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Cost of living
Star Rating - 8/7/2015
Rent is through the roof! $1500 for a one bedroom apartment! Outrageous! I am ready to move back to TN or someplace more affordable.
Erin | Littleton, CO
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Come on down to Tennessee. We offer so of the highest crime rates, lowest pay, most polluted air, our lakes have been destroyed, schools suck, and the people are mean and nasty. I would do whatever it takes to stay put I have lived here thirty years and I am getting the heck outta here. Tennessee was nice in the late 80s and early 90s. Our state's size is half of Colorado's size and have 1 million more residents
Bill | Knoxville, TN | Report Abuse
- 10/5/2020
Think Twice Please
I've lived here since 1996 [when I was 9] and have to say it used to be a five-star state....
Andrew | Colorado Springs, CO | 1 Reply

- 8/8/2019
Colorado is Awedome
I’m from Oklahoma and I absolutely love Colorado!!!! I plan on moving around the Castle Ro...
Joshua | Eufaula, OK | 2 Replies

- 5/31/2019
Outsiders ruined this state for me (A NATIVE)
I am a colorado native. I was born here and have lived here 24 years. I used to love it he...
Jamie | Lafayette, CO | 6 Replies

- 1/3/2018
colorado sucks
Landlocked. Nearest beach is very far away. Brown. Nothing is green for half of the year....
wyomingrancher#307 | Glenrock, WY | 5 Replies

- 9/19/2016
way too expensive you guys are crazy
I love it ! I get to wake up every morning at 5 Am and eat soup ! I get live in a box by ...
joe | Santa Teresa, NM | No Replies

- 2/22/2016
Great place to live
Wonderful climate, great economy, jobs, property values and the mountains are close by...
Gino | Aurora, CO | No Replies

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