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I don't live in Las Vegas - 3/21/2018
This is a positive review. Why? Because I've compared numerous cities, some considered "destination cities" where you'd think people would like to brag about being from. They all have been trolled to death with haters hating on them on this website. bad reviews galore. Conservative cities are too conservative. Liberal cities are too liberal. yadda yadda yadda. Seems NO ONE likes where they live regardless of where it is they live. So why Las Vegas and why 5 stars? Why not. I've been there 3 or 4 times as a tourist and I never ventured anywhere other than the Vegas Strip, Fremont Street and then down to Hoover Dam so what do I know about living there. NOTHING. However, Las Vegas is the one city that I keep saying "I want to go back there again." Chicago? Been there many times. Eh, if I never go back no biggie. Miami? Forget it. I will NEVER go back there. UGH! St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville, Milwaukee - These are carbon copy cities, all about the Read More

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Toontown. - 3/15/2018
Complaints about heavy traffic are common for every city, but since so many adore Vegas, I'll just go ahead and say it: it takes 30 mins to go a 10-15 min distance. If not longer. If you're on the bus, it'll take you 40-45 mins to go a 15 min distance during high traffic.

There are so many fatal traffic accidents here, injury attorneys must have an income that rivals a bartender's and card dealer's income. The attorneys probably make more than the police.

For the most part, people are incredibly unfriendly, and it's a sentinent shared by many that move from other cities to Vegas. People from Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington and California have told me how disappointed they are in the ugliness of Vegas citizens.

If you're from California, Washington or any state that fosters a strong community spirit, moving to Vegas will be an excruciating culture shock. Moving from a city like Huntington Beach, California to Vegas would be like moving from a Read More

Been here for three years and loathe it. - 2/24/2018
Perfect if you love the idea of doing nothing but gambling, shopping, drinking, eating and jumping around in nightclubs. Maybe throw in a show or two. Avoid if your to-do list goes outside of those activities.

Do not move here if you are from California or any other place that celebrates diversity/culture/nature/life/anything unrelated to gambling or drinking.

There are a FEW things to do outside of flinging around the Fashion Show Mall or a casino, but even less if you're looking for free activities to enjoy. For free activities, the Sahara West Library will be your best bet. Affordable activities: Red Rock Canyon and Springs Preserve.

Restaraunts and stores are pretty much all chain stores. Don't expect pretty, thriving boutiques or pleasant, sun-kissed promenades. Many small stores close down.

People are overall filthy and unbearably rude. Many can't even say 'hello' or 'thank you'. Just look at them and you'll see how ugly they Read More

Don't ride the bus in Las Vegas - 12/10/2017
I feel bad for the passenger on the bus in the wheelchair. I was staying at Palace Station and went to the local Walmart for some food for my room. On the way back to the Hotel, A guy in a wheelchair got on the bus when I did. The driver told the wheelchair guy to take down his American Flag. The guy in the wheelchair said no. The driver said he was going to beat up the wheelchair guy if he did not take the flag down. Also the driver stated that if the guy in the wheelchair would not take the flag down he was going to break it off and wreck his wheelchair.

The bus company in Las Vegas is called the RTC.

I am not going back to Las Vegas, because I am scared. I wear an American flag on my jacket. Will the bus driver beat me up just because I am proud Read More

Great place for serious transferees - 8/4/2017
I have read some of the other reviews, and would like to offer some constructive comments of my own:
1. I have lived here 23+ years.
2. Given the right background and outlook, there are many positive opportunities here in LV.
3. I wouldn't suggest moving here without a job lined up, or by answering an add for roommates, and then finding yourself in a dicey situation with marginal individuals.
4. The lack-of-a-winter is very attractive, coming from someone from a harsh Midwest climate.
5. I coexist well in the summer heat (plus, I have a pool), but I don't presume to speak for everyone on this issue.
6. Housing is still affordable and plentiful -- but do your research.
7. Don't trust everyone who approaches you with a "sob story" (this is a universal truth).
8. Since it's a 24/7/365 area, there is always something to do/see/eat/drink.
9. I don't gamble -- but enjoy the fact that there are numerous recreational opportunities, Read More

Solid friendly place to live, easy to find work - 4/24/2017
I moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and lived in Sin City for ten years. I want to share real insights, not exaggerated crap that you often read on message boards like this.

People in Vegas are much more down-to-Earth than those in California. More polite and a more "yes sir, yes ma'am" kinda place. When my roommate and I first moved there, we immediately noticed folks were friendlier and less elitist. This is not LA where people compete on who has a larger paycheck and more expensive vehicle.

Las Vegans are also less Balkanized. In Los Angeles, you have racial groups that cling to each other. There's even neighborhoods devoted to certain ethnic groups. But in Vegas, there's a lot more blending in. Go to a Starbucks and you see frequently see young people studying comprising of different ethnic groups. I'm Asian. In Vegas, I had far more non-Asian friends that I did in Los Angeles.

It's also easy to find a job in Vegas thanks loads of Read More

Don't get caught up in the hype or the pretty ligh - 12/22/2016
I moved to Las Vegas in October of 1997 from Florida and have hated every minute of it. I pretty much got stuck here after starting my own business getting married and having children. When I say stuck I really mean stuck. Barley made just enough to live on (most of the time) and could never save enough to move to a better place.

Las Vegas is one of the most over rated cities when it comes to living here. If you are not a gambler there is absolutely nothing to do especially if you have children. Everything on the strip is expensive, the shows, the decent restaurants, attractions all here for tourists and not something a local would even think of going to on a regular bases. $8 for a beer, $13 for a glass of wine, $18 for two margaritas, $25-$45 for a buffet per person. $70 for a ticket to see even the crappiest show on the strip and to see a decent one it will cost hundreds of dollars.

Away from the Las Vegas Strip you won't find much other than the normal Read More

Before moving to Vegas, go check the health care s - 4/10/2016
If you consider moving to Vegas, go first to a medical facility there and you'll understand Read More

Las wages - 4/8/2016
Born and raised in Las Vegas. 37 yrs.old

In this Glittering Concrete Hole, that I call Home. My home brings confusion. Anxiety lingers, filled with my Regrettable Past.
In this Glittering Concrete hole, my home.
Loneliness fills this place, whether it's to be Wanted or left Alone.
It has my hopes and dreams all wrapped up in my Failures and mistakes.
In this Glittering Concrete hole. I call Home
The Heat is unbearable, the Lights are intended to entice, in between every church on a corner, you will find a lost soul.
In this Glittering Concrete hole.. She will give
You hope in its Dancing lights, all wrapped up with a little, drunkenness, brokenness and bitterness .
In this Glittering Concrete holeRead More

This is NO place to live! - 4/2/2016
Was there for less than two months. This was a mistake and I won't be back. It was more than likely the bad roommate that lied to me about everything - no cable, no internet, this was a rooming house. This person didn't say this was a rooming house. I was the only female with four other males. All either on drugs, alcohol, warrants or gambling. I know, next time, I will look better. This things lied every step of the way. Don't expect any assistance from the police. Unless there is a body, they won't respond! I don't think the landlord was even here legally. I'm sure Las Vegas is beautiful, just not for Read More

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