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Great city
Star Rating - 7/10/2021
It is what you make of it. Denver has a ton to offer as a city, but you'll be missing out if you're not into the outdoors. Cost of living is okay, and the salaries are only going up. The city is green, clean, it doesn't have as many homeless as LA or Seattle. It has ski towns, hot springs, and Boulder is only 30 mins away.
I don't think legalizing marijuana was the right thing, however. Lots of slow people in Denver. Marijuana legalization has attracted lots of dough heads. Lazy crowds who have no education, manners and simply trash the place.

Four stars, overall.

James | Salt Lake City, UT
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Better get used to legal's fast becoming legal everywhere. Alcohol needs to be criminalized...that would help society big time!
Edward | Denver, CO | Report Abuse
- 8/9/2021
Denver has so much to offer!
I've lived in Denver for 30 years and can't imagine calling any other place home. Yeah, th...
MELISSA | Denver, CO | No Replies

- 7/29/2021
Hometown Denver girl disgusted
I was born in Denver. I live only 2.1 miles away from where I was born 50 years ago. I hav...
Kirsten | Denver, CO | 1 Reply

- 7/18/2021
Beautiful Denver has been ruined by liberals.
Moved to Denver for retirement in 2016. Can't take it any longer, so moving out next mont...
Roy | Denver, CO | 11 Replies

- 6/26/2021
this place is like a bowl of cream-o-wheat
Denver is the purgatory of the states its not great, its not bad; the mountains are soo p...
London | Denver, CO | 1 Reply

- 6/1/2021
Denver is awesome
Loved in 80205 since 2005. Denver is fantastic. Problems typical of any medium to large ur...
Christopher | Denver, CO | No Replies

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