at local coffee shops on the clock, charging permit fees that don't apply to the permits being applied for, permits that don't require fees at all even, charging extra for "expedited" permit reviews and waiting until the day before the review deadline to actually perform the permit review though they had plenty of time during their union meetings and extended coffee breaks to get it done. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the massive, severe corruption being committed by City Employees in San Diego. Whistleblowers "commit sexual assault, face a Read More

The Chargers left so should you - 4/25/2019
I have lived in San Diego my entire life and am now at 30 years old. Growing up, it was incredible... weeknight evenings spent on the beach with my family, small town vibe on the beach. I always hated LA but now SD seems to be an extension of LA.

The good: the weather, fun dining and nightlife and breweries, and scenery (although going to beach on a weekend almost isn’t even worth the crowds)
The bad: 1 hour commute to go 12 miles, crowds everywhere at all times, insane housing prices, taxes, lots of homeless, Read More

Please Don't Mive Here, We're Full - 3/24/2019
I'm a native of San Diego and really sad to see how decrepit our beautiful city has become. The roads are a disaster. House prices are out of this world. Can't drive across town on a freeway unless before 7 am or after 6 pm. All I hear is "Build more housing." "How about, "We're full, please come to visit, but don't move here." We can't afford to add you to our city. Not enough water, houses or space on the roads. Read More

Used to be great... - 2/1/2019
Born and raised there for 30 years and cant even go back. Used to be a beautiful city but now just a trashy extension of LA. Sure there are nice places on the coast but who has a 2 million dollars for a home there? Even if you do, you'll be stuck there because so much traffic now your forced to stay local. Expensive, no parking. Even our football team left us =P - Corrupt local greedy government allowed construction bribes to overbuild the city. Trash on the roads. People are so frustrated with the traffic they road rage and drive recklessly. Accidents everyday from morons that moved her from Michigan, Ohio, Illinois or anywhere else Read More

Behind the Curtain - 11/30/2018
I have lived in San Diego for over 10 years. My family has resided and built businesses here. Needless to say we are vested in San Diego. But no more! Homeless EVERYWHERE. They are pushing them out of downtown so the tourists do not see the ugly side of SD. The officials here do not care about anything but their own jobs. I don't understand how these folks are getting voted into office. The gas is $4.00/gal, but supposedly that's to fix our roads (only roads that have been fixed are in the upper class neighborhoods and tourist areas). The Lotto was supposed to help our schools, we have mostly charter schools so you have to pay to send your kids to a decent school (not a great school). The groceries are so high due to the gas tax, guess those corps are pushing the extra cost of fuel on the consumer. The rent....I don't even want to address it! It's awfully high! Utilities are so high, but to be fair you don't need your AC or heat most of the time. Don't worry they gouge you Read More

San Diego is beautiful, cost of living is ugly - 10/10/2018
San Diego, CA is beautiful, fun, and the weather is fantastic. The cost of living will KILL you. Average house cost $600,000 for your basic 2bd/ 2bth. Average 1bd apartment is $1,500 per month. Average gas prices per gallon $4.00. A single person would have to make over $70,000 per year to afford to live alone. There is a great disparity between what companies pay hourly and cost of living. You would have to be on your job 10+years to afford basic San Diego living. Cost of living has blown up in the last 5 years, But hourly and salary wages have not. Read More

San Diego: America’s Finest Underwhelming City - 9/16/2018
Overrated city that settles for mediocrity.

Junior varsity restaurants, nightlife, airport, people, shopping, and pro sports town. Completely unsophisticated city with shallow people who are uninspiring and easily offended.

Major homeless problem, city looks dated, poor infrastructure (potholes everywhere), police understaffed (voicemail when you call dispatchers, helicopters called in after crime committed because not enough street presence). Conservative mindset that is resistant to change and any improvement to the City.

Even the weather is overrated—chilly from December to March; 100 degrees with no breeze possible in August and September; too cold to go in the ocean 8 months of the year.

Very unsophisticated populace with no dress code enforcement, dogs permitted in many restaurants. Vastly overrated city that is underwhelming in almost every Read More

Weather Is Best Everything Else Horrible - 7/24/2018
Mike of Santee review is spot on. I’ve lived here my entire life and just sold our house in Carmel Valley and I’m counting the days before I get out of here. I’ve hated living here the last 5 years.

Traffic is horrendous. It’s not just during the commute but it’s all hours of the day now. All major freeways are parking lots at all hours. The Los Angelesation of San Diego is complete. Why not? Developers own SD. They are in cahoots with city officials who only care about tax revenue and don’t care how it impacts current residents. Most new commercial projects have apartments attached to them. Really. Expect more cars, more people going forward.

Honestly, I don’t know who would want to live here now. Cost of living is off the chart. Highest taxes in the US. Highest gasoline prices in the US. Weather is good though. Better enjoy that because you’ll be fighting people for everything you do here.

Give me San Diego of 15-20 years ago and I’d consider Read More

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