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Avoid this black hole. - 10/27/2021
Lived here my whole life and have tried like hell to leave. It's difficult though because it has to be the cheapest place in America to live, but that also means the pay you get is much lower too. So saving to move to a better state where the cost of living is much higher is very difficult. Indiana is a vacuum. A black hole that sucks you in and keeps you there. Well paying professional jobs are rare. So if you get one, hold onto it like grim death. Despite what some think, there IS stuff to do here. Indy is a metro area just over 2 million and there are shows, sports, bars, restaurants, events, etc just like in any other medium sized city, but it won't "wow" you. The problem is the over abundance of redneck, racist, white trash in the surrounding areas and their Trump loving, demolition derby disposition. It's insane. Seriously if you are considering moving here you need your head examined. There might only be 3 or 4 worse states in America. Why my parents chose to root us here is a Read More

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Indiana Rocks! - 2/26/2019
I grew up in Indiana and when I became an adult, I left. I sometimes travel through and whenever I do it just makes me sad. There's no pride of ownership in Indiana. It's like everyone who cared left. Maybe they did. Those who remain sure don't care. Everything's falling apart. Crime is out of control. They can't fill potholes. The sewers in Indianapolis routinely explode and the city smells like the back end of a dog. Drug abuse (a problem everywhere) is acute here. I get no joy from this. Indiana was a nice state at one time. Now it's just a lesson that shows what happens when nobody cares about the greater good. If you're thinking of moving to Indiana, do yourself a favor and check out Oklahoma or Louisiana. Yes, those states suck, too, but at least it's a little Read More
Gomer | ,  | Reply | 2 Replies

COL - 1/13/2016
great cost of Read More

Experience all 4 seasons - 11/19/2014
If you want variety, Indiana can provide it with 4 distinct Read More

Indiana's Responsible Fiscally - 10/13/2014
I came from Illinois, so I was amazed to find that Indiana is very fiscally responsible. We actually got a tax rebate since there was a budget surplus!  Read More

Bloomington IN Made me hate the USA - 12/3/2013
- I was born in Maine, went to college in Idaho, lived and worked in Florida, North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana and finally moved here or rather became trapped legally in 2011. Of all those States I listed above (AND ENJOYED!), many are widely considered: racist, backwards, uneducated, poor, miserable and corrupt, Indiana is by FAR the worst State I have ever lived in. I came here to visit friends two years ago and was arrested on three trumped up, bogus charges and threatened with eleven years in prison (do five). I took 6 years of probation instead. Mistake. I should have just done the time and been out of here a year earlier, this State is it's own prison. I have by no means been an angel during my life and have made real mistakes which I am very sorry and accountable for but coming here was the stupidest and most self destructive decision I have ever made in my life.
- I live in a town called Bloomington , which I understand by Indiana standards is some sort Read More

Home is where the heartland is... - 6/19/2013
The cost and quality of living continues to surpass my expectations.  Read More

shelbyville, indiana - 6/30/2012
hi there. i am new to this site. i appreciate reading and learning about new places. presently i live in shelbyville,indiana. it is a nice place. there is low crime here and it is a clean area to iive in. i will say that our weather is very weird. today it was like 106 degrees. it is a dirty heat. i have lived out west, in the military and and overseas, it is just a different type of close heat. these last few years we have been getting winter ice storms. this past winter i slid out of my drive to go to work, and then i slid in my drive when i got home. that was really scary.i really hate the cold. thank you for this site. i appreciate you. have a nice day. warm regards, Read More

Quiet & Conservative - 2/27/2012
That sums up Indiana - for the most part. With a church on every other corner, no liquor sales permitted on Sunday EXCEPT at restaurants, the atmosphere is fairly mundane.
It has it's crime, Indianapolis has even been on one of the regular cop shows. So it's definitely not innocent. But it's far from Las Vegas. There are no mountains, no oceans or beaches - unless you want to count the dunes on lake Michigan or Indiana beach on lake Shafer.
If you are looking for low cost of living and a fairly quiet life, Indiana is a good state for Read More

Great If You Are A Republican - 12/5/2011
Indiana made history in 2008 when it voted democrate for the first time in a presidential election in like 46 or 64 years...all though the state goes through periods where leaders work in a bipartisan manner like the senator team of center leaning Republican Richard Lugar and Blue Dog Democrate Evan Bayh. But like all good things that team came to an end and Mr. Lugar is left standing alone on Capital Hill defending the middle ground for those of us who still believe it exists. Rhe state wasted untold amounts of my tax dollars to amend the state's constitution to criminalize same sex unions. That was the deal breaker for me. Seperation of church and state does not exist here. Leave your union membership at the door. Expect everyone around you here to assume you did NOT vote for Obama. And don't expect the local high school to teach your children evolution side by side w/creationism like federal law mandates. They just see that as some no good outsiders oppinion...unless of course that Read More

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