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Transplants are evil
Star Rating - 9/20/2019
Let me tell you a little bit about the transplants. The people who are moving here are shockingly mean and rude. They will cut you in line because you aren’t wearing expensive designer clothing, they nearly knock women and children down on the sidewalk because they are in too much of a hurry to go buy their expensive cocaine, they treat black and Latino people like sh$t but claim they aren’t racist because they never said the n-word, they are passive aggressive, they scream at exhausted working class people for accidentally dropping trash on the ground while they drive their huge gas guzzling suvs and refuse to support public transportation, L. I could write a book about all the ways that transplants are pretentious nouveau riche assholes but you can’t the point. They hate the working class and non white people yet they claim to be super woke progressives. Don’t move to Denver unless you love fake, lying, rude, plastic LA because Denver is LA 2.0
Yee | Denver, CO
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Hey "The" By the way, you sound incredibly ignorant. You can't seem to take it that someone else (most likely a person of color) has a different experience than you. I think you fit the exact description of what the OP is talking about. Take your made-up definitions and "shove it." Also, your sentence mentioning those other cities is idiotic and unwarranted.
Marcus | Security-Widefield, CO

Yee, this review is so contradictory. You claim that you don't accept racist behavior, yet you generalize "transplants" as being a laundry list of negatives. So you were born and raised in Denver, I take it? and that makes you better than, say, a nurse or doctor who moved to Denver from LA? I take it you have met every single "transplant" in Denver? It is pretty pitiful how you group everyone into a very specific stereotype and then complain about people being racist. That's exactly what a racist person would do. Have a more positive attitude and maybe you'll see how many GOOD and GREAT people there are around you... And you might be surprised how many are "transplants"...
Eliot | Denver, CO

Hate non white people? People like yourself haven’t learned to differentiate between the rudeness that we all experience and actual bigotry. Your characterization and stereotypes of white peoples sound as though you are projecting your own bigotry. Metro Denver is barely majority white so your argument really doesn’t hold water. Transplants cover all walks of life and once again, you made another ridiculously generalized characterization of many people. You are one of those people who doesn’t like stereotyping people but you stereotype people to a degree that I haven’t seen. Your post is simply an overly emotional rambling as opposed to thinking about what you are saying. By the way, being “super woke” basically translates to blaming whites for all of your shortcomings, stereotyping whites as racist, and perpetuating absurd victim mentalities. People who blame others for their failures are losers. Super woke equals SJW who will never amount to anything. Take your race card and shove it. Move to one of the beautiful cities of Detroit, Oakland, Memphis where whites are the minority. Your projection is unreal and unwarranted.
The | Aurora, CO

I wrote this review and I want to thank Marcus. I’m not a native but I moved to Denver twenty years ago then I left to go live overseas for five years. I moved back last year and my first experiences were, being kicked out of my share house because my yuppie transplant landlord was angry that I was poor and working in retail despite the fact that I was also applying for grad school. Ironically I myself am white but my landlord also hated and was afraid of my non white friends. He also had one of those “hate not tolerated signs on the front lawn. I have watched white obvious hippy transplants get on the rtd buses and immediately start shaking with fear at the sight of white people. I have watched my black friends be denied jobs by white transplant managers and then had said jobs be given to white people. the dude who replied Witt the name “the” is exactly the kind of shithead transplant that I am referring to
Jesus |
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