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Losing it’s quality - 9/15/2021
Been in Atlanta my whole life, gotta say it’s going downhill pretty fast. I honestly wish people would quit moving here. I don’t even believe the official statistics, it’s way off. It is becoming way too overcrowded. Nobody seems like they can keep up, and anybody who says they can is probably lying. Day by day life is becoming a real challenge! It is a real war in order to get by these days…..Everybody knows this population growth is real unpleasant and unnecessary…Basically, I’m going to pack my bags and head out to the countryside. Sorry to all you people that are stuck here Read More

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I put my plan of escape into action - 8/2/2021
I moved to Atl in 2016, stayed 3 1/2 yrs. I hated it. I was born in Los Angeles, I'm a Cali Girl. Grew up accustomed to seeing all races, think nothing of it. Cali people tend to accept everyone. I'm Chinese and really look Chinese, but from LA, I'm as American as can be. I first "felt" racism in Atlanta. Didn't know what I was feeling. I was in an all Black Walmart. Who are they looking at? I looked behind me. Are they looking at ME?! What's going on? The feeling I felt was like a movie where a white person walks into a black nightclub and the music stops, everybody looks, that's what it felt like. I saw confederate flags. :0 I saw the Governor's Commercials with him holding a shot gun and saying he'd take all the Mexicans back in his bus, I thought it was a skit from Saturday Night Live! At my job, a coworker called me "ching ling" to others (I haven't heard that since elementary school) OK, now everything else. The traffic is horrible and the way they drive, a car Read More

No reason to be here any longer - 5/25/2021
The Atlanta metro has a few redeeming qualities: the job market is relatively strong and has good scope/range of opportunities and industries, housing is relatively affordable for a major metro (although we’ll see how long that lasts; it’s just recently gone up substantially w/ covid), you can find pretty decent public schools provided you can afford to live in the district, there are a lot of mature areas with lots of old tall trees and greenery, etc.

But it’s clear to anyone who’s lived here more than a few years that this place is basically atrophying and falling apart. Traffic improved for a bit during covid, but it’s pretty much back to the slow motion train wreck it was before covid, especially on regular roads/off the highways, which is more bothersome than highway traffic imo.

The weather is really only good in late winter/spring and late fall. Otherwise it’s either way too hot and humid or just cold enough for it to be uncomfortable and for the Read More

Don't do it. - 2/27/2021
Don't move here. Just don't. I've lived here nearly 40 years, and it is nothing like what it used to be. Traffic and sprawl is insane. Crime is bad. Cost of living is ridiculous, particularly for rent. The "ritzy" part of the city has been taken over by gangs and crime. Atlanta is business, business, business, and nothing else. Planning to get the H out of here and head to the mountains. Read More

Have you people completely lost your minds?? - 12/12/2020
This place has become so dangerous over the past decade. There is just nothing here that is necessary or right anymore. I don’t believe official statistics on this website, it seems like bull. This place is insane and sick and not well and no realizes it. The culture is degenerating. It’s degenerating fast. Nobody wants to know each other or help. Traffic is as bad as everybody says it is- just ride around. The growth is very much a problem also. There is just nothing that is organized: everything is completely atrocious and there is no direction. The people cslling the shots here have no understanding of organization. It’s a one big ball of disorder. Atlanta is Read More

I sold all of my things and moved out. - 12/6/2020
It was time for me to leave Atlanta. I’ve been here since 1995 and it has never been so bad like today. I am starting to believe that it no longer has hope. I predict that people will start leaving in droves. Just like I did. I’m settling down in Chattanooga, a few miles North of where I was born, Chickamauga.

(I will continue this review and add more content in the Read More

Too many people, overpopulated, worst traffic ever - 8/14/2020
Christ, this place has so much explosive population growth it should be illegal. I've actually never seen a city explode so fast and so much in population before. Not in history to my recollection.

Phoenix, Arizona is right up in second. Atlanta is becoming New York City, Jr. with all of the people around the world visiting it, and all of the traffic. About 50-60 million people visit Atlanta a year, that's one of the highest and even more people than Seattle. (can you imagine how many people will be visiting this city by 2050? that is insane.)

Atlanta is so overpopulated and so complex and fast-paced, it is basically a place of torture and stress. With the way things are going now, I would not wish this city on the worst enemy. It's extremely unpleasant and unnecessary.

I have a feeling it will keep exploding until about the year 2050, where it will be about the size that Dallas/Fort Worth is about now here in 2020. (if not much larger) Read More

Hot, rude, ordinary, inconvenient - 6/26/2020
Rude people, boring, hot, unhealthy, no culture, soulless. There's just nothing to write home about, except that at least you can shop in "exclusive" stores more than other places in the South. Traffic is as bad as they say it is. Nothing to do except go to church or go out to bars. If you're in to outdoor activities or anything healthy, you have to drive outside the city a few hours and then there are pretty places. But while the city does have parks and greenspaces, it's very limited for "outdoors activities" and the weather is awful. Cold in the winter and sweltering in the summer. Food scene is decent actually for some things. Atlanta lacks a character of its own outside of typical Southern ordinary people. It aint Gone With the Wind except in the negative sense. Just gross. Read More

Becoming more Antisocial - 6/17/2020
This city is becoming ruder and ruder and more deadly and deadlier by the day. It doesn't help that there are many transplants and immigrants coming in from all over as well. Southern hospitality doesn't exist in this city. It acts like an upstate city. The people are getting meaner and meaner and more and more impatient and angry. Traffic is horrible in this city and getting around anywhere is becoming a nightmare. People are more suspicious of each other and no one wants to get involved anymore. Atlanta is becoming too stressful and too Read More

extremely expensive and racist - 1/30/2020
Atlanta, GA is extremely expensive to live in due to the fact that they are trying to move African-Americans out of the city. they've made rental prices range from $1,500 to 1,800 just for a 500sq.ft. studio, but minimum wage is extremely low compared to housing cost. I don't know who they allow these false reports on the cost of living to even be published on the internet.. I've lived here since 2008 and have seen the price of everything from groceries to housing almost triple since I first arrived. I've watched the city allow Caucasians builders to create these outrageous pricing margin to move a certain race of people out of the city and yes it's about race, so don't be fooled into believing this city is cheap or accepting to people of color. they give the average mortgage price rather than the truthful cost of living for everyday people.
its pathetic how this report is alerted to seem as if the cost of living is at its national average when it's well above the national Read More

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