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Buying a home in the Waco area? (40 mile radius from downtown Waco) Is the home you're interested in, but have not yet bought, in the perfect location for you: close to your job, near a great school for your children, but sadly that's all you love about your potential home? The home (interior & exterior) has problems. . . .. . .a closed-off layout that doesn't flow properly. . .. . .rooms that are way too small & need to be combined with an adjoining space. . .. . . an exterior that lacks curb appeal. The house has serious faults, yet you're still thinking of buying this flawed house. Why???? Because you absolutely love the location!!! So what do you do when you might buy the wrong house that's in the right location?

We have your answer! Fixer Upper, a new HGTV series, brings our remodeling, design & real estate pros in to help you figure out exactly why you should buy this home you're not quite sure of -- and then help you fix it! With our experts' vision, we'll help you renovate and design the deal killers so that it becomes the right house in the right location!!

Homeowners MUST financially contribute to the renovation.

Please contact Tina at for more info.

Tina | Aurora, CO
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My wife and I are so tired of the rain here in Seattle area. We have 4 acres and a small blueberry orchard, but we simply can't take it any longer. My wife's health is taking a toll living in such a cold damp environment. After watching Fixer-Upper, we have decided that Waco is the place for us. More importantly than the weather, the people are what is drawing us there. We have about $177k and would love to find a place. We are not afraid of a little rehab either.
Chris | Issaquah, WA

Nervous about living somewhere so hot, but have family in Texas. Just want to fell welcome in the community and not worry about Tornado's. Lord I've lived in Earth Quake country for 70 years. I do not want to listen to Sirens going off to head to the cellar. On the other hand it is very affordable and I Love Chip and Jo Jo. But I'm sure there is a waiting list miles long on that one. I'm sure there company is quite busy in 2016. I have been looking at Real Estate but am unable to do much at this time. We have lived in Portland Oregon for the last 7 years and before that I was born and raised in San Diego Ca. My husband in DC. My Mother is here in a home where she is treated for Dementia. She is also from Texas. She is 89 and I'm not sure up rooting her is good for her right now. Although if I ask her she would be spot on it. Of course 5 seconds later she will forget. She is a whoot and we love her. So not sure how long it will be. We love her and aren't ready to loose her anytime soon. She is my Mama. Hope to hear from you.
DARLENE | Portland, OR

We have done some site clearing for the show ( It was fun!
John | Woodway, TX

I'm interested in finding a nice home in Waco and would love Chip and Jo to help me find it and renovate it. I would like a no or easy maintenance mini rancher, so I could help a few rescue farm animals. I live in San Diego and want to move asap.
Patti | San Diego, CA
- 10/13/2018
Bald Eagle gets no love from COW.soon displaced!
i was raised in waco tx and recently moved to country to get away from the drama and crime...
robin | Mount Calm, TX | No Replies

- 7/24/2017
Janice Rounsville
Waco is on my wish list to move to. Weather is comparable to So. California. Beautiful p...
Janice | Yucaipa, CA | 3 Replies

- 10/10/2016
Welcome to Waco
Waco has much to offer regardless of age or income. Relocate to Waco. ...
State Farm | Woodway, TX | 1 Reply

- 8/12/2016
Nyc to waco
Moving from new york city to waco with a 3 year old. Any input abt the city ll be greatly ...
Noreen | Huntington, NY | 1 Reply

- 4/11/2014
Raised in Queens, Nyc: lived in Los Angeles, NJ, H
Looking to relocate? The truth is I never thought I would ever live in Waco, TX. I would ...
Nyc2Ca | Waco, TX | 2 Replies

- 4/11/2014
Raised in Queens, Nyc: lived in Los Angeles, NJ, H
Looking to relocate? The truth is I never thought I would ever live in Waco, TX. I would ...
Nyc2Ca | Waco, TX | No Replies

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