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Can anyone translate this into English?
Kings_Deer | Monument, CO | Report Abuse
- 7/2/2020
Probably the armpit of the Pacific coast
The Pacific coast is beautiful however this is probably the least beautiful place on the P...
Anon | Sacramento, CA | No Replies

- 3/4/2020
Bad. Just Bad.
I want to convey an accurate picture of Eureka but realize I can only paint a picture of m...
Beccca | Eureka, CA | 2 Replies

- 1/19/2020
My ex-hometown
Well, I was born in Eureka in 1957. As a child I absolutely loved it there. There was plen...
Montana | Sula, MT | 1 Reply

- 5/24/2018
Kind of like a bigger version of Crescent City
A little bit more things to do, a little better restaurants than Crescent City. Still bori...
Anonymous | Beverly Hills, CA | 2 Replies

- 6/13/2017
Mixed Bag
Cons-- Little economic opportunity, high property crime rates, limited healthcare services...
Stuey | Eureka, CA | 3 Replies

- 9/30/2015
Pathetic slum
We have been going to the northern coast and visiting Eureka for years and years. It has d...
DeeDee | Roseville, CA | No Replies

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