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No place like Home - 11/16/2019
I've lived in Clevland all my life. 40 years and I have only lived on the east side of Cleveland. From St.Clair 105th to St. Clair E185th st. I live near where most of the crime takes place. Because of God's grace, my family and I have not been a victim of any crime or have never witnessed it. I love the Collinwood area the most. We have a brand new rec center a beautiful library and close neighborhood stores. when I am unable to drive everything is so close that I can walk. The school systems are not too bad as long as you put your child in a charter school. we do have great arts like broadway shows, sports, museums, animal farms, live concerts in the summer at the beach. I live near Euclid beach and I too couldn't stand the filth. They have cleaned and remodeled our beach as well. They have live concerts for free every Friday in the summer months. And it's very peaceful to just take a walk on the beach. I used to hate Cleveland because of the winter but I've been down south and all Read More

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Cleveland isn't so bad, at least it's not Detroit. - 10/19/2019
I grew up in the Suburban Detroit area, and relocated to Cleveland after college. I have now lived here for 25 years!

I have seen many positive changes to my city in 25 years, the most exciting thing for me personally is the tremendous support of the arts, and artists in Cleveland. We have the 2nd highest # in USA of operational theaters (only NYC tops us). We have an annual International Film festival, and a film culture that makes CLE a popular place for Hollywood to film on location. There are large competitive grants available for creative types, as well as non-profit collaborative studio spaces. In summer months, you can find a free outdoor music concert somewhere in town almost every day if the week.

Another positive experience I have had in Cleveland is how generally friendly people in town are to one an other as neighbors, or visitors from out of town. There is not much racism in Cleveland, generally, and suburbs both East and West side of City Read More

Cleveland- What a great Time! - 9/24/2019
Recently paid a 4 day, three night visit to Cleveland My body and I try to take in 3 to 4 games a year at different baseball stadiums so we can check out every venue. This one turned into taking the wives. You hear all the jokes about Cleveland but we had a throughly enjoyable time. We stayed a the Hyatt at the Arcade downtown which put us in walking distance to Progressive Field, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and First Energy Stadium. Saturday night we took in the Phillies-Indians game. What a beautiful ballpark. The sightlines were great and over the centerfield fence was a great view of the center city skyline. On Sunday we took a visit Read More

About winter and summer--adding to my other review - 8/5/2019
I just want to add something to my review about winter (and summer) in Cleveland. More of a correction. A lot of these reviews, including the one I wrote earlier, make it sound like Cleveland is the only place in the world where there is winter, and it is horrendous. It is not. It is winter much like it is winter anywhere else in about 1/3 of the US--it is cold, it is long, and it is dreary. Winter in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Chicago is colder and longer. Winter in Rochester, NY is also colder and much windier. Winter in most of Pennsylvania (I lived there and experienced it) is wetter and more icy with much less snow. Cleveland winters are cloudier than most other places, but not as cold and not as long as most other places either. Temps are usually in the 20s and 30s, maybe up to two weeks in the teens and single digits, or maybe not at all. In some parts of the country, temps in the teens and single digits is the norm, but not in Cleveland.
There is Read More

The unbelievable park system--rarely mentioned - 8/3/2019
I grew up here and there is good and bad, just like any place. This review is not for the city of Cleveland proper, but for the whole area. First thing to keep in mind is that the landscape and "cityscape" varies WIDELY. The inner urban areas are depressing and tired, but there is revitalization. Some of the suburbs like Parma, Brookpark and neighboring areas are fairly nondescript--but typical of most large cities. Going east, the beginning of the Allegheny Plateau brings hills and a welcome relief from the flatness of the west side. The far east area would remind anyone of the horse country in England and it is beautiful. The far west area going into Lorain County is the beginning of soybean and corn land and is flat and boring. There are only a couple of towns that have real town centers with a small town feel--Bay Village, Berea, Chagrin Falls, Lakewood, and Chardon (which is actually in Geauga County). The others just feel like undefined "areas" with neighborhoods and Read More

Only Review You Need - 6/13/2019
I grew up in NE Ohio, moved to CA for 10 years, traveled all over and moved back.

The Good: Some reviewers here are a little harsh. There IS enough to do and lots entertainment options for a city this size. Lots of theaters, sports, museums, bars/restaurants, parks, events, Lake Erie, etc. The area is affordable. Traffic is not bad. Suburban public schools are good. It’s better than it used to be, it’s trying. You’ll actually meet (and probably like) your neighbors.

The Bad: The weather. There’s a persistent low grey cloud, feels like living under low ceilings. Winter is brutal. The area lacks economic vision and the economic engine is a 4 cylinder. You can get there but it probably won’t be exciting. These two factors combine to create a diminished idea of what’s possible. Kind of like the opposite of a can-do attitude. Politicians are particularly self serving and clueless.

So basically if you will have a good paying job and can hack the Read More

Believeland! - 5/6/2018
Though I live in near-by Akron, I identify with Cleveland. Hard-working town that has been hit with a lot of adversity. I think instead of constantly bashing Cleveland let's try to make it better. Be an innovator and think of ways to reawaken this city to it's full potential. It has a great arts, music, culinary, and sport scene. Cleveland is a city with character. It's not a transient town and a lot of townies really identify with and love Cleveland. I'm a Northeast Ohio lifer by choice! I see a great city that's going to get better with innovators leading the way. Let's make America smart again.  Read More

The worst place in The United States - 3/23/2018
I worked in Cleveland as limo driver who took people back and forth from the airport to downtown and the hospitals all day everyday. Most customers had only bad things to say about the city. Nine out of Ten would lock the doors once we got downtown or got to E.55th st to go to the hospitals. When we arrived downtown at night everyone would say" this place is freaking dead." I was always so embarrassed of the city. In the winter time the customers would all ask "what kind of city does not have roads" in reference to the pot hole problem. When asked what is there to do in Cleveland I would always respond " try not to make it home alive" or " stand at tower city and try and figure what on earth anyone is saying". I have driven all across America 3 times and Cleveland is by far the worst place I have ever been. The downtown is not safe I was robbed 3 times at gunpoint while minding my own business. The police and city are on a whole different level of corruption. They turn the Read More
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Cleveland in The Eyes of a 21-year-old - 2/14/2017
Low income, ghetto suburbs, crappy winter weather, nothing to Read More

Welcome To Collinwood Movie - 10/4/2014
If you really want to see and feel the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, please watch "Welcome to Collinwood".. NONE of those actors or actresses are from Cleveland, however, you couldnt convince that they arent, if I didnt know they werent.. Superb acting..SO SO SO VERY Cleveland, Ohio.. Right down to Carmilla, (Jennifer Esposito), and Basil (Andrew Davoli)...Cosimo, ALL the actors...Michael Jeter, Sam Rockwell..Patricia Clarkson..William Macy..Right down to a funeral home, in Garfield Heights. The first time I saw it, I wasnt too impressed.. Then I watched it again and again.. I found the DVD at a drug store... Its one of my favorite movies. Its a hoot. George Clooney is in it too, in a wheel chair, for all of you CLOONEY lovers. :) Ive watched it so many times, I feel like I know all those Read More

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