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A Lifetime Louisvillian Looking for a Way Out - 6/23/2021
I've basically lived here all of my life, except for 7 years. With that said, family is what keeps me here, not my desires. The last few years, this city has gotten worse than ever with crime and a liberal mindset. City maintenance has gotten worse, and the pride of living in the Derby City has waned. I never dreamed that in my neighborhood, the one I've lived in for 29 years, there would be gun violence happening. This once cozy city full of southern hospitality is now has one of the highest personal property crime rates in the USA. And, an exponentially increasing murder rate over the last few years. One thing that has also struck me about Louisville -- the racism is extreme. I think it is fed by the media and a couple of community organizers who believe that every black's death was intentionally motivated and orchestrated by white people. Black on black murders are somehow overlooked in that equation, though. Our mayor paid $12M of taxpayer money to the family of Breonna Read More

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Small Town Feel, Big City Amenities - 3/3/2020
Louisville has been my lifelong home and it's a great place to live. I'd really prefer to give it 4.5 stars because no place is perfect but Louisville has pretty much everything the big cities have but with a hometown, family feel. I recommend it Read More

Area is a great place to live. - 10/13/2019
I moved to Louisville area (I work there and live about 30 minutes away) about 4 years ago, so I'm completely neutral and have no skin in the game. I've lived in New England, St. Louis area, southern Nevada, Colorado Springs, and a few places in between. Basically all over the map, and I'm pleasantly surprised with my experience living in northern KY. For starters, I'm doing the same profession with essentially same job title as I was in Colorado (which is fast becoming a ridiculously expensive place to live), and after 3 years I'm earning 29% more, about 75% more if you include overtime. Needless to say, that alone improves the quality of one's life a whole bunch!

The weather is fantastic here, you get a true 4-season climate. Heat is oppressive for a couple months in the summer, but spring and fall are simply gorgeous (barring a drought, heat wave, cold snap, etc.) and you can do activities comfortably outside for 9-10 months out of the year. Winter is fairly Read More

Dirty and Shady City - 8/9/2019
Louisville is a town with pockets of charm, pockets of class, and large swaths of poverty and crime. The air is polluted so bad there is an app for phones now called “Smell my Air Louisville” where you can report off smells from all the factories. The traffic is terrible, and the crossing the river to Indiana will cost you an ungodly amount of tools each way. The summers are The spring is warm and wet with a plethora of alergens, summer is hot and wet with lots of mold, fall is less wet with constant temperature swings, and the winter is bone cold and wet with a lot of ice and a rare Read More

You have to see the big picture - 7/31/2019
I have lived in Louisville for a little over 2 years now and during this time I have established a very strong opinion of what this place is really about. Before moving here I spent 12 years living in South Florida. Coming to Louisville was a decision I made in order to escape increasing rent prices and overwhelming cost of living that made me live paycheck to paycheck. When I arrived here I didn't know anybody nor did I have any family. I carried with me a load of credit card debt and my bank savings were not going to last for more than a month. Within the first 2 weeks of being here, I rented a pretty spacious home and landed a more than decent job. Two years later I have cut my credit card debt to less than half, I paid off outstanding collection bills and am about to pay off my car loan as well. I managed all that working one job and paying rent and a whole bunch of bills.
This is a working town. Most people who end up coming here have a similar situation like the one I Read More

Louisville Should Be Properly Called Lou-Evil - 10/18/2018
Former Louisville resident lived in East End and South End over a several year period.

Lou-evil isn't much of a city when it comes for quality of life issues much less economic issues. You're better off to have moved to Dayton which has its own set of problems just like its neighbor Springfield. That being said, if I had a choice from living in Dayton-Springfield and environs versus moving to Lou-Evil I would happily move to Ohio in a heartbeat compared to the diseased backwoods that is called Louisville, Kentucky.

I've never seen a place so devoid of people with no common sense, an inability to interact socially and with so much pretentiousness and narcissism. It's quite a pathetic and sad scene. I lived in Louisville for five years after a job transfer moved me there because my previous employment was ending due to economic pressures. It's probably the most redneck/white trash large city in the country with the mentality and inability to process common Read More

no safe driving nor cycling - 8/24/2018
loo-vll was my home for all of 2016, thanks to a desired job transfer. for a small city compared to so many large ones i've lived in (l.a., atlanta, houston), it sure has a lot of traffic congestion. one can bet on a bad wreck on the watterson expwy @breckenridge just about every day @evening rush hour. how did the wrecked cars get into the positions that i saw them in when i crawled on by? folks not desirous to make friends; i only knew the first name of 1 person in the entire apartment building the whole year that i lived there-and i'm hardly shy. they went out of their way to avoid contact-it was weird. no bicycle trails to speak of; i'm quite the cycling enthusiast, but once i started to work from home, i blew this steamy hot dump to move to dayton, oh the cycling trail mecca of the Read More

Austin's mentally ill inbred cousin - 2/22/2018
Let’s get the cons over with first as they are pretty brutal. Then I’ll brighten you up with some of the pros. Ready? Let’s go.

Let's start with the biggest issue in this town. Race relations.

The racial tensions are off the charts. The lower class black community is as openly racist and aggressive to whites as a polar bear is aggressive to, well, anything. If you are white, don't get stuck in a black-owned neighborhood or you'll get lynched. And that's not a joke. I'm dead serious.

The whites are racist but generally won't admit it. The asians are racist and trust no one. Latinos all huddle together. And immigrants have entire neighborhoods to themselves and don’t venture far. You get the point.

Everyone sticks to their own kind and is untrusting of other races. BIG time. The neighborhood segregation by race is stark. Some parts of town claim "diversity", but its a forced effort to say the least. And even in those Read More

snobs - 4/18/2017
Well, I wrote a post for Louisville earlier, but I'm not sure if it posted. So if this post sounds like another post I did, it's because I didn't think my first review got posted. So I will apologize for that.
I would like to comment that Phil's post is absolutely true and I appreciate his candor. Louisville is very racist and there is a lot of social pressure to maintain this racism. When I lived there during my high school years and young adulthood, I was often ignored or excluded, because I was Asian. My impression is that anybody who is not white is treated this way. I have heard a couple of mumblings from different persons in Louisville that Asian people are there to take advantage of welfare or funding programs. My parents have never accepted any welfare or any kind of free money. Even though my brother is disabled and could qualify for disability funding, my parents never thought of applying for or accepting any type of funding for my brother. All my parents Read More

Favorite Place to Live - 3/22/2017
I've lived in a lot of cities and small towns up and down the East Coast and in the Mid-West. Louisville is my favorite by far, although as with anything, you get more from a place, the more you put into it. Louisville is affordable and the people are polite. There is a small-town feel; everyone knows everyone, so don't gossip ever. The drivers are mostly polite. Downtown, people make eye contact and nod or say hi. Be fore-warned, the first question from a native is "where did you go high school", not "what church do you go to".

There are almost no professional sports, but the local college teams are great and well supported, and there are annual marathons and mini-marathons often. The Louisville Orchestra and Louisville Ballet are popular. Residents support local restaurants, but don't ask for fried chicken unless you want a weird look and an invitation to Sunday dinner at Grandma's. There are more live theaters here than anywhere I've lived. The live music scene is Read More

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