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housing market - 10/8/2015
While most of the rest of the front range of Colorado has seen very large housing price increases over the last 4 years, the same cannot be said of Canon City. In my opinion Canon City is still bottoming out. Having said that it is my opinion that now is a good time to buy in Canon. Housing prices are low and rents relatively high. By that I mean that you can buy a house for $125K and rent it out for $1K per month. That kind of rate of return is not possible in the rest of the front range of Colorado.
Canon City has the same climate as the rest of Eastern Colorado. There is abundant water in Canon as the Arkansas River runs through town and irrigates the area. I love the way hay fields and houses intermingle in Canon City. Canon is a good place for retirees to downsize and cut their cost of living. Taxes are low.
Plus Canon is at the gateway to the mountains. Its not in the mountains but the mountains are at your doorstep. Salida and Buena Read More

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Anyone from Canon City, CO - 5/25/2015
I'm looking to relocate there and wondering how the schools are? I have two children, one in elementary and one in high school, so looking for decent schools for Read More

Canon City Corruption - 6/17/2011
Anyone with firsthand stories of canon city corruption go to facebook and do a search for CanonCityColoradoCorruption and tell your story. God save the good people of Canon from more destruction in their lives by a corrupt system that no one will do anything about. Let's work together and make some changes within the boundaries of the law. There is a way to do it and make a difference the right Read More

Canon city - 12/9/2010
I lived there three and a half years. I'll admit most people that you meet their are nice folks However. It is very low income, and teenagers act very much like inner city punks. The police department has authority that it should'nt. Nearly everyone that lives there works for the 13 prisons that are there. Frankly I don't know who's worse the people that work for the prison or the family members of the inmates. The north side of town has high radiation do to a old uranium processing plant just north of town. It's really hot in the summer almost as hot as the arizona desert. There are no good paying jobs. The town is deffinately corrupt, and alot of the people there are quite ignorant (not all). The fishing is not good in around the area. The landscape is the most lifeless barren area in the Colorado Rockies, very low elk numbers. As with most of Colorado you have to put up with California transplants. In Canon City those California transplants are the poor one's that Read More

Not as it appears - 7/20/2010
While there are many people that are fine people in this communicty I would suggest not bringing children here and if you are not Baptist you can expect to be a target for anything the evangelicals want to do to you. They are tight knit with the police and will ruin your life if they want. The DOC has such a high employment here the schools don't want to teach children to think for themselves. I would suggest somewhere else if you don't fit the required evangelical standards or if you have children. It is beautiful and the climate is good.  Read More

Canon City - Pros/Cons - 4/5/2008
1. Plenty of outdoor recreation
2. Extremely low cost of living and housing for region
3. Affordable place to live

1. High crime rate
2. Poor school system
3. City government is corrupt
4. Rapid growth
5. Overall one of the worst places to live in the Read More

Great Climate and Outdoor Recreation - 2/23/2008
As a native Coloradan from the Canon City/Florence area, I am thinking of moving back to Canon City from the Phoenix, AZ area. The mild climate, good air quality and great water quality, and the proximity to the mountains makes it a wonderful place for outdoor enthusiasts. It has good places to run, bike, ski, raft, fish, and hunt to name a few. However, the job market is poor here with little or no industry except for the Read More

Canon City - 8/13/2007
Canon City pros/ cons

1. Canon City is a very pretty town 2. very nice people 3. would make a nice
place for a retiree 4. low crime rate

1. awful job market, few job options unless you want to work in the Prisons.
2. very limited cultural scene 3. awful selection of rests. 4. like many small towns most of the people haven't seen much of life outside of their Read More

a growing retirement area - 1/25/2007
I moved here from COLORADO SPRINGS.CO. about 6yrs ago,what a great little town! Once off of HWY 50 the town has a small town atmosphere, (still no parking meters)..It is growing though..We have most of the fast food,and some of the chain stores moving to the area. We are generally about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the COLORADO SPRINGS.CO.area. A great place to consider if you are planing to retire,or just want to slow down a little..the summers are perfect and the winters are cooler. Theres lots of good fishing,skiing,ATVing-hiking trails,as we are close to the Read More

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