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Minneapolis MN - 3/26/2013
Great place to raise a family. Plenty to do; culture; night life and nature. I think its biggest showcase is the lakes (Calhoun; Nokomis; Harriet and Lake of the Isles). Perfect for bikers, runners and walkers. Major sports teams to follow and a Big Ten university. Not too bad either for the foodies. Downfall; long winters, short summers and taxes are a but Read More

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Minneapolis - 3/5/2013
The city of Minneapolis offers many of the cultural and intellectual attractions of a big city, but also offers the affordability and convenience of a medium-size city. We have the Guthrie Theater, major league sports franchises, the University of Minnesota, and many corporate headquarters. You will not find the equivalent in Indianapolis, for example.
On the other hand, this metropolitan area does have its shortcomings. Public transportation isn't very good, the Winters are long and usually severe, and there isn't a great deal of ethnic diversity. The people who were born and raised here tend to not be socially inclusive.
If you like to bicycle, from April to October, the Twin Cities area is one of the best places in the United States. We have an excellent network of bicycle trails and continue to add more.  Read More

Housing a bit above National Average, But.... - 12/19/2012
....as with many metro areas, you have numerous micro economies of scale. And within Mpls proper you have a huge swing from north to south and even from neighborhood to neighborhood. This isn't a market worth navigating without an agent, for sure. Read More

Artistic Fire - 11/3/2012
Minneapolis offers a rich and diverse culture for the arts. Barriers based on race, ethnic or gender orientation do not have the strongholds here, as evidenced by a widespread audience receptivity and support---typically not seen in such places as Chicago. Talent and creativity tend to be readily and enthusiastically received, regardless of the "packaging". Minus such artificial restraints and political trappings, talent will go far here. However, this means also that the standard for excellence is high. But, in meeting this challenge, artists can expect to receive respect and support within a brilliant spectrum of opportunities. It's an artistic fire here that ignites the hearts and passions of Minnesotans. Read More

It's ok - 10/3/2012
I moved here from Chicago, and Chicago it is not. So if you are looking for big city, do not move here. However, if you are looking for a change, as I was at the time I moved here 7 years ago, then it's worth a weekend trip to visit before you move. I moved here blindly. So here are my pros/cons for anyone considering a move here.
Pros: great bike trails, great for outdoor enthusiast( ESP if you like to hunt and fish), very clean, good mix of city with culture and outdoor activities, decent restaurants, libraries, pretty in every season, traffic is easy compared to other cities, major corporations based here. Cons: winter is very cold, difficult to meet people, people who grow up here never leave which makes it difficult to break into social circles, found it difficult to make female friendships, snow stays on the ground for many months-blanket of white, a little more single mindedness than I like-meaning people don't leave MN often to experience other states -which means they Read More

Not great for young people of color, but plenty of - 6/24/2012
I will preface my review of Minneapolis with the following series of caveats, so you know that some of my observations may be of no relevance to you. I am a single "person of color" born and raised in Chicago. I moved here four years ago, so I don't have a lifetime of experience. Also, the majority of my experience here outside of work involves Minneapolis and Saint Paul, not adjacent suburbs.

So based on my experience in the last several years, here is my Twin Cities pro/con list.

Pro: If you are the outdoorsy sort, this is a great place for you. There are great biking trails and great places to enjoy water. If you like outdoor sports, the Twins' new ballpark is gorgeous (this coming from a guy who grew up going to Wrigley).

Pro: It's a great place to start/advance your career. I moved here in part due to the career opportunities. Many major corporations either have their headquarters or a major corporate campus in the area. I've personally done Read More

Quality of Life - 5/27/2012
Minneapolis is what I call a very negotiable city. It is very easy to get around by car. If you need to get to one extreme end of the metro area to the other, it is possible to do without taking the whole day. Taking the bus however possible will take more time. This is a great city to bike! It is beautiful with 4 distinct seasons. Tree lined streets in the summer, beautiful swimming lakes right in the city. Great arts, including visual, theatre and music and museums. Many options for schools, great summer programs for kids.
In the winter we do get snow!! It can be a game changer to drive in the snow, transportation will take longer. But then again we have winter sports! City skating rinks, hockey, cross country skiing right in the city.
 Read More

Minnesota Nice = Passive Aggressive - 3/9/2012
Worst place to live ever! People are so rude! Jobs are plentiful if you dont mind working amongst complete jerks. Most are crazy liberal, vegan, and snobby. So pathetically self righteous. And of course their opinions are the only correct ones. Save yourself the aggravation and move somwhere else. The winters are almost as miserable as the Read More

Health - 1/8/2012
Here in Portland Oregon I can not complain even though I haven't stayed long enough other states but still I think it's one of The best places to Read More

Poor cold losers - 12/16/2011
You are mad because somebody finally admitted the Emperor has no clothes. MN is a declining culture (statistics show people are leaving- more than coming there) of old school, Scandinavian, want to be's who will never expand to other areas of the globe. You are chained to your mental/emotional suffering of a hard-scrabble existence of 7 month's plus per year of arctic level temperatures.

I am going to write a big, smelly book about this stinky place and it's stinker's which will be a bestseller on the NYT and make a million dollars off my suffering.
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