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Arizona Reviews

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Arizona: a mixed bag - 3/7/2020
I have been in Arizona for decades. I would say that it is wonderful in some ways and abysmal in others. In the lower elevations of AZ, there are no blizzards. We also have no hurricanes, few ice storms, very few earthquakes ( the ones we have are so small as to be imperceptible)...Spring and autumn are glorious, here. If you love outdoor recreation 6 months of the year, if you love visiting historical sites, if you love sunshine, AZ is the place to live.
The summers are brutal. They last from early May through the end of October. The heat is brutal 24 hours a day, in summer. It’s so hot, the only humane time to walk your dog is between 11pm and 4am. The tar black top in parking lots melts. Your electric bill ( from attempting to cool your residence) is sooooo high from May through October. Municipal Water quality is poor; but there’s such a demand for it that your water bill will be outrageous.

And, lest we forget that Arizona is a border state: Read More

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Arizona Princapality that rules the Air - 11/22/2019
I have lived here since 2002 to 2019. I do warn all that no matter what you pay to have done whether it be home house work remodeling to car work done. Its never done right. You will always either eat it the cost and have to pay again to someone else. Or fight tooth and nail to get a company whether licensed or not to correct what they did wrong.Not just a right to work state but right to screw whom ever.The home building ethics well the modo here is they'll never know it was not done correctly. Just get the house listed, black mold cover up in several homes.Oh they don't tell anyone moving here about VALLEY FEVER you get from the soil here.Then doctors all in Kahutes will not check you for that unknown reason why your not feeling so well. Valley Fever should be stated next to the sign welcome to Arizona "Beware of Valley Fever". All I have found and seen here is deceitfulness in people and businesses licensed or not licensed. Realtors when selling know theres black mold in the house. Read More

too hot - 5/3/2019
too Read More

Jeff Nakamatsu - 6/6/2018
Arizona has open carry for firearms.  Read More

RATS! RATS! EVERYWHERE!!! - 4/9/2018
Since my last review of Phoenix below and trying to get up the money to get my family and belongings out of town, (Arizona people on Craigslist want whatever you're selling for nothing, making it hard for me to raise money to move), I now have a new problem stalling my progress to get out of HELL! I opened up my hot water heater closet and a big eight inch long body and eight inch long tail RAT, ran down the chimney from the attic and into my house. It is one of the famous Roof Rats of Arcadia, which I live in the poor part of Arcadia. Google Arcadia Roof Rats. I was lucky not to have roof rats in the past, but my luck ran out. I set up a few rat traps to try and catch him, he ate the food and did not go near the tied on food, tripped one trap but wasn't there, and hasn't gone near a trap since. The past two months I have since set up forty traps to try and get him, but failed. I have tried trip traps, sticky traps, ultrasonic traps, electronic/electrocuting traps, hav-a-hart traps Read More

living in reno and hope to move to kingman - 11/25/2016
written my review of painted desert. will it be Read More

Prescott - 1/23/2016
Am looking forward to retiring in Prescott in approx 1 yr. and would like as much info as possible re. housing and climate. Want to get away from the chronic drought and congestion of So California which is a nightmare. Looking forward to a safe, friendly community that allows for working on my photography and long walks with my dog.Read More

Arizona - 1/13/2016
I have lived in Phoenix my whole life, and I have never had any problem with this. Almost everyone I've met here is very kind and considerate. Many people are turned off by the heat, but almost everyone leaves for the summer, so the traffic is amazing, and honestly, you adjust to the heat real fast. Everyone just stays inside in the summer. Arizona is a beautiful and diverse state, with lush forests and snow, as well as vast deserts and cacti. We have many ooks and crannis where you will find amazing food, entertainment, and music. The symphony and ballet here will blow your mind, and Downtown Phoenix at night is magical. Every winter an outdoor ice skating rink is brought out and the whole community joins in. There are many options here for places to worship, and everyone here is very accepting of everyone else (with some exceptions, as any place.) we have loads of sports and teams here, with both professional and college teams. We have a great college community too, with ASU, U of Read More

Homes - 12/6/2015
I'm looking for a good area in mid-northern az. Any place/state good for my health. Read More

Seeking another state to plant roots - 10/31/2015
I've lived in Phoenix, Arizona for nearly 12 years - and I want out FAST. Read More

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