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Becoming more Antisocial
Star Rating - 6/17/2020
This city is becoming ruder and ruder and more deadly and deadlier by the day. It doesn't help that there are many transplants and immigrants coming in from all over as well. Southern hospitality doesn't exist in this city. It acts like an upstate city. The people are getting meaner and meaner and more and more impatient and angry. Traffic is horrible in this city and getting around anywhere is becoming a nightmare. People are more suspicious of each other and no one wants to get involved anymore. Atlanta is becoming too stressful and too antisocial.
Bill | Frisco, TX
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Transplants has ran most of the native population out of the city. The city has gone too far left, bud. The entire country has gone far left or far right. I've had many friends who left and went to other areas of state. I remember that city to be centered. Now, it's crazy. I don't think that I'll live there any time soon
Reese | Bloomingdale, GA | Report Abuse

Is "ruder" even a word? Good God! Where are these types coming from?
Jennie | | Report Abuse
- 8/2/2021
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- 2/27/2021
Don't do it.
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linda | Dunwoody, GA | 2 Replies

- 12/12/2020
Have you people completely lost your minds??
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- 12/6/2020
I sold all of my things and moved out.
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Billy the Kidd | Vancouver, WA | No Replies

- 8/14/2020
Too many people, overpopulated, worst traffic ever
Christ, this place has so much explosive population growth it should be illegal. I've actu...
Thomas | Moss Bluff, LA | No Replies

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