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Moved in for love out for beautiful crazy Florida - 11/7/2021
I can't wait for all the replies especially from people that are from Florida or from up North that had to deal with extreme ice and snow. But I can honestly say in the two years I lived in fort Myers it was an absolute nightmare. Being a military child and because of my jobs I've had I've lived in 10 different cities,4 states,3 countries lived on 2 different continents so to say the least I have some perspective to compare against the city. The nightmare begins with the fact there is no state taxes so the roads always felt like I was driving through a war zone. In the short two years I had to replace three tires and patch one just on my vehicle. And these are some of the worst drivers I've ever experienced and I had just moved from Charlotte North Carolina prior to this. People will ride your butt just to cut you off and slam on their brakes just so they're closer to the driver ahead. Forget 10 feet for every 10mph. I've been driving for 30 years and I have never been cut off so Read More

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Nothing but golf, unbearable heat and phonies - 4/9/2021
I've lived in SW Florida on & off for most of my life. When my family first came here over 40 years ago the waterways teemed with fish & wildlife and the beaches, particularly Sanibel & Captiva, along with Thomas Edison's winter home were the area's big tourist draws. Schools were ok, there wasn't much crime and business and job opportunities were easy to come by.

After years of corrupt city, county and state government decisions, unfettered growth with no thoughtful planning and sweet public/private contracts are awarded with very little oversight, usually way over budget, not to spec and in need of a redo almost as soon as they're completed, we have some of the worst schools, beaches where you should think twice about letting your kids swim at, crumbling infrastructure, an outrageously expensive housing market, almost no full time jobs and rampant crime.

There is absolutely nothing for young people to do here except drink, we get no major concerts,there Read More

SO OVERRATED! - 3/21/2021
I've lived in Fort Myers for 15 years and am ready to get out. I don't understand why anyone comes here, because the beaches are horrible, ruined by Lake Okeechobee. This area is too small for all the tourists that invade the beaches from Nov.-April and take over. Traffic and crime are a nightmare and police hard to find. Enjoy at your risk! Read More

Sketchy Police scam - 8/5/2020
Super sketchy, dirty beaches and an awful police department. Came here for a vacation and received a $50.00 parking ticket for supposedly parking my tiny Hyundai Elantra rental car in two spaces.

Couldn’t do that if I tried! Police force must be broke! Sanibel and Captiva are amazing but fort myers is super trashy. I definitely do not Read More

Fort Myers- a perspective from a teen to nearly re - 8/15/2015
I have lived in Fort Myers 36 years. We came here when I was in high school. It has changed so much- from a small town with little shopping or transportation to a metropolis with the typical generic business and restaurants. Critically speaking and, as a traveled person, the area does not have many established private businesses like restaurants, etc to discover. It is more the McDonalds or chain restaurant kind of place. Crime is high. It has touched my family three times and several friends as well in various ways. I took a state job here 30 years ago and plan on relocating when finished. Recommendation? If you are from the Bronx, Chicago, LA, etc, you would probably find it a pleasant place in a warm humid climate. If you are from someplace like Columbus, OH, Asheville, NC or Lexington, KY I would look elsewhere for it would seem congested and definitely expensive.

Fort Myers is a smaller city with big city problems and challenges in government and in the schools. If Read More

Thomas A. Edison said it Best - 3/9/2015
He said, "There is only one Ft. Myers and 90 million people are going to find it out." The population of the U.S. was 90 million at the time.

I ask could a man of his stature be wrong? Beaches, Great Calusa Blueway, McGregor Blvd. Seminole Lodge, The Mangos, Burrough's home, The RSW, the list goes on and on. Compare , do your Read More


Depends on your zip code - 4/15/2013
I was surprised to see Fort Myers' high crime rate. Certainly in some of our areas, the crime rate is high like it is in any town, but I have lived here most of my life (over 40 years) and have never been a victim of any crime. South Ft. Myers has a low crime rate. You want to avoid 33916 and 33905 zip codes and certain areas of 33901. Any low income area with a lot of unemployed people is going to have a high crime rate but most of this crime is same race crimes such as drive-bys, drug crimes, etc.

Fort Myers has a lot to offer and I'm not sure who came up with these statistics of our crime rate being a 9 on a scale of 1-10 but I'm positive these statistics are NOT accurate. Read More

who gets protected by the law - 2/25/2013
what if you was 63 years old and you was given a pill that puts you in a unconscious state and when you wake you see you have been sexuely assaulted, what would you do, you dont really know, i literally went insain and grabbed the guitar and broke the t.v. and window to make hem call the police when the fort myers police got there i told them i was sexuely assaulted but the damage over powered the assault on me so i was arrested for crim. miscif. and went and spent 5 months in jail, went to court and got. $1483.00in fines and restitution and get this anger-management classes and 1 year probationand become a victem of a assault i have contacted from the sheriff to the washington and i mean ever thing in betweenand there is no help. out there no where i have lost all my freedom and all my beleave in our law system and, now im fixing to have to go back to jail for vilation of probation for failing to comply with probation that is not being able to pay the $1483.00 on my $808.00 a month Read More

worst place ive lived so far - 1/1/2013
Im 20 yrs old and ive lived in Fort Myers for 4 years now and I'm Itching to get out. the only thing that's keeping me here is finishing the degree that I started in the 1 college they have here. there really isn't much to do except to go to the movie theater bowling ice skating a pet store and maybe the beach if you're willing to drive out to the outer beaches sanibel And bonita springs because Fort Myers Beach is 1 of the ugliest beaches I've ever seen the water is dark greenish blue and the sand is dirty. there arent a lot of jobs that you can find here either unless you've gone to school for years and years. I feel like most of the people that live in fort Myers their families have been living in fort Myers for years and its a cycle that everyone is trying to break but not a lot of people can a lot of people that I talk to always talk about how They want to leave and get out of Fort Myers but only so many actually do mostly because how hard it is to progress in the city the Read More

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