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Piece of dog chit - 11/6/2021
Crime,criminals, cuription, gangs,drugs,murders,crack head thieves, cold at night hotter than hell during day,no nightlife, worst town I have ever been in the world besides Read More

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Deplorable at BEST - 10/5/2021
I wish there were negative stars. I lived here for 2 years. HORRIBLE! Most nasty unwelcoming breed of people on the planet. and the CRIME. EVERY day shootings, murders CAR ACCIDENTS. WORST place to live. Top it off with it's horrible education system. (my son didnt learn a THING)!! It's a POOR dirty trash infested state with NOTHING to offer honest tax paying citizens. I took a huge loss on my house and MOVED OUT. There are WAY more better places to live than this slum of a dump Read More

Please fix crime rate! right now!way to dangerous. - 7/8/2021
All they need to do is study why EL Paso is successful in their crime rate AND THEN IMPLEMENT THE SAME SYSTEM IN ALBUQUERQUE. Please do this so I can then move there. Read More
forrest | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

Want to give negative stars to Hell as one should - 3/30/2021
I've lived in this place my whole life except the years I was in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a dump with unemployment seen all around and beggers at almost every street light , you can't go anywhere without seeing a homeless person pushing a shopping cart, if your a night person don't even think of this place for a city of over a half a million the streets are rolled up at 9 pm no food , gas few and far between and not anyplace to go. It is moving backwards here 30 years ago grocery stores, Walmart, and restaurants were open til midnight some til 2 am, now finding a stinking burger after 10 pm is like finding a bag of cash on your doorstep, every business has security or actual police in there parking lots as if your living in a police State , God forbid you own a van because now your a Target for security in all these parking lots, even if you've never had A run in with anyone you just go about your business and leave they take extra interest in you because you can't own a van and Read More

Interesting history, culture and landscape but... - 3/25/2021
Lived here over 40 years. Albuquerque is a sanctuary city, along with most of the state. Most state and local politics are occupied by outside vetted people. Fees and taxes are rising for regular folks. We do have a lot of interesting history, culture and landscape. Like much of the Southwest we are in a long term drought with limited water. Choose wisely but we are relocating to SW Read More

Was nice desert town, years ago, not so much now - 3/24/2021
Been here since 70s. ABQ was a laid back desert town then. Civility, community, quality of life were exceptional even with the underlying poverty and undereducation. The three cultures, Hispanic, Anglo, Native respected one another, tolerated one another. Somewhere along the way the old school hardworking, family-oriented Hispanics were replaced with recently arrived immigrants who have more allegiance with Mexico than America, hence the proliferation of gaudy descansos that litter the highways. The hippie/ cowboy anglos were replaced with relocated east/ west coasters and midwesterners who drive up housing prices and want it to be like where they came from. The Indians build casinos for better or worse, harvesting most of their profits from the local community. Even though NM government has always been a good ole boy network it was far more honest than today’s crop of globalist vetted morons. Property tax will rise dramatically in the next few years because we’ve destroyed what Read More

Deep Love for ABQ - 1/11/2021
After 7 visits in three years I move last January. ABQ is steeped in Native American tradition, has the best hiking trails I've ever seen and is absolutely beautiful. The Governor's handling of the pandemic has been excellent. Read More

Great place to live - 1/7/2021
I've lived here for 25 years. The city and surrounding areas have much to offer. Hiking trails, fishing, camping, hunting, hot air ballooning, skiing and snowboarding, and off-roading are just some of the outdoor activities available. Several nice casinos are close to the city which also have spas and nice restaurants. If you like Mexican food, you will probably love New Mexican food and our world famous chile. Cost of living is quite reasonable. Two interstate highways intersect near the middle of town and provide easy access to various parts of the metro area. Plenty of apartment complexes and decent neighborhoods. Public schools could be a bit better but they're not horrible. Like anywhere else there is some crime but if you lock your home and car and stay out of rough areas at night you'll be ok. CNM is a good community college, and we have UNM as well which is a well respected college for business, medicine, law, and more. Many employment opportunities (call centers, tech Read More

Objective, honest opinion - 11/19/2020
I have lived in ABQ and other cities in the west, so here's my honest take.
Pro's: Nice weather overall. Lots of sunshine, Summers are hot but not horrid like Phoenix. Spring winds a bit annoying. Overall.... good for golfing and outdoor activities. Jobs aren't real hard to find. Some good employers like the federal government (FAA) and high tech (But see the Cons). UNM is a good school - with a lot of hippies who never left. Good college sports! The Pit is a fun place to watch UNM basketball. Balloon festival; People are pretty friendly for the most part. Blake's Lottaburger!!! The Sandia mountains are neat. All the usual big city theme restaurants and some nice mom and pop places. Great Mexican food. I like the old town. I think multi-culturalism is a bit overrated, but if you like that kind of thing...some nice neighborhoods like anywhere else but some real BAD ones. Lots of churches, but see "Cons"
Crime/economics: Boy is there crime! It seems like mostly Read More

ABQ offers so much and many great neighborhoods! - 10/22/2020
I've lived here, moved away from here, and moved back, and couldn't be happier that I did. Am I careful where I choose to live here? Absolutely, as I have been when I've lived elsewhere.

Just like all cities or metro areas with nearly 1 million people, there are good areas and there are bad. Nobody forces you to live in the bad, and the great part about ABQ is that there are affordable housing options in many safe neighborhoods. ABQ is largely comprised of suburban style neighborhoods, most of which have quiet streets and rarely experience what you've described. Is it perfect? No, far from it, but move away from the Central Avenue corridor, and your experience will be different. Problems like homelessness, poverty, education, transportation, immigration, quality employment, and access to healthcare are not unique to Albuquerque. When combined, they breed crime. That's why there are 22 other cities listed as having worse crime than Albuquerque, including Myrtle Beach, St. Read More

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