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Too many people, overpopulated, worst traffic ever - 8/14/2020
Christ, this place has so much explosive population growth it should be illegal. I've actually never seen a city explode so fast and so much in population before. Not in history to my recollection.

Phoenix, Arizona is right up in second. Atlanta is becoming New York City, Jr. with all of the people around the world visiting it, and all of the traffic. About 50-60 million people visit Atlanta a year, that's one of the highest and even more people than Seattle. (can you imagine how many people will be visiting this city by 2050? that is insane.)

Atlanta is so overpopulated and so complex and fast-paced, it is basically a place of torture and stress. With the way things are going now, I would not wish this city on the worst enemy. It's extremely unpleasant and unnecessary.

I have a feeling it will keep exploding until about the year 2050, where it will be about the size that Dallas/Fort Worth is about now here in 2020. (if not much larger) Read More

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Hot, rude, ordinary, inconvenient - 6/26/2020
Rude people, boring, hot, unhealthy, no culture, soulless. There's just nothing to write home about, except that at least you can shop in "exclusive" stores more than other places in the South. Traffic is as bad as they say it is. Nothing to do except go to church or go out to bars. If you're in to outdoor activities or anything healthy, you have to drive outside the city a few hours and then there are pretty places. But while the city does have parks and greenspaces, it's very limited for "outdoors activities" and the weather is awful. Cold in the winter and sweltering in the summer. Food scene is decent actually for some things. Atlanta lacks a character of its own outside of typical Southern ordinary people. It aint Gone With the Wind except in the negative sense. Just gross. Read More

Becoming more Antisocial - 6/17/2020
This city is becoming ruder and ruder and more deadly and deadlier by the day. It doesn't help that there are many transplants and immigrants coming in from all over as well. Southern hospitality doesn't exist in this city. It acts like an upstate city. The people are getting meaner and meaner and more and more impatient and angry. Traffic is horrible in this city and getting around anywhere is becoming a nightmare. People are more suspicious of each other and no one wants to get involved anymore. Atlanta is becoming too stressful and too Read More

extremely expensive and racist - 1/30/2020
Atlanta, GA is extremely expensive to live in due to the fact that they are trying to move African-Americans out of the city. they've made rental prices range from $1,500 to 1,800 just for a 500sq.ft. studio, but minimum wage is extremely low compared to housing cost. I don't know who they allow these false reports on the cost of living to even be published on the internet.. I've lived here since 2008 and have seen the price of everything from groceries to housing almost triple since I first arrived. I've watched the city allow Caucasians builders to create these outrageous pricing margin to move a certain race of people out of the city and yes it's about race, so don't be fooled into believing this city is cheap or accepting to people of color. they give the average mortgage price rather than the truthful cost of living for everyday people.
its pathetic how this report is alerted to seem as if the cost of living is at its national average when it's well above the national Read More

This place is for getting crazies - 1/19/2020
This place has more crime than ever. The highways and byways is raggedy. There is construction ongoing everywhere all the time. Money hungry court systems. Overpriced public transit. Auto wreckage every day. Restaurant food quality mainly sux.  Read More

Atlanta getting worse - 7/7/2019
I have lived in Atlanta for 30 years and plan to leave soon. Atlanta was good when I first came here but has declined into an over-crowded, hyper-fast-paced, expensive, congested nightmare. People are rushing everywhere. They are stressed out, rushing to get somewhere fast. The frustration index in high, and people seem increasingly angry about the declining livability here. On the positive side, business is bustling, and the job market is very good. Lots of job opportunities for professionals and high tech. But it all comes with a price. Real estate prices have skyrocketed, and many people have to keep moving farther out to find affordable prices, so commutes are horrendous, and businesses do not know what telecommute means. I’ve had enough and am looking forward to getting Read More

It calls itself a city. - 4/27/2019
Hot, humid, with some of the heaviest traffic in the United States, cultural life meager, modest public transportation, parks in scarce supply, a great big suburb calling itself a Read More

Atlanta Great Place to Live - 1/6/2019
Atlanta is an incredibly exciting and very progressive city. Having lived all over the world myself, I believe it is among the best. You need not compare it to other metros because it is unique all to itself. It is where urban and nature combine best.

Don't bother with the suburbs-- would you move to the Bronx or Newark? Intown Atlanta has it all. Forget about the southern or conservative distorted images/ news coverage. Those are about suburban places in Georgia, not the city.

Atlanta has the largest and best arts community-- of every kind-- from D.C. to L.A.
It has fantastic restaurants and some of the most beautiful neighborhoods, many having a high walk score.

And, the city's burgeoning tech industry is expected to soon be the nation's 4th largest, according to Read More

Population growth is destroying Atlanta metro - 12/27/2018
The Atlanta metro area is being ravaged by absurdly fast population growth. I don't even believe the official statistics at this point. I know this is a cliched thing to say, but it's undeniably true. The northern Atlanta suburbs used to be excellent places to live -- well forested, safe neighborhoods, modestly-priced housing, competitive public schools, a population composed almost exclusively of professionals and families, etc. Massive population growth coupled with the redistribution of undesirables from the inner city to the suburbs (as a result of gentrification) has slowly deteriorated all of the aforementioned desirable traits. You pretty much have to live 1.5+ hours north of Atlanta in Forsyth County to find public schools that aren't hopelessly overcrowded.

It may not for whatever reason be reflected in the official statistics because of cover-ups, under-reporting and what have you, but petty crime and all the accompanying ugliness that comes with it has Read More

My home for life - 11/9/2018
I've lived all over the Atlanta metro area from McDonough on the southside to Loganville on the east side to Lawrenceville & now Lula on the far north side. I used to travel for work and had the chance to visit several major cities all over the US and Canada. Outside of possibly Calgary there is nowhere else I'd rather live. First of all the traffic is as bad as they say that's the downside, but the positives far outweigh the inconvenience, especially in the suburbs. There are world class restaurants, scenic hiking trails, any kind of music you could be into, and access to cheap airfare when you want to get away thanks to the busiest airport in the world. I'd say this city is best enjoyed by a younger demographic, under 50 at least that still has the energy to fight through the traffic and take advantage of the active lifestyle that makes the city fun. The suburbs have excellent school systems with a wide variety of communities from all over the world. Gwinnett county has had a Read More

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1378 Wesley Oaks Ct NW
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