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A nice place to live
Star Rating - 3/22/2018
Arroyo Grande is a nice place to live. However, it is rather expensive for many people. There is a large retirement community living here, and home and rental prices are getting higher all the time. The climate for the most part is good. The Arroyo Grande area population and building construction projects are fast out growing the natural resources of the area, particularly water. Vineyards are growing and popping up all over the place, and sucking up huge amounts of ground water to make their product. Many wells have dried up, and a 5 year drought has caused serious issues relating to water, and the ability to grow gardens, and lawns.
Paul | Arroyo Grande, CA
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- 8/12/2017
Hometown, USA
I've lived here for nearly thirty years and love it. Great, easy climate year round. I kno...
Pamela | Arroyo Grande, CA | No Replies

- 9/23/2016
Too Expensive, Boring and Cold
People from here absolutely love it and refuse to admit that it is much too expensive. The...
Kitty | Arroyo Grande, CA | No Replies

- 9/13/2007
Beauty and the Beast
The beauty: I live on a plateau overlooking the beach south of Pismo. It is incredibly b...
Denise | Arroyo Grande, CA | No Replies

- 4/14/2007
nice town
I've lived here for 22 yrs, great little town but i always feel cold!! its typ in the mid...
greg | Arroyo Grande, CA | No Replies

- 8/31/2006
Living in Arroyo...
To live in Arroyo Grande, you must have money, (or just act like you do). If not, you are...
erin | Bend, OR | No Replies

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