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extremely expensive and racist
Star Rating - 1/30/2020
Atlanta, GA is extremely expensive to live in due to the fact that they are trying to move African-Americans out of the city. they've made rental prices range from $1,500 to 1,800 just for a 500sq.ft. studio, but minimum wage is extremely low compared to housing cost. I don't know who they allow these false reports on the cost of living to even be published on the internet.. I've lived here since 2008 and have seen the price of everything from groceries to housing almost triple since I first arrived. I've watched the city allow Caucasians builders to create these outrageous pricing margin to move a certain race of people out of the city and yes it's about race, so don't be fooled into believing this city is cheap or accepting to people of color. they give the average mortgage price rather than the truthful cost of living for everyday people.
its pathetic how this report is alerted to seem as if the cost of living is at its national average when it's well above the national average
Rio | Atlanta, GA
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Rio..that is gentrification 101. You have been in ATL since 2008, but ATL was always a progressive and financially accessible city for AA. It was a place to realize dreams, get real opportunities and grow! AA don't have a lot of places to thrive in this country, so ATL is an oasis for black people. The tide is changing politically, and the AA's who have ran the city for the last 45 years enriched themselves and let the city fall apart economically. The white people have always hated the AA power of ATL, and have chipped away at it for decades. They want it back! Gentrification is a tool to do this and move the black voting block out.
Damon | Pine Hills, FL | Report Abuse

This place isn’t racist
Lynn | Kennesaw, GA | Report Abuse

One of Atlanta’s nicknames is the “black Hollywood” is it not? When I began reading your review I thought this was going to be someone speaking to the anti light skinned form of racism. I personally am tired of Atlanta and can’t wait to leave after 12 years. Rent is high, yes, my 2/2 apartment is almost 3k a month but 90% of the people living in my overpriced building have a darker skin tone so I have to disagree 100% with your assessment. There are MANY opportunities in the city for EVERYONE. Atlanta is a majority black city 60% of the city's area consists of predominantly black neighborhoods: together, Northwest, Southwest, and Southeast Atlanta are 92% black. The mayor is black, majority of city council is black.. I could go on. So if your judging Atlanta based on “racism” against people with darker skin. I find that more than a little ridiculous. Respectfully.
Lee | Atlanta, GA | Report Abuse

It's black people not African American.
Bill | Edina, MO | Report Abuse

You make no sense. Money is honey. If you want to move to someplace cheaper than go. I left NYC because I could n't afford the rent. Stop making excuses for not having money the tank. I'm also not white
Psysword | Chevy Chase, MD | Report Abuse
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