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Living in Edmonds WA - 7/25/2015
Please let me hear from people ages 60 and up who live in Edmonds and what it is like. Going to move next year to be nearer my son.  Read More

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Looking for a Change - 2/11/2012
As many of you know, the Northwest is known for its quality of life and is indeed a great place to live. I'm a Seattle area native who grew up here and also lived in Oregon's Willamette Valley for over three decades.

I am now at the point in my life where I would like to spend at least half the year in a warmer climate, making real estate investments and enjoying the benefits that come with financial freedom. Read More
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Love Edmonds, WA - 1/22/2012
Edmonds, WA is one of the best suburbs to live in if you are looking to work in Seattle. It used to be a short 20 minute commute downtown when I was growing up (the 70's) but now it is closer to an hour. Traffic in Seattle is tough because there are only two major freeways stuck between the mountains and water, so live as close as you can to work. Edmonds is great for young families and retirees. Right near the beach, a very quaint downtown with great shops, bakeries, restaurants and movie theater. Housing has gone up in the last 10 - 15 years even with the housing slump, because there is no more space to squeeze in new housing. If you are used to development type neighborhoods, this is not it - just basic houses from all eras plugged in whereever a spare lot was available. A bit hilly with beautiful views of the sound from many locations and close to take the ferry across to Whidbey Island and other locations. There is a great "Taste of Edmonds" event every summer with small Read More

Beautiful place, but will never be able to buy a h - 8/1/2009
I moved to WA from Denver, CO in 2007. While Washington is much more scenic, and there's more to do, the cost of housing is out of reach for a single mom like me. I can barely afford the rent, and I will never be able to afford to buy a home. The traffic on the Interstate is horrible; I'm comparing it to Denver, where they have a lot more light rail (and Seattle needs it ten times more). I must admit the weather in the summers is terrific, but I prefer the Colorado winters. I'd rather deal with more snow and mostly sunny days and colder temperatures than 9 months of grey skies and drizzle. I plan to move back to Colorado when my daughter starts college in a few Read More

Summertime - 7/5/2009
You couldn't ask for more during the summer. Water, mountains, blue sky and Read More

Its an Edmonds Kind of Day - 9/4/2008
I am originally from the midwest, a small farm town to be exact. I married a man from the Seattle area. Making the move to the Seattle area was a little intimidating to me, as I am not a "big city" type of person and knew absolutely nobody in the city except my husband. However, several pleasant surprises were in store for me once we were actually in the Pacific Northwest.

For one thing, it is absolutely beautiful here and brimming with natural resources. My first thought was "wow, how green!" and the 2nd thought was "wonder what the pioneers must have thought when they first arrived in this gorgeous place?!"

My next and most pleasant surprise was discovering this beautiful little beachfront place with all the charm of a 1950's town, called "Edmonds"! I knew the first time I saw the place that I just had to live here. And so we did! I have now been here for 6 yrs, and every year I am happier here. The community is wonderful, and we have made lots Read More

Seattle the Beautiful, but Old & Moldy - 6/13/2007
Washington State is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Culture and dining in Seattle/Bellevue are great, and outdoor activities abound. The reputation for 300 days of rain per year is no joke. The clouds, high latitude, and tall trees leave many wanting for sun. Seasonal Affective Disorder (Winter Blues) abounds. People can be difficult to get to know more than on a polite basis. Compared to my native California, the pace of life is tranquil, the quality of life unbeatable. Although Seattle has a reputation as a liberal center, go fifteen miles out and you are in a red state. Edmonds is safe and beautiful, with excellent family activities; but the town itself is definitely retirement territory, and VERY slow to Read More

rising cost - 3/25/2007
Prices have skyrocked. Still great community to live in, but less Read More

Art town - 7/27/2006
Edmonds has a reputation as an art town, but what it really is is a house-and-garden town. Real estate is what people talk about at the Red Twig Cafe, not Read More

Edmonds = Great Quality of Life - 6/21/2006
Located just North of Seattle, Edmonds is really the perfect place for my wife and I to raise our twin baby boys. Not too big or too small (population approximately 35,000) Edmonds has a quaint and fun downtown, access to the water via a marina as well as the ferry to Kingston (to explore the Olympic Peninsula). It has a nice population mix - ranging from families to retirees. And of course there are the views...water and mountain views are prominent throughout the city. Can you tell we love it Read More

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