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Horrible Weather Year Round - 4/6/2018
I've lived in the capital region Albany area since 1976. Albany's cost of living,(with the exception of property taxes,) is reasonable. There are a lot of things to do and a decent job market. It's centrally located and within a reasonably short drive to NYC, Boston, Montreal,Philadelphia and the Atlantic coast. Nice geography,(near the Catskill, Adirondack, Berkshire and Helderberg mountains) The city of Albany has its share of ghettos and undesirable neighborhoods but there are decent suburbs close by. I cannot overemphasize the following enough: THE WEATHER IS HORRIBLE. Frigid cold, dark,dreary winters can last from October to April. There's a saying about upstate New Read More

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Property and School Taxes - 2/8/2015
The property taxes we play to live in our town of Bethlehem, a suburb of Albany, are very high. We are soon-to-be empty-nesters who plan to leave the area as soon as we can to avoid these Read More

Best times in Albany - 1/15/2015
The culture in Albany really makes you appreciate where you live. This town is a great place to live a life of fitness and well-being. With so many trails, parks and places to exercise, plus the social influence of the neighborhood, I can't think of a better place live a healthy life. Read More

Quality of Life - 6/10/2014
Quiet, fairly safe, economical, but not as international or cultural as many small cities on the east Read More

Winter is too long - 3/24/2014
We love where we live in Upstate New York. It offers everything but pleasant climate, namely the winter here is too long. It gets cold virtually from October till May. Global warming will be a disaster for the earth but may be a good thing for Upstate New Read More

Albany is a nice place! - 7/30/2013
Hey, I disagree with the other posters. This isn't Boston or New York City. I'll list what I like about Albany. It's inexpensive to live here. Rents and housing prices are very reasonable. There are lots of cultural events and institutions here. There's theatre--everything from small local theatres to regional places like Capital Rep, to big Broadway musicals. There is all kinds of free live music all over the place. SPAC is great. If you like to hike or snowshoe or do almost any kind of outdoor activity, it's close by. There is a small DIY culture here in the form of Troy Bike Rescue and the CAC Woodside in Troy. Lots of good restaurants. I don't know what these people are complaining about. It's better than living in Texas. It should get even better now that we're about to get a new mayor.
Oh hey, there's also great architecture. We have a great food co-op.
I will say that the recent cabaret license ordinance sucks ass. That law needs to go. And there Read More

Not what it used to be - 3/14/2013
As with most cities, living in Albany isn't what it used to be. I was born and grew up here and unfortunately never escaped. I agree with most of the negative comments posted. What I do not understand is that we are supposed to be the capital city and yet the roads here are horrible. I've had to have $4,000 worth of work done to my car because of the rough shape the roads are in. It seems the road crews are busy putting those damn roundabouts in every where you look or expanding the city to areas no one lives, but as far as repairing the already crumbling streets, forget it. I hit a pot hole once that was so deep, it dented the rim and blew my tire out. The streets in "Center Square" (a trendy section) around the capital are just as bad, full of potholes and past lumps from prior repairs. The only employer seems to be the state. I used to think that if you got in with a state job you were set for life, but that also is not true. I worked for a state agency for five years before I was Read More

Albany SUCKS - 1/27/2013
I agree with all of the negative comments. I moved here for college and law school. I don't feel safe walking here at night and there is no culture aside from nightlife, a few nice restaurants and art places, etc. The drug and crime rates are through the roof, the winters are brutal- I could go on all day. Unless you are coming for a good reason, i.e, a cheap college degree - avoid Albany at all costs. I know so many people who have been the victim of a violent crime here- from being mugged to raped to assaulted to robbed. Awful place to Read More

Do the Albany timewarp - 12/1/2012
The welcoming signs on your way into Albany NY should read "ALBANY THE TOILET BOWL OF NEW YORK".
People here think they are so sophisticated and with it when actually they are a bunch of rude, obnoxious and backward inbred hillbillies.
Please if you can get out of coming here do it. I feel like I am living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with zombies that have been altered by toxic nuclear waste. RUN RUN now before it's too late. Save Read More

No, the economy is not good, stop lying to people. - 8/8/2012
It's a bad place to move if you want to earn a living wage. I hear rumors of this being tech valley part 2 and that there are a lot of jobs but I don't see it.

Wait, there are people employed--those who are busy bunging up the system by holding off on information for autism services, medicaid, and anything people are SUPPOSED to be getting.

I can't believe the attitudes on some of the people here. They are always spoiling for a fight. I also live around some very dumb hillbillies.

Overall this area is cheap and if you can get a job then you can live okay. It's filled with people with chips on their shoulders and druggies but hey, it's the capital, Read More

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