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Great city for ages 18-30. Get out while you can. - 7/27/2019
For starters Baltimore is a great independent city filled with rich history, great sports teams (present/ past), a variety of cultural foods and local delicacies all wrapped up in a place jokingly referred to as “Smalltimore”. The Under Armour headquarters is based out of here, not to forgot about the growing tech sector, the expanding neighborhoods of Harbor East and South Point, the excellent array of hospitals (John’s Hopkin’s, Mercy, and the University of Maryland healthcare systems) and colleges within the city with so much more; however, like every city there is pockets of good and bad, but with this city there are a lot more bad things than good.?
Crime, corruption, pollution/ trash on the roads, jay walkers who will willingly walk in the middle of traffic during a rush hour, a majority populous who only votes for democratic candidates who mostly are unqualified (the city doesn’t even have a Office of Ethics until 2019), and some of the worst infrastructure I've seen. Read More

Dangerous with a capital D - 7/11/2019
There is no way you want to live in the Baltimore. I was actually at the baseball game the night they sequestered 20,000 people in Camden Yards park. It was too violent to let people out onto the streets! And the criminals still live there. Per capita it has the highest murder rate in the USA. Just last month a horde of hundreds of "youths" from northwest Baltimore descended on the supposedly safe "inner harbor" attacking people at random while stealing handbags and ripping jewellery from there bodies. The police have basically given up after the riots. The City did not invest in securing there computer systems and is basically shut down now unless they pay off the ransomware attack. Most city services, like sending out water bills and registering deeds has come to a halt. The Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh just resigned amid a scandal that pushed selling her own book to state schools. Maryland was just named the worst state to retire in by bank-rate. It is dirt cheap for reason. Read More

We Visited Baltimore, But Picked Another City - 1/4/2019
A port city that is accessible to the DC metro area, Baltimore has undergone something of a renaissance. Once plagued by crime across the board, the extensive redevelopment of DC’s sister city have included stadiums, great hospitals and urban neighborhoods that are walking distance to fun eats. While we did not choose Baltimore as our final destination (we searched all across the USA to find our city!) we enjoyed it- more than anticipated. Here’s what we found.

Pros: If you’re looking for affordable housing in a major metro area, Baltimore will be hard to beat. There is a seemingly never ending supply of row houses that will sell for as little as a used car. That being said, you get what you pay for- make sure to walk the block and check the neighborhood stats before writing an offer. If you’re looking to live that first episode of Fixer Upper, Baltimore offers a great selection of opportunities.

Baltimore is a very walkable city. Unlike many other places Read More

Very Ugly City - 4/7/2018
This perhaps the most ugly city I have lived in. Other then the walk along the harbor, Fells Point and Canton Square, it is all quite ugly and hard on the eyes. The suburbs are so depressing, but then again most of American built after the 20s is industrial, fast, generic architecture. Some of the worse of it is here. Read More

It use to be nice but now its scary - 10/1/2017
I grew up in Bmore and it was nice back in the 80s a little rough in some area's but still safe, after about early mid 90s this crime has gone up , the city is getting beat up and I can't even go to the Inner harbor which I trusted at these times without fear that I will be killed, some area's are still Ok I trust them but still not as good as they use to be, Towson is still ok in my opinion and whitemarsh area and Parkville, a few other area's near by too but getting into the heart of the city, its horrible and needs to be cleaned up, we are a state that has money, this slum crap does not need to stay, I still love Maryland but certain area's are not what they use to be, I would not live in Baltimore at this time, however there are good Hospitals and great food, things to do Read More

Friends School of Baltimore :-) - 12/9/2016
et al,

Despite the other comments you may read I hope you take note of a different experience. My son is currently attending Friends School of Baltimore. This is his first year participating in a privately ran school. I can honestly say that this school has changed my son's educational experience for the better. The teachers and faculty have been child's champion as they are with all the children equally. They are kind, understanding, informative and flexible. They have made my son enjoy school again and trusted adults in his life.

Thank you, Friend's Teachers and Faculty for a great Read More

BestPlaces - 2/2/2016
I would like to use this for my website and news Read More

Undervalued real estate - 8/21/2015
There is much beautiful housing here for surprisingly little money (if you come from any big coastal city I can think of). Lincoln, Nebraska may be less expensive. Baltimore's problems are famous, but in many ways -- museums, music, art / music schools, inner harbor, food scene, some effort to address the problems without just sweeping them away by pushing them to the margins and giving their area a different city name. . . . Lousy public education for the most part and not really functioning public transportation, so you'll need a car and private schools for your kids unless you want to get involved in the school system to help fix it. . . It's sad, because Baltimore is otherwise a great (and improving) town.  Read More

looking for short term rental..3 months in safe ar - 6/19/2015
wanting help finding safe place to live (rent) for 3 months in Baltimore Read More

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