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The worst city I've ever experienced - 6/10/2021
If you're considering moving here and you have an IQ above 65, don't.

I've lived all over America from the bayou to the Rocky Mountains to the California redwoods to the great plains and even spent some time in New York. This is hands down the worst city I've ever experienced. Yes, the weather is horrible year-round. Yes, the landscape an uninhabitable hellscape with no redeeming qualities. Sure, there are some decent fast food chains, but it's all extremely unhealthy. The worst part about this city, however, is without a doubt the people.

The locals are so close-minded they can't even begin to comprehend a life outside of San Antonio. Moving to Houston is considered a big move to them. If you tell them you're from California then you're just a crazy liberal. If you tell them you're from Colorado you're just a pothead. If you tell them you've lived in Missouri... their brains won't Even know where to begin, but they will still find some way to ridicule you Read More

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New to SA! Love it! - 5/10/2021
I moved to SA from Hawaii, I love the blend of liberals and conservatives, This attracts diversity and makes a better inclusive workforce. Cost of living is reasonable and as someone who enjoys the outdoors I am plenty to do here. Traffic can be pretty bad pre-Covid, Much better than the H1 Olin Oahu.

I’ve come across some conservative bigots mostly due to a lack of knowledge and their education , just ignore them! Read More

SA is no longer the same :( - 1/15/2021
I moved back here to my hometown from Orlando to escape a very ghetto and liberal mentality, and this place has changed. Would’ve stayed in Orlando to be honest. Saw security guards beat a disabled veteran for not wearing a mask, if you have medical and legal papers that exempt you from wearing a mask, places don’t care and don’t exempt you. Has gotten California-Austin level of liberal and people are not as friendly as they used to be. Has grown way too much. Should’ve just gone somewhere smaller in Florida. The pros are that it’s not too expensive, great Tex mex, good weather and pretty girls. You can also meet some
Great people. It has just grown too much is all Read More
Leo | ,  | Reply | 7 Replies

San Antonio - An Objective Big Picture View - 3/8/2020
Background: I grew up in Colorado, lived on the West coast (San Diego area 15 years), and the East Coast (Va Beach area 15 years), also Washington D.C. and overseas. As a whole SA has become overwhelmed - the urban sprawl & traffic is out of control and the infrastructure never kept up.
1) the most economical location you can live in the US...quart of milk, gallon of gas, housing...everything is cheaper except two items = auto insurance & property taxes
2) a very military friendly city
3) "tax friendly" for retirees
4) very little regulations and oversight...such as building restrictions, HOAs,
5) do not have to every worry about snow or ice
1) the biggest downside is amount of people and the projected growth = just overwhelmed, currently the 7th most populous city in the US with population expected to double in the next 20 years...uugggg. The urban spread is some of the worse of anywhere I have lived or traveled.
2) Read More

It's a Like/Dislike Thing. - 2/26/2020
I'm originally from the upper midwest where we have all four seasons. This city has a lot of pros and cons.
1. It's very big and it takes a long time to get anywhere because there are so many people. Don't go out on the weekends which apparently everyone does.
2. There is always road construction. And it takes them a long time to finish a project.
3. YOu have two seasons. wet and hot and dry.
4. Don't expect to fun into a retail place and be out in 5 minutes. Retail locations are constantly busy. Especially on the weekends. While most retail places across America might be suffering I highly doubt it is here.
5. Most developers welcome chain retailers than mom and pop or small retailers.
6. PEOPLE ARE TERRIBLE DRIVERS. I've had three windshield replaced from flying debris. 3 accidents from other drivers making poor decisions. Nobody obeys the No Phone Law.
1. Affordable housing. YOu can buy a modest home for a Read More

Pros and Cons, not as bad as the reviews suggest - 10/31/2019
Lots of pure bundles of ranting joy here...
For anyone looking for an actual review and considering moving, here are some Pros and cons:

-affordable housing, though this is changing due to demand. Clear sign of how many people choose to move here and stay

-one of the few American cities with a distinctive culture and character you cant get anywhere else. This is where Tex meets the Mex and becomes its own thing. The city also boasts the only UNESCO world heritage site in Texas: the San Antonio Missions.

-great food, and not just Mexican and BBQ

-plenty to do: several theme parks including one dedicated to kids with special needs, Sixflags, Sea World, and Schlitterbahn, a variety of places to hike and bike, and lots of history to get to know if youre a history buff

-if you want to take a day trip or a quick weekend getaway, you have the advantage of being within a 2 hour drive to other places with Read More

It's ok. And that's about it - 7/18/2019
Lived here fro 11 years. It's ok. The crime rate is ridiculously low for such a large metro area (You need to research NCIC stats and not rely on pissed off people posting their own thoughts). Tough to get a very good job if you're from out of state. Nepotism rules the day for the big jobs BUT you "can" land a decent job and with a low cost of living and low-priced hosing, you can make it pretty well around here with a ho-hum job. The biggest problem I have encountered (and this is MY opinion. not necessarily a fact) is all of the Mexican nationals who muck up the system during certain times of the year. No, this isn't a racists comment but it IS a socioeconomic comment. Those people roll into the city and into the area and honestly think that they can treat US citizens like the hired help and that's with YOU standing the in same line as THEM. So just be ready for a completely unwarranted "superior" attitude from those people. Other than that, we have about 3 1/2 seasons; Read More

The city needs to fix this problem - 6/24/2019
It's a nice place, but seriously I can't even eat my food without homeless coming up to me 2ithout asking for money, and I can't even walk around without seeing people shooting up heroin, or smoking weed. This is why I am giving it two stars my experience was ruined by this experience Read More

San Antonio....Fat, Stupid People. Not Good - 3/30/2019
I read a review on here that reminded me of my situation and experience with San Antonio. It makes you realize that its really not just you that it’s the people and the city. So I will expand on what they said.

I used to live in San Antonio around 9 years ago and moved out of there due to lack of career options here. It seems like people in San Antonio think USAA or working at HEB for 30 years is a career. I moved to another state and I was able to quickly advance in a corporate setting.

In San Antonio you cannot advance unless you were born and raised there. You will ALWAYS be looked at as an outsider. People are closed minded and fearful of anyone educated beyond high school.

I moved back there for 7 months. I came back due to the fact housing costs were ok and thought it might be a good idea to buy a home and live there and maybe start a business . WRONG!

People in San Antonio have become even more ghetto than before. (The Read More

This Review is NOT Sugar Coated. Just Truth - 3/17/2019
San Antonio is not a city for professionals. Nepotism is the way this town is run. You have generation after generation of people here who NEVER left San Antonio and they have closed minds so they dont like people from out of town (Especially from out of state). Workplaces here are full of gossip and no one can stop it because everyone knows each other so they dont want to discipline their "friends". I have seen group bullying one person, making up lies about them and all agreeing to go along woth the lie just to get someone fired for no reason. (Seriously, thats how mentally screwed up San Antonio people are)

If you are university educated and good at your career it doesnt matter, there will always be at least 1 person at your workplace who has lived in San Antonio their whole life and got their job through their friend, uncle, cousin, mom, dad, brother, grandpa, etc. These people are bitter and ready to try and make an example of you if you arent from there so you will Read More

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