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Low humidity - 4/9/2015
Fort Collins has a fairly dry climate. This makes winters as well as summers more pleasant. The winters are a little too cold and long for me, but just right for my husband. We both enjoy the summers and being outdoors as much as possible.
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Very Expensive - 4/21/2014
Housing and food are so high in cost here. I have lived here for 20 years and ready to leave. I love the weather, but the cost of living and property taxes are to much. It takes 2 people to work and cant save anything. I am to old for the college town. I go downtown and its so full of young people. I know its a college town . To much drinking and because of the economy, we are seeing more people living with others. I dont understand with all the tourist here, why our taxes are so high. I love the mountains and the weather, but the city has changed alot. If you are into the bars and night life, this town is for you. Wages are low with sky rocket prices. I have owned 4 house here and the taxes keep going up. The food is horrible, not very good restaurants. People are somewhat snobby...and hard to get to know. I hope I am not that way after being here for 20 years. I will leave this place to the young at heart. Its not a bad place to live if you make alot of money. I am sure I will miss Read More

Lots to do, but unfriendly people! - 4/17/2014
I agree with the posts regarding the unfriendliness of the Fort & CO in general. There are many positives for Ft. Collins, but if you value personal connections & friendly neighbors it is not a good place. I grew up in San Diego, moved to the Fort 2008-2012 with my parents to attend CSU, & have been living in Normal, IL for 2 years of grad school. I have never been in a state where the people are so strange & distant. The transient nature, increasing new-age movement & the creepy secret military presence contribute to a dark vibe. Good luck making any genuine friends or putting down roots in a spirit-filled church, if that is important to you. My family & I attended 20+ different churches & never found a home church (comparatively, I made multiple friends in IL within my first week, & the first church I attended became my home). In four years there I made maybe 4 good friends, all who moved away after graduation due to the lack of jobs in the Fort. I didn’t like San Diego very much Read More

the city - 11/4/2012
I love it diverse and generally good people . But with the good comes the Read More

Fort Collins is the best - 2/27/2012
Fort Collins is a great city to live in. Good housing, good hospitals, the best university in the State of Colorado and everything else you may need to spend your time - outdoor life, restaurants, entertainment, medical and vet care, great weather; second best veterinary school in the country. Fort Collins is definitely the best place to live.
Person that wrote about the "stink" must definitely be thinking about the neighboring city of Greeley, an agricultural area where it does smell like manure year-round; not so Fort Read More

Love the weather - 2/8/2012
Fort Collins its a great place to live, nice schools, low crime, very expensive but Read More

Cohesive community - 7/18/2011
I don't usually reply to posts on line but have been scanning the Fort Collins site in a fit of homesickness... I loved that last comprehensive (and almost encyclopedic!) post about this sweet city. Very accurate in my estimation. I'm one of a bajillion non-natives who adopted Fort Collins as home and never, ever felt dissed or snubbed by the natives... as if I could even figure out who is native and who isn't. Who cares, is a better response to all that. To the contrary, Ft. Collins welcomes visitors, students, and diversity of all sorts. This is a small city that has a center and a cohesive sense of community - something so many places have lost in the sprawl of the second half of the last century, and something, I might add, we will all need again as the problems we have created in the world come home to roost and we have to again turn to each other for support and resources. I think Fort Collins is just about perfect for that sort of lifestyle - not to even mention everything Read More

9 out of 10 for its size. 12 yr resident. Comprehe - 7/6/2011
I'm going to try and cover everything I can think of... I have been a Fort Collins transplant since July of 1999.

Climate - Beautiful 4 seasons, a few winter snow storms not usually with much accumulation - occasionally a few ft. but then everyone gets a snow day! Temps anywhere from 30s to teens... with occasional negative temps. Spring/Summer occasional thundershowers. Summers anywhere from 80s to high 90s with rare 100s if any. We have breezy days that cool you off when its too hot.

Cost of Living - I would say its a little higher than average... Gas is generally about $.25-$.75 cents less than CA but about $.25-$.75 more than places like WY. Groceries are a little more expensive but taxpayers approved a 2.25% tax on groceries that contributes to that. (Speaking of taxpayers... they generally like to increase taxes for silly stuff like parks and recreation.) Rent has recently increased to a level that I consider too expensive for the area. A 2 bdrm Read More

Fort Collins - 5/8/2011
Nice place to live but it is very dry and brown in the late summer Read More

Will Never Leave once you are there - 4/13/2011
I have lived all over the USA, traveled extensively throughout my career and have intimate knowledge of most of the major cities in the USA. On relocating to Fort Collins about ten years ago, within about 90 days I realized I had found the area that I would stay in for the rest of my life. I could list superlative after superlative about the city, it's environs and it's people, but all you have to do is do an internet search on the city and you will find reams of material on the quality of life here. Ultimately, you do have to make the interactions with those you come into contact with at whatever level you are comfortable with, but it's easy if you try. Incredible city, incredible location, weather is unbelievable....recently 86 on a Saturday and it snowed on Sunday....but that is part of the magic of living here. Great school systems with one of the most educated populations in the USA, not a single area of the city would most people consider to be a poor area, let alone being Read More

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