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Loveland, Colorado Reviews

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More Cons than Pros, actually, no pros - 5/2/2021
I have lived in Loveland 40 years.
Where to start? It would take all day to really go into detail so I will just say NO NO NO!
It was nice once, now it is not, please find another place.

It is housing costs are ridiculous if you can find anything, it is overcrowded, traffic is bad, There are over 30 round-a-bouts that most can't seem to figure out how to use (not hard).

There is nothing for younger people to do except go to other cities for entertainment.

One thing I will go into is the homeless problem. People think they are going to have a nice stroll through on of our many nature areas or parks only to find many homeless folks (some in the act of having sex), tents, trash, needles, condoms, and poop. The city's response? Place trash dumpsters and port a potties in the these areas. Well, that will sure make the homeless want to move on wont it? Instead of helping these people they just make it easier for them to live in Read More

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Loveland was ok - Ft Collins BETTER - 1/22/2018
Loveland CO and Ft Collins are very near one another, and someday the whole place will probably be one big conglomeration!

It was ok. My problem was that I never found an affordable, good place to live - stayed in temporary places. I worked with the schools - I do NOT recommend their school system. I never experienced Ft Collins school system and had some invitations to Teach closer to Denver, which I never took, and instead moved out of State at that time.

Colorado is beautiful. It has an accepting attitude, or used to (I have not been there since 2015). The beauty for me of Colorado was the nature - the free access I had to it - it is just the best thing when life is hard, to stand and view the beauty created by God's own hand, and it just reminds you that you are part of creation - not just "in it".

And that you have a place. That there is room for you too, among creation and nature.

I loved the mountains - Loveland has this Read More

Worst place on earth - 8/2/2017
I have lived here for 20 years and it used to be a quiet, cheap, sparsely populated and nice place to live. It took 10 minutes to go to the bank or drive across town now you need 45 minutes to an hour. the cost of living has more than doubled while wages and benefits have been gutted. We voted to legalize marijuana and now 50% to 60% of the plates you see aren't even from Colorado. People drive like mentally deranged airheads. I don't know if this is due to the weed or the privileged entitlement of these cretin. Which, by the way, you will be drug tested for for every job every month consistently even though it is legal. So there's nothing to rent and no jobs to pay for the rent because it's so exorbitant you would need at least three of them. They don't allow pets, roommates or unmarried couples. They are all so filthy and horrifying you would think we lived in midevil times. I am not exaggerating and if you disagree it's because you must be a filthy nasty slob who Read More

Loved Loveland - 12/10/2014
I lived and taught in Loveland from 1993 to 2005. Moving from Fort Collins was concerning to me as Loveland was known to be much more conservative at the time. I was single, but not into nightclubs, bars, etc., so the lack of that wasn't a problem. Most people were quite friendly and I was more successful in making friends than I ever had been in Ft. Collins. If you want more to do, Loveland and Fort Collins are right next to each other. The park and lake, sculpture garden in Loveland is quite nice, although I would not recommend swimming in it. There is a lovely rec center, also with a park, and some excellent summer concerts. Loveland has grown immensely and housing prices are ridiculous now, as in any central/northern Colorado urban area. Despite the growth, it has maintained a small town feel. Beautiful Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park are a short drive up the canyon. Many people boat and use the bike at Boyd Lake State Park, which is at the edge of town. Read More

General Notes - 7/14/2012
I lived in Loveland for 3 years. Basically if you love outdoors activities, and are okay with driving to Fort Collins (20-30mins), Denver (around an hour) or Boulder (about 45mins) for more interesting indoor entertainment activities then Loveland can be great. It's generally safe and friendly. Weather is nice overall: summers hot and dry but cools down quickly at night. It's in the plains at the base of the foothills so everything is flat and laid-out in a grid. Winters can be cold, but aren't too bad. Many houses do not have AC, so that is something to note. Good recycling program. Job market is probably fairly slim there. I worked in Fort Collins which was an okay commute. People in Loveland tend to look a little more rundown on average than in some of the neighboring towns like Fort Collins. It's a sleepy town, but there are a few good restaurants like the Pourhouse and Sophia's Bistro. There is also a good brewery called Grimm Bros. Rent and property in Loveland is substantially Read More

About Loveland.. - 8/3/2010
Loveland is a great place. The good things are: the weather, mountains, fresh air, and beauty is everywhere. Lots of wildlife to see, all types of great activities for everyone to enjoy. Lots of nice folks out here. Only thing that is kinda different is many of the guys here act like, "I'm better than you, so get outta my way." The treatment of women is not always so great. I asked some women that live in this area, and they said, "yeah that's how it is, get used to it." It's surprising to see this type of thing these days. I've traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada. Only time I saw this was in the deep south. But, like I said it is a very nice town, no regrets about living Read More

Relocation Information - 4/21/2010
We are selling our home in Illinois and looking to relocate to a less expensive area with all the amenities as we are on a fixed income and not old enough for social Read More

Loveland - 8/13/2007
Loveland.. Pros/ Cons

1. pretty town 2. good schools 3. very low crime rate 4. nice place to raise
a family 5. very nice people 6. nice place for a retiree

1. awful job market( plan to commute)2. a bit pricey considering Loveland's
awful job market 3. very limited cultural scene 4. poor selection of Read More

Great if your retired or married with family and a - 8/1/2006
NOT for young singles. If you're between 20 and 40 and never been married and looking for a single whose never been married. No such luck. This town is divorce city. Go to Fort Read More

drea - 3/19/2006
Loveland is a beautiful city, and experiencing a lot of growth. Unfortunately, the job growth is mostly in service or retail jobs. Housing and income do not equal. You can come here with a lot of money to put down and survive with a less paying job because you could afford your mortgage payments. A lot of industry is in neighboring town, Fort Collins, 8 miles Read More

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