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baton rouge is not a good choice - 8/4/2021
terrible place to Read More

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i live hear so.... - 3/18/2019
I live hear so i can't say i hate it but i don't like Read More
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Great school, Awful Administration - 2/22/2017
Don't get me wrong, this is a great school filled with many great teachers. I absolutely love all of the classes I am currently in and have been in. We are taught with so many resources and extra help, a real one on one education.
However, the administration of the school is extremely disappointing. A small percentage of the faculty have majority of the control. In the year and a half that I have attended the school, I have witnessed verbal abuse and some potentially federal crimes, all with light punishments. Many immoral and utterly untrue ideas have been seeded in the minds of America's future generation. Things such as; "You must let your hem out, you are a sexual distraction that will inhibit male students from learning", "India is poor because it isn't Christian, only Christian nations are blessed" , "Don't discourage her from wearing a skirt, she wears pants a lot and we don't want to encourage her to be a lesbian", and "The only thing potentially good about the United Read More

Relocation - 12/18/2015
Looking give a review of Read More

Hmmmm - 10/29/2014
Private schools a must!!!! Small city with big fish in a small pond. Very hot, humid. A home in a nice neighborhood ( which can be right beside a terrible neighborhood) can run between $400,000- $$800,000. A moderately nice home in an older neighborhood that is safe may start around $325,000. Homes in The Country Club of LA start around $700,000 and up to millions. GREAT VARIETY OF GROCERY STORES- chain stores to many gourmet stores!!! We have WHOLE FOODS AND TRADER JOES. Wonderful hospitals abound. New Orleans is a 90 minute drive and the beach ( FL AND AL) is just a 3 1/2- 4 1/2 hour drive. The Cajun people are awesome. LSU SPIRIT RULES IN BATON ROUGE. THE UNIVERSITY IS GORGEOUS and has an excellent reputation. State tax is almost 10 percent- BEWARE!!! For the shoppers:: BATON ROUGE IS CONSERVATIVE AND THE STORES REFLECT THIS IN THE APPAREL THEY SELL. For those that have eclectic taste ( me) order online or shop in NEW ORLEANS!!! All in all, a fairly expensive place to live, Read More

Living in Baton Rouge - 7/10/2014
Baton Rouge, LA, (metropolitan population about 775,000) is both the capital and the second largest city in Louisiana. Baton Rouge is a well-loved Southern city with a strong French history and diverse cultural makeup, such as Cajun, Creole, Catholic and Baptist among the most prevalent. Baton Rouge is also know for our college's such as Louisiana State University (LSU) and the Baton Rouge Community college. Baton Rouge is a city that truly exudes Southern charm, yet also has cultural offerings and “things-to-do” as a true metropolitan area should. I have to say that i love this city and wouldn't trade it for any Read More

Capitol Area Transit System - 6/8/2014
A new tax passed in the Parish and the public transportation system has bee n completely overhauled. Instead of a single terminal there are now five separate hubs with over thirty routes and a promise that waits will be less than thirty minutes. New busses have been purchased, drivers hired and trained...Perhaps BR has finally put together a public transportation system that will properly serve a city of half a Read More

eryheryhaer - 3/31/2014
hgtrsjs Read More

Quality of roads, cleanliness - 7/30/2013
Louisiana is notorious for its appauling roads. The joke is that you don't have to see the state line to know your in Louisiana. While they have improved the interstate system that goes through the city the roads within the city are woefully bad. The quality of road work repairs are terrible and the city is just a patchwork of tarmac and slab. Its awful. The City's plan to expand the city out to the suburbs have the left the areas in between full of abandoned buildings and overgrown landscaping. Its creeping into the area near me at LSU.  Read More

baton rouge - crime - 8/27/2012
someone got shot and robbed just outside my doorstep last week. baton rouge has one of the nations highest crime ratings and there's a good reason for it! we're planning on moving to another city and possibly another state right Read More

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